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Mysterious objects and unexplained events

We live in a magical planet, no questions about it, full of mysterious objects and unexplained events, of wonder and mystery. For a start, nobody knows how come Life came into existence or what our mind actually is. We are literarily walking cumulus of chemical reactions made of a bunch of atoms put together that 'magically' has become conscious of itself. Matter conscious and aware of its own existence as matter. You are a miracle in itself, born out of two different microscopies entities that since the very inception in your mum's womb has been consuming energy generated by the sun, energy transformed and presented to you by other entities in the form of nutrients and food, with the whole purpose of you to become a person, able to comprehend the meaning of the process just explained in this paragraph, and to enjoy a cup of coffee while reading it

In this article I'll explore a personal selection of the most fascinating mysterious artefacts and unexplained phenomena that are on our planet, to marvel and admire them, and to ultimately try to understand their origins

  • Mysterious Objects
    • The Hoy Shroud of Turin
    • V Manuscrip
    • Shiva Lingam


  • Unexplained events
    • The Lady of Guadalupe


The Holy Shroud of Turin

Can't really remember how I get to hear about this object, but it appear in my life in my teens during the early 90s, well before the Internet existed and when books where the main medium of in deep analysis and communication for subjects of interest. I bought myself a book about the Holy Shroud of Turin (obviously in Spanish, I knew zero English by then, and in fact in school I was only taught French), a book which I lent to my cousin Jose of Barcelona and which I never got back. I remember it had wonderful illustrations and a conscious study about the man depicted in this cloth

For those who know nothing bout this object, the Holy Shroud is nothing but a cloth



Bronze Age Collapse = Santorini super-volcano?

Nazca Lines = why did they do it if they couldn't see them from the sky? aerostatics globes?

 Orbital Resonance and Solar Cycles




One day, visiting Camden Market, in North London, back in 2007, I entered into a shop dedicated entirely to the Lady of Guadalupe

I was extremely pleased to have found such jewel in the market, and after a few minutes examining the shop and diving on all the objects related to the Lady that were for sale, I bought an image of The Virgen de Guadalupe to carry on my car all the time. The years have passed by and it is time for me to finally create this article that I always thought about it, about the image of the Lady, and express with it my interest for this strange miracle, the simbology and meaning that it carries, and the fascination that it has always caused to me

On this article, we'll have a look at the history of the image, its unusual properties and finally a reflection about where the real miracle really is

This is the image that I acquired and the prayer that is written at the back of the image:


Shiva Lingam

Known believe to be simple a representation of Shiva, the Shiva Lingam could actually represent a nuclear reactor or power plant. The ancient language of Sanskrit was use to write the ancient Vedic texts in India, and these texts talk about flying machines and nuclear wars

Varanasi, in India, is one of the oldest cities on Earth were healing was first given to human kind by the Gods,

Ancient nuclear wars?


History of the Lady of Guadalupe

Let’s put the event in perspective: the mythical Aztec empire had fallen officially in July 1521, at the death of the Emperor Moctezuma, after being kept as a prisoner for nearly 2 years. The conquest took place thanks in a great part that the Aztec empire was in the middle of a civil war, and some Aztecan tribes, like the Totonacs and the Tlaxcaltecas, united with the Spanish in order to defeat and take Tenochtitlan, current nowadays Mexico City and by then the capital of the Aztec empire. The Spanish were quickly conquering current nowadays Mexico and its surroundings, finding however strong opposition from the natives that defended their lands and current way of life, in fact, this opposition lasted for almost 170 years after the fall of the empire

A key component of the fall of the empire was the fact the arrival of the Spanish to the city, in 1519, coincided with the 52 years period of the Mayan Calendar, created by the Aztecs, symbolising each one of these periods a new beginning for the empire. They believe, at least the most religious natives, that the spanish were coming directly from their God Quetzalcoatl. Note here the figure of 52 years cycles, and how it matches in precision with the cycle that the small Sirius B does around the big Sirius A, in the double-star Sirius

In December 1531, only 10 years after the fallen of the empire and not even 40 years after the discovery of America, the Virgin shows up to an Aztec native named Juan Diego, who converted to Christianity years before, and who was at the time of the apparition was 57 years old, a very unusual and extremely old age for the standards of the time, and very odd situation if we consider that he had an uncle, how old his uncle must have been? Juan Diego was originally from the area of Mexico that is now Cuautitlán, and that in the times of the Mayans was associated to the state of Teotitlan, early allied of the Spanish again the Aztecs. We can only assume that Juan Diego was an early convertor to the Christian faith, denoting a personality deeply religious and probably a believer as well that the Spanish were Gods. She appeared to the native a total of 4 times, asking for the creation of a temple at the foot of the very same hill of Tepeyac, a place of workship for the God Tonantzin, a female Goddess representing Mother Earth

Juan Diego presented himself to Jose de Zumárraga, the Bishop at the time, telling him of the appearance, but the Bishop did not believe him at all. Juan Diego found himself hopeless, not knowing what to do, he even tried to avoid the route on which is saw the Lady on one occasion, and yet, the Lady found him and ask him what happened. He answered that nobody believed in him, and very humbling asked the Lady to send somebody else, somebody who the Bishop may believe. The Lady, acknowledging the proof that that Bishop needed of her appearance, asked Juan Diego to climb the top of the Tepeyac hill and gather that flowers that he’ll fin on the top, presenting them to the Bishop.

Juan Diego, did that, climbed to the top the hill and collected some castillian roses that were not from the area neither on the right season. Juan Diego grouped the roses on his own cloak, called tilma, and took them to the Bishop. Upon unfolding his cloak in front of the Bishops and others, the Lady appeared imprinted on it, as a proof to the very same eyes of the Bishops of her true apparition.

On the three snapshots below we see a representation of the historic moment taking place on the 12th December 1531:



The Virgin on my home town: Osuna

I was born in Osuna, a beautiful and historic town on the south of Spain, just 80 kilometres away from Seville, the main port where people on the XV century departed to "Las Indias", the New Spain, later known as America.

This is the location of my hometown, Osuna:


It is hard to say wether my town was




I have looked for traces of the Lady of Guadalupe on my hometown, and you may think that there would be none, being my town on a different continent from where the apparition took place

My town must have been involved very closely

In my hometown of Osuna, Spain, I've found the Virgen of Guadalupe on two different places, one in the Insignie Colegiata de Osuna, which was built between 1530 and 1535, precesily at the time of the apparition of the Virgin of Guadalupe,



Historia de la Virgen de Guadalupe. Thanks to Aciprensa writers for this awesome article about the Virgin:

La Virgen de Guadalupe, lovely film of 1975 based on the account of Father Carlos M. Heredia and directed by Alfredo Salazar



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