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Lanzarote, home of Aloe Vera

The Christmas of the great year for me of 2018 was also a great one: I spent it in Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, where I rented a car and drove to get to know the island for the very short stay of my holidays. I booked a room at the hotel Lancelot, Arrecife (, of course with sea-view, it was worth the extra money as you get a balcony too. Really recommended, loved the breakfast in there, "bollitos de jamon con aceite", very andalusian and yummy, yummy. Upon arrival on the Hotel, this was the lovely view I had, such a joy seeing this at 20 degrees celcius in the evening, considering that in the morning I was in London at 2 degrees with the covered sky


Close to the Hotel Lancelot you have another one call "Arrecife Grand Hotel", a building block with no balcony but it has a wonderful SPA (20 euros for 2 hours I paid) with an hydromassage pool, really recommended! 

There are many things that I did not see in the island (apart from the fact that there are no trees), like the Garden of Cactus or the House of Cesar Manrique, a famous Spanish sculptor who was born in the island. What i did see that I liked a lot was a show in a theatre called "Jameos del Agua", of a group called "Pieles Angaro".... absolutely breathtaking and without any doubt that was the highlight of my trip.

The show was in complete darkness and the music was coming up and enchanting your heart as the light shine of the performers; all of that while using a myriad of musical instruments

Here is a preview of how beautiful the show was, a full concert of them if available in here:  



During that same day, I visited the Mirador del Rio, from where you can enjoy a lovely view of the "Graciosa" isla, and stopped by "Lanzaloe", a factory of Aloe Vera 

That was my trip almost gone! The products that I bought in the Farm of Lanzaloe are absolutely amazing, here it goes the ones I got, pure 100% aloe, you can feel it the minute you put it on your skin:

I liked a lot the fact that beer "Cruzcampo" was all over the place in Lanzarote. I recommend too the local red-wine of the island, is very mellow and so easy to drink

Lanzarote Island

The day after my return I spent it all in a remarkable beach called "EL Papagayo", in the south of the island. There roads on Lanzarote are all new, but to get to this beach you need to drive quite a few miles by a off-road lane. It was worth it, once you get there there is a Chiringito where I tasted the famous "papas arrugadas" of the island, together of course with the "salsa mojopicon", delicious! Finally, the treat was quite a few gin&tonics (have to say to a very high price) while sunbathing, what else can you ask on a Christmas day?


I'm glad I went. Probably won't come back, there are other islands in the Canary Archipielago to know, but will most certainly buy some stuff from Lanzaloe in the future


London, 13 January 2019


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