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Vertex in Virgo

With Vertex in Virgo your practical and critical eye will be needed to find flaws and bring order to chaotic situations. Serving those around you and being useful is great for people with their Vertex in Virgo as you feel best when you know you have a purpose. Vertex in Virgo: Much like Taurus there is a fear of the unknown or not being in control. To find inner stability could be a struggle. The focus for Vertex in Virgo is to find a way to feel purposeful, needed, or useful. This gives them a sense of direction and stability. This Vertex prefers routine, predictability, and structure. They may be overly practical in terms of fate - believing there are no other influences that determine their life other than them. Similar to Vertex in fire they can have a “I make my own destiny” attitude. Vertex in Virgo may have a pull to work on their intuition. The Vertex sits on an axis like all other points in a chart. The opposite sign is the Anti-Vertex which some astrologers believe to be how we shape our fate or what we have to offer in relationships and life. With Virgo Vertex and Pisces as the Anti-Vertex there is an opportunity to hone their intuition. On the subject of helping others or finding meaning - it is listening to their feelings and hunches that might lead them to how they can do this.

Vertex in Virgo

You are expected to use your practical insights and your ability to discover flaws. People also want you to provide service, compile material for practical use, and supply work details. You should develop your discriminating faculties, become a useful and productive member of society, and develop conscientious habits and the ability to accept criticism. Doing these things may make you feel useful in the world and offset a tendency to worry about your health. You also learn to believe in your own self-worth, regardless of the opinions of others. Finally, you are able to function at your most efficient level, knowing that your life has meaning. Not doing so may bring inner conflict because you give in to confusion. You can make yourself nearly invisible. You can also create disorder in your life and a feeling of uselessness.

Vertex in Virgo have practical insights

Vertex in Virgo is characterized by obsession and compulsion. This position in Virgo is not easy, because there are strong desires to destroy the old order and replace it with a different concept or philosophy. But in spite of this, there is a strong tendency towards internal refolding, which is paradoxical and frustrating. That is why he unconsciously tends to associate with Pisces vertex couples or with this sun sign. People totally opposed in their way of seeing things.


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