var folder is full on FreeNAS Linux - PRTG Reporting

This morning we came to our office to discover the error message var folder is full on FreeNAS Linux - PRTG Reporting was flagging on our HP MSA 1000, to which we connect by using a FreeNAS box and iSCSI card

Digging into the error, shows that the "var" folder on our FreeNAS is full, with less than 1% of space free

The "var" folder contain the repository for the temporary files, therefore it is not unusual that this folder gets full. We logon to our FreeNAS and issue the following command to double check the issue (of course, always double check!)

df -h

 There are other commands that you can use to verify the space on the "var" folder, like for example:

df -hi /var

Or for example the following command too:

du -sch * | sort -h


Empty the var folder

In any case, to empty the var folder, just issue this command

rm *

Then run this other popular command to see the contents of the var folder, now cleared

ls -l


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London, 12 October 2017



PRTG Paessler


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