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Religion and Believes, the intangible reality

This article Religion and Believes, the intangible reality was originally an integral part of the parent article "Why are we here?", but given the fact the parent article was growing extremely huge, I decided for the sake of simplicity to have the section "Religion and Believes, the intangible reality" on a separate thread for simplicity and easy reading. See below the summary of the main article "Why are we here?" and the location of Religion and Believes, the intangible reality, in section 3 article 3. I recommend and encourage you to read all these articles in order (after all, they follow the chronological order of our creation) so that you get the whole picture of really why are we here

Section 1, our star the Sun, without it nothing will be possible

  1. The Primeval Atom
  2. The grapefruit fluctuations at quantum level
  3. The inflation period
  4. Floating in the magic of hydrogen
  5. The Helios nebula

Section 2, the perfect position of planet Earth in the Universe, and the chain of random accidents that caused your existence

  1. The kiss of planet Theia
  2. Diving into the origins of Water
  3. The spark of Life
  4. Jupiter, the Great Benefactor
  5. In the wrong side of the Congo

Section 3, the abstract of your thoughts and the illusion of control

  1. Ancient Civilizations, our roots
  2. Language and Mathematics, the building blocks of humankind
  3. Religion and believes, the intangible reality
  4. Our brains, the biggest mystery
  5. Conclusion


3. Religion and Believes, the intangible reality

After centuries of neglect, declining and abuse, when the last few remaining books of what used to be the gigantic, much admired and famous Library of Alexandria were burnt at around 640 AD by Moslem, the Caliph who instructed the order is quoted to have said: "These books either contradict the Koran, in which case they are heresy, or they will agree with it, in which case they are superfluous. So burn them all". Exactly the same approach took Christians when in 1562 they burnt the precious Mayan books in the Yucatan peninsula, with the Bishop who instructed the order saying something like "The only book this people will ever need is the Bible". And we even don't have to travel that far back in time, to show the jealousy and danger that ANY extreme religious and ideology cast to the human race: when in May 1933 the Nazis burnt books all over Germany in bonfires, one of the many thousands of books that perished on the fires where those of poet Heinrich Heine, who is quote to have said more than 100 years before these events: "Where they burnt books, they will also ultimately burn people", and so it was

How many wars have there been based on purely different religion and ideologies? How many people have died because of that? All religions somehow claim to have an answer to the question of why are we here?, basing this claim in the idea that they held the true origin of God

Renaissance came here into place, and the statue of David of Michelangelo makes a turning point for human kind, before God was the only reason to live during the Middle Ages

Let's analyse the most popular religions that we have nowadays, in order of the amount of blood they have spread through their history.

What if we find (or we are found) Aliens at some point in the future, will they also believe in God?

  • Christians : the world was created by the hand of God in 6 days
  • Egyptians: the world was created spontaneously from the infinite waters of the enteral universe, called Num
  • Alaskan legends: the world was created by the conscious imaginings of a deity named Father Raven

If you want to believe that a mystical God created you, and that you are here in this planet to fulfil a divine destiny of peace and joy, that's fine and cool for me, but what is the underpinning reason for this divine destiny? Why is there a need to invoke a God and masquerade his invention all the things we do not know, like pulling under God's carpet all the rubbish and clutter that we don't know how to tidy

  • Reincarnation is nothing more that the Carbon Cycle in action
  • Is it possible that the constant changing of atoms has helped develop intelligence life in planet Earth? With Thea collision, life could have existed on a single continent, single ocean, and eventually the DNAs of these creatures will have disintegrated

Give the human race Time, and they create clocks to control you, give them the True and they create the Church to "guide" you

In the name of religion, so many atrocities has been made, just to name a few:

The slaughter of Armenia Christian by the crusades

The extermination of Jews by the crusaders

And for me,  the most sad and disturbing of them all: the Cathars, the uprooting of them by the catholic church