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The inflation period

This article the inflation period was originally an integral part of the parent article "Why are we here?", but given the fact the parent article was growing extremely huge, I decided for the sake of simplicity to have the section "The inflation period" on a separate thread for simplicity and easy reading. See below the summary of the main article "Why are we here?" and the location of The inflation period, in section 1 article 3. I recommend and encourage you to read all these articles in order (after all, they follow the chronological order of our creation) so that you get the whole picture of really why are we here

Section 1, our star the Sun, without it nothing will be possible

  1. The Primeval Atom
  2. The grapefruit fluctuations at quantum level
  3. The inflation period
  4. Floating in the magic of hydrogen
  5. The Helios nebula

Section 2, the perfect position of planet Earth in the Universe, and the chain of random accidents that caused your existence

  1. The kiss of planet Theia
  2. Diving into the origins of Water
  3. The spark of Life
  4. Jupiter, the Great Benefactor
  5. In the wrong side of the Congo

Section 3, the abstract of your thoughts and the illusion of control

  1. Ancient Civilizations, our roots
  2. Language and Mathematics, the building blocks of humankind
  3. Religion and believes, the intangible reality
  4. Our brains, the biggest mystery
  5. Conclusion


3. The inflation period - 13.7 billion years ago minus 0.000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds 

This is it, this is the Universe into motion: whatever you thought in the past determines your future, we are the present reactions of our past, just like the future will be of our present. In the same way, how the Universe was "compacted" in its origins has determined the way it is expanding now, the filaments over which the galaxies have blossom into existence. Apparently the "inflation" period (dodecahedron expansion?) started 10 minus 32 seconds after the creation of the Universe, after the first injection of space into the Universe, if I'm allow to say that, otherwise (if space is not created at the time of inflation), was space always there? When does space actually come into existence? The inflation allowed for symmetry to exist

Do not confuse inflation vs expansion, they are very different things. We may argue that the semantic of "Big Bang" is a wrong, a very wrong concept, as it kind of implies by the linguistics of the word 'bang' that there was some sort of explosion with light and everything. In reality, what it could have happened is an "inflation", an uniform and unilateral expansion of space-time equally in all directions and in complete dark environment that was elastically created as the inflation developed. That explains why the CBM (Cosmic Background Microwave Radiation) is uniformly distributed no matter where you're in the Universe. This can also explains why the Higgs Boson causes the mass of your body to be exactly the same whether you are on Earth or on the other side of the Galaxy, this is because (apparently)  the Higgs Boson is uniformly distributed and interacts with particles, hence given them mass, so your body weights the same here in planet Earth as well as when you are on planet GH6734 in the Andromeda Galaxy, as long as planet GH6734 has the same mass and therefore gravity that Earth applies over your body. This means that there is a common distribution of the same amount of Higgs Boson across the Universe, as it was a X-Y-Z canvas where each squares represents the same amount of the Boson. Where does this uniform flat-universe of particles originated? Yeah, you got it, from the inflation, that by definition "inflates" something in an harmonious, equilibrium and symmetry manner in all directions

But... wait a minute. Wasn't the Big Bang supposed to be violent? An ultra-dense expression of erratic particles that all of the sudden are free from the cooked pressure of a singularity? How is it possible that a smooth, uniform and flat ordered army of particles rose from that pandemonium? Obviously, there are a lot more of things that we don't understand about the Big Bang that we do understand. I love the You Tube Channel "Space Time", with Matt O'Dowd; many videos like this one are worth watching more than once: 


How Cosmic Inflation Flattened the Universe and why are we here?


  • Inflation... I believe this does not happen naturally. Unless is human induced, what kind of thing can you see in the Universe that "inflates" distributing evenly across its surface expansion? Normally all is very chaotic, and depending of the amount of fluctuations particles at quantum level, the expansion favours the distribution of stuff towards one way or another. Could a sort of lab experiment have caused this, inflation of a compressed energy point? Okay, let's stop blaming the aliens for everything and let's figure out how else could this has happened. Was entropy created right after the inflation?
  • What stopped the inflation? Did the Universe run out of the initial energy? Why did it "mutated" from inflation to expansion, was it because of the creation of entropy? Looks like the inflation was the 'release' of stuff that previously was compacted, and once it was free, it inflated first and then expanded after, allowing us to observe the expansion of the Cosmos that we see today
  • So we can argue that the 4 fundamental forces were actually created once the inflation period finished, during the inflation period there were no atoms that could interact with the forces, and all there was were quarks and particles separating their plank distances from one another as the space was introduced; "separating their distances" we may say by the primitive dark energy that inhabits the empty space in between the particles
  • Could it be that all of this happened at once? There was no inflation, but just a cubic or dodecahedron shape of energy that all of the sudden (half of it or so) converted into matter, and then after this conversion/transformation it expanded? This transmutation of empty space into particles works well (right?) with the dark energy principle, as if the dark energy becomes white energy, a bit unstable and pop these particles into existence. And why so many different particles? When the inflation was happening, those early particles must have been smashing against one another, hence creating the zoo of particles the LHC detects nowadays
  • The Cosmic Inflation was happening at many times the speed of light. Was it because the particles where pushing one another and growing larger (proactive inflation) or was it because the space in between the particles separating them (reactive inflation)? Obviously, the force of inflation (inflaforce?) was much stronger than any other known force, there was no black holes during this period, neither stars formation of course
  • Unbelievable short, the Cosmic Inflation lasted a picosecond, a fraction of a second

Cosmic Background radiation (CBM) was released when the baby Universe was about 370,000 years old only, that's the origin of the 1st light ever. Was it during the inflation period that infinite symmetry was created? If so, how can you explain the Spontaneous Breaking of Symmetry? I find this video from Derek Muller (Veritasium) absolutely fascinating:


The Infinite Pattern That Never Repeats