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VCE Player - Exam Simulator alternative for Avanset

If you work in the IT industry.... your life expectancy has just been reduced by 5 years, unless you hack VCE Player - Exam Simulator alternative for Avanset

Update March 2022: This article is for references purposes only. VCE have changed its modus operandi and you now got to pay for usage :(

A joke you think? May be not! The truth is that, if you work in the IT industry, you'll need to put a lot of effort and time (and really a lot) aside of your 9-to-5 Monday-to-Friday work schedule to keep up with new technologies, and of course to get your IT Certifications up to date or acquire new ones. Whether your role is SysAdmin, DevOps, Network Admin, Coder, Database Guru, etc, you know very well that the products you work with have certifications programs, primarily to prove to others what you really know about those products, but also as a means for the manufactures of those products to squeeze as much money as they can from you. Yes, you name it: Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, Apple, Splunk, Juniper... none of their certification programs offers something like a 'membership', where you can subscribe to (as you will always want to keep your certifications up to date) and get significant discount or offers for whenever your certification renewal is due. Instead, every time your cert is for a refresh you have to pay the full amount of the exam, either on the spot or as a voucher, as if starting from zero. Yes, indeed they want to take as much money from you as they can. Not just they license the product to the customer (which the customer will have to pay for, of course) but they also found very lucrative to license the knowledge of the product too, and their target market is you, the engineer, and you (or your company on your behalf) will also have to pay for that knowledge-license at some point

Now, I am not going to debate here whether certifications are right for the IT industry or not. You hear some people saying that all certifications are rubbish, and that the experience is the only thing that count, while others argue that certifications align your knowledge with best practices recommendations of the products and technologies that you support. As it happens with all extreme debates, the truth lies somewhere in between

So now that you ready to take on the certification's exam, have watched (and taking notes of!) all possible videos of the exam to take, read the theory, created your own lab environment and tested stuff on it, it is time to actually pass the exam, and this is is where the dump questions for exams come handy. After all, you want to pass the exam to obtain the certification and prove your knowledge, and unfortunately the exams questions have been designed not to theorise on your knowledgeable but to trick you, and some of those questions in the exam could be quite obscure and remote, therefore it is always advisable to spend some time doing "brain-dumps" tests a couple of weeks or so before your exam. Without any doubt, the company that is monopolising this market is AVANSET. A few years ago those dump exam questions used to be free, and now AVANSET will charge you a significant amount of money, £40 a month!

And that's just for the app, the VCE Player - Exam Simulator alternative for Avanset. Once you have it you need to register and download exams from Exam Collection, here:

I find it all pretty abusive, specially when presented with this error message at the time of launching the app after a power cut:

 VCE Player - Exam Simulator alternative for Avanset

I contacted them and to be fair the support team replied "on time", but their response was timed to the US time-zone, so if you have the problem (like I did) when US is about to go to sleep, you'd need to wait until 9am in LA for these guys to start working and "reset" your account so you can license it. I'm sorry, but this is out of order, no ideal for me


So, what are the alternatives?

Free for all, that's the principle. I recommend you to subscribe of any of these online resources, rather than spending your money on the AVANSET app, the so called VCE Player - Exam Simulator alternative for Avanset

Qualifications are not just a piece of paper with your name and a stamp on it, they also prove that you have a theoretical knowledge of the subject in discussion, with together with your experience will make you a more promising candidate towards a job interview

One of the big problem of obtaining IT qualification is the money that those test exams cost, oh man! I would have spent thousands of pounds had I not find a way around of doing these dry tests. If you want to save some money and still properly prepare of whichever examination you're taking, do as follows:

  1. Install BlueStacks 4
  2. Register with AIO Testking


Another alternative is to try BlueStacks, a virtual substitute to the VCE Player

Install BlueStacks 4

Head to this link and download BlueStacks 4 on your computer

Download BlueStacks

Wait for an insane amount of time to install the application....

Exam Simulator alternative for Avanset


Once you have it installed, logon to BlueStacks with your Gmail account, this is so that you can search for "VCE Simulator" exam using Google Play Store

 Search for VCE on Google Play



Register with dumps (dumb) testing sites

They used to be free, supporting us good IT people...but not any more, and their prices are abusive! Anyway, visit and create an account with them if you haven't done so already.

Another one to register, which has the so bullying and ripping off app Avanset, is the , can't wait for smart people to develop something and take over, this other one is the same:





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