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My Samos Jewelry bracelet

In this article I provide a review to a red bracelet I bought from an online-company called Samos Jewelry , yes, they use the US-spelling of "Jewelry" instead of the UK-spelling of "Jewellery",  where I'm actually based. The use of the US-spelling gave at first the flag this company is obviously not based in UK, but nevertheless, their products looked good quality which is exactly what I wanted, so I decided to go ahead and made the purchase

  1. Delivery
  2. Design Flaw
  3. Recommended fix


1. Delivery

You got to be patience, the bracelet came from Asia and it took over 3 weeks to arrive to my flat in London. Their site allows you to subscribe to emails for marketing, but unfortunately they don't have options for "customer's account", you cannot create an account on their portal where you can see previous purchases, etc


2. Design Flaw

I've asked the company to return my bracelet, get a refund and to be send out a new "working" bracelet. The issue with this current bracelet is that is not locking at all, relying only in its magnetic properties. For someone active like me, and specially considering the marketing on this bracelet on the Samos website where they claim is for active people, having a bracelet that "only" locks with magnetic is pretty useful. With little effort my blacelet comes off my wrist easily, and I would not recommend this purchase to anybody 

The issue is that, when the bracelet is on its resting position, the locking mechanism is set to "unlock". You actually have to twisted the locking to lock the bracelet, but the bracelet will naturally tend to go back to its resting position of "unlock"

Samos bracelet Design Flaw

As you were the bracelet for a few minutes, the natural move of the wrist and bracelet will cause the latest to come back to its original manufacturing position, which is "unlock", leaving the locking open

As you can see on the picture below, I have "forced" the bracelet by twisting it a little bit and lock it, but this "forced" lock is unnatural to the design of the bracelet, and by inertia it will tend to unlock itself and be secure only by the magnetic tips, which as you move around, change your shirt or touch your wrist with something, will fall apart and make this bracelet pretty useless to wear. I actually have removed from myself all together, as I'm scare of losing it

Samos bracelet unnatural lock


3. Recommend fix

I recommend Samos designed to re-do the manufacturing of this bracelet so that, in its natural state, the bracelet remains locks, instead of unlock

Like this:


Samos bracelet locked


Instead of like this:

Samos bracelet un-locked


Hope they will listen to this constructive feedback for the benefits of future customers



March 2024