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This website Nazaudy, a spark in your curious mind, is part of my "Weekend Projects". It contains notes, ideas and tutorials that I have collected, composed and update on regular basis for references, and to help me in future projects. If they can be of any help to you, I would be glad to hear about it! Add a comment at the bottom of the relevant article, and start here to ignite an spark in your curious mind! :)

Some of the more relevant sections of my website are:

IT Certifications

I work in the IT industry, field of network, system administration and management. You well know that for us, cable guys & gals, is kind of compulsory to have IT certifications to prove our knowledge and experience, and to keep those certifications up to date is a continuous task that requires dedication and a fair amount of hard work

Here it is the Hall of Fame of all the IT certs that I have:

Cisco Certified CCNA Routing and Switching  Linux Professional Institute LPIC-1 Microsoft Certified Professional MCSA VMware Certified Professional VCP 6 
Cisco Certified CCNET ITIL 4 Foundation Certified
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist  VMware Certified Professional VCP 5 

Microsoft Certified System Engineer



Microsoft Certified System Administrator



Microsoft Certified Professional 



BCS Computing and Information System - Degree Resources

During the years 2009 to 2012 I studied at the University of West London, obtaining at the end of summer 2012 a First Class Honours degree in Computing and Information Systems. I am in the process of uploading into this website all the evidences and pieces of work that I did during my high education study period

Do not copy and paste... do read and create

I hope my work can help you and inspire you to succeed in your studies

November 2012

University of West London in Start here

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