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The grapefruit fluctuations at quantum level

This article the grapefruit fluctuations at quantum level was originally an integral part of the parent article "Why are we here?", but given the fact the parent article was growing extremely huge, I decided for the sake of simplicity to have the section "The grapefruit fluctuations at quantum level" on a separate thread for simplicity and easy reading. See below the summary of the main article "Why are we here?" and the location of The grapefruit fluctuations at quantum level, in section 1 article 2. I recommend and encourage you to read all these articles in order (after all, they follow the chronological order of our creation) so that you get the whole picture of really why are we here

Section 1, our star the Sun, without it nothing will be possible

  1. The Primeval Atom
  2. The grapefruit fluctuations at quantum level
  3. The inflation period
  4. Floating in the magic of hydrogen
  5. The Helios nebula

Section 2, the perfect position of planet Earth in the Universe, and the chain of random accidents that caused your existence

  1. The kiss of planet Theia
  2. Diving into the origins of Water
  3. The spark of Life
  4. Jupiter, the Great Benefactor
  5. In the wrong side of the Congo

Section 3, the abstract of your thoughts and the illusion of control

  1. Ancient Civilizations, our roots
  2. Language and Mathematics, the building blocks of humankind
  3. Religion and believes, the intangible reality
  4. Our brains, the biggest mystery
  5. Conclusion


2. The grapefruit fluctuations at quantum level - 13.7 billion years ago minus 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds

Apparently, this is as far as Science can go, before this time all goes into the unknown. The Plank Time (10 to the power of minus 43, in other words, 42 zeros and a one) is the moment at which Science encounters the so called Plank Wall, a circumstance/situation beyond which the laws of physics (as we know them) disintegrate and cannot pass the wall, therefore we are completely unable to explain what was going on beyond that point. Nothing make sense passing the frontier of the Plank Wall, just as nothing makes sense when we cross the Event Horizon of a black hole (at least, not in the sense lucubrated by the concepts of our mammal cortex). After the Plank Wall and beyond the Event Horizon we find the same thing: singularity, in other words, a situation where all of the major 4 forces in nature that we know (and obviously their formulas) are useless at explaining us what's happening. These powerful well-known 4 forces are:

Gravity, discovered by Newton, and yeah, fine-tuned by Einstein through Relativity, where he merges acceleration + gravity through his Field Equations. Nowadays scientists are beginning to believe more and more that Gravity is not a force, but instead is the effect of time-space wrapped by the presence of mass; I guess I don't know enough  physics to debate that argument, but surely when you are falling into a black hole, it is the mass of the black hole the one that is applying the force to you, maybe Gravity should be be labelled as a force, but the Force of Attraction by Mass (FAM) Consider as well that the tidal waves and the amphidromic points and explained due to the effect of gravity, so surely it is a force! I don't get this new tendency of Science to label Gravity not as a force but as an effect

Electromagnetic Radiation, EMR for short, defined by Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell back in 1865 (built on the genius of Michael Faraday). The force of Electromagnetism holds the electrons around the atomic nucleolus, so if we extrapolate this force to the HUGE, this will be like gravity as the planets (electrons) are held against the nucleus (the sun) of an atom, a solar system

Strong Nuclear Force ;in the world (or shall we use universe by itself) of Quantum Mechanics this force is responsible of holding the nucleus of an atom together, representing 98% of the mass of an atom, as it is holding the protons and the neutrons together

Weak Nuclear Force ;wait a minute.... strong and weak nuclear forces? separated? why not strong and weak gravitational forces too? This weak nuclear force exist in the atom, and it seems it converts Neutrons and/or Protons into Positrons which are nothing but Electrons with a positive charge; this process is called radioactive decay, which to me sound similar to the matter-antimatter annihilation. Electro-weak force is another force that merges electromagnetism and the weak forces, cool ah?

The four fab forces

Gravity is so weak in the sub-atomic world that is literally ignore by quantum physics, why is that? All scientist suspect and dream of unifying all these forces together and achieve in that way an harmonious and unified explanation of the Universe, a compelling Standard Model that will explain everything from all angles. Good luck with that guys and gals! They are indeed making progress when they detected the Bosson particle back in 2012 at the Large Hadron Collider, as expected by the Standard Model predictions, but just remember to have patience guys and gals, our current human brains (at least the ordinary ones like me) can take up to nine bits of information at most, for example, if I was to tell you to look to this string of 12 characters only for 3 seconds and then try to memorise it: (FBIFTBBCUSSR), that will be very hard, but if I chop the info into 4 bits of information only (FBI - FT - BBC - USSR) you surely will memorise it much quicker. Hopefully, in a few centuries from now, when our cortex evolve even more (of course, as long as the human race still survives) we shall be able to embrace naturally complex mathematical formulas, more bits of information and adapt simple solutions to the Cosmos riddle that at present we can only digest using computational power (which is all well and good, but unfortunately lacks the meaning of interpretation of data, that we humans are so good at)

Now, coming back to the 4 fantastic forces, consider other significant aspects of the Universe: the areas where these forces do take place and manifest:

  • Time
  • Space
  • Dimensions

Yeah, time and space create Dimensions, and you might argue that we don't need to include Dimensions as a separated entity, but apparently (mathematically) they have proved the existence of dimensions without time or space involved into them. For decades scientists have been trying to "create" a Common Theory, the above mention Standard Model, a all-in-one mathematical description that could merge these forces into one... precisely what happened at the Big Bang, where all these forces where compiled/coded into a single point of infinite density. Given the fact that we are in this Universe which is expanding from a single point in the past, something or someone must have compacted/compiled them before, who or what was that? What caused the Big Bang? How long was it there before it exploded? I guess not long at all, otherwise the heat of that singularity will have disintegrated/vaporised everything

I love this well explanatory video from professor Brian P. Schmidt (50' long but worth every minute), where he gives a nice introduction to Dark Matter (slows the expansion) and Dark Energy (accelerates the expansion). It makes you wonder at the end what will win? Dark Energy or Dark Matter? in any case... the future looks Dark

 The accelerating Universe: Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt

  • How the four fundamental forces separated? What supreme force could have possible merge all of them together? As far as we know it, a Black Hole seems to be the only entity capable of absorbing matter, its energy and presumably the forces associated with the engulfed matter. If space is being absorbed by a black hole, we shall assume that time is absorbed too! Could a massive unique black hole being the origin of the Universe?
  • So we are basically made of random stuff! If we assume that the tiny quantum fluctuations was the ultimate cause that our galaxy is the way it is and not a cloud of particles unable to be formed by the pull of gravity (dark matter?), then absolutely everything that happens around us is pure random, just like when you let go a glass of wine out of the table, it breaks and spill the wine totally at random, just like that the galaxies seems to have been arranged in our Universe
  • The Electron, discovered in 1896, is by far the more peculiar 'particle' that we have observed. Since then, scientists have observed a zoo of particles, more than 80 and still counting! They are going crazy smashing particles against one another and cataloguing the debris of the collision. Are they wasting their time? First of all, does any of the particles that exist nowadays in the Universe has even the most remote similarity (not to mention the temperature) of those daddies particles that were at the beginning and shortly after the creation of the Universe? If I decide to smash 2 cars together, will I expect to find "mini-cars" in the debris that is generated after the mighty collision? There must be another way of doing things, but then again... what the hell do I know?
  • Why there is nothing that goes faster than the speed of light? The medium to which the light run expands faster, right?

The new Kyper-Kamiokande observatory (Hyper-K) might shed some light into the particles universe in the near future, once it is operational, by studying the behaviour of neutrinos, one of the most fascinating particles to my humble opinion, also called ghost particles because they weight almost nothing and have no charge (hence the name neutro, neutrinos). If they are form as a by-product of fusion reaction they might not be old enough to have existed during the Big Bang epoch, it might have taken a long time for the first fusion reaction to start, the first light to be emitted, and hence the first neutrinos to be broadcasted around space. Why do scientists believe, then, that neutrinos may hold the key as to why there is matter on this Universe, when they were not an orchestrator in the Big Bang phenomena, or were they?

Up until now you might argue that everything is kind of confusing but that is pretty much normal while an investigation is still in progress. The creation of the Universe and all that stuff, you can actually explain it all very easily to a four-year old saying something like this: listen my dear kid, the Universe started as a birthday balloon, and all that we see are the bits interacting with one another. This explanation would be pretty much what it is, ruling out the presence of any fantasy or magic in the Universe whatsoever: we are what we were before. If it wasn't, of course, for the existence of a scientist called Vera Rubin, to my opinion the Maker of Dreams, who first detected dark matter back on the 1970s and proof that there is more on the Universe that we can see or detect. We live on a magical Universe full of dark matter. What the hell is dark matter? It should be called "Transparent Matter" as Dr Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez points out, because it doesn't interact much light or normal matter, could it be a distortion of the gravity force at a huge scale? Could it amount for those gazillions of gigantic primordial black holes that we don't see but yet have an enormous gravitational influence around them, making galaxies heavier?

In particular, the particles that we are made of can exist in both a state of mater and of energy, that's why E=mc2 works I think. Could they also exist on a different state, that of dark matter?