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Vertex in Leo

Born with Vertex in Leo indicates that you are expected to become an individual and not just a member of the group, to project your own emotions in a special relationship instead of maintaining emotional separation. People expect you to be responsible for teaching, working on an entertainment project, or dealing with young people or children. You also should acknowledge and accept your need for admiration. In doing these things, you may become aware of your own individuality or creative expression. You give outer expression to the affectionate, creative side of your nature. You strengthen your own ego by helping other people to develop theirs, and you instil confidence and self-worth in those around you through your magnetism and dignity. Not accomplishing these tasks may lead to a psychologically crippling ego-complex or create conflicts within you. You should suffer from the same impersonal treatment you sometimes indulge in.

Vertex in Leo

The nature of the Vertex in astrology is of a karmic point that needs activation to bring out its power.  On its own the Vertex is a sleeping giant.  To awaken the vertex an event over the course of a lifetime needs to occur to open its suppressed nature.  The vertex is known as a gate which opens a new world to a person’s life.  Sometimes it’s unleashing can be very significant and it all can depend on where in the birth chart the vertex sits. With Vertex in Leo a person is to develop a sense of individuality in this lifetime when the Vertex is activated.  Another person or event in your life sees that you put Leo energy at the forefront.  The vertex person is expected to distance themselves from giving away their power to friends, groups, affiliations and others in general for their own personal growth. The person needs to turn away from the Aquarian efforts from the anti-vertex, and infuse their soul with Leo Traits. The karmic energy of Vertex in Leo is pushing you toward accepting Leo energy in your life. The soul grows when it has fun. Being creative and taking time for the self enriches the soul and is needed. The soul flourishes more when it expresses its individuality and the vertex helps gain this insight when activated.  The soul here learns the need to draw attention to itself, instead of giving it away to a group or submitting to the greater collective

Vertex in Leo need to flourish as an individual and not get lost in a group

Natives of Vertex in Leo are characterise by their Individuality, creativity and self-expression. To become the best version of yourself could summarize this placement when talking about destiny. To adapt or cope with a world that is outside of their control they must create their own world or path. To stand out and/or lead the way is what will help them feel most fulfilled in life. Authenticity is a buzzword now-a-days but that trait or way of being is a necessity for Vertex in Leo as they plummet through the universe. Feelings of grandeur, uniqueness, power, or nobility may go through them sometimes. While they need to be careful of not letting this go to their head or tripping them up, these feelings of power are important in shaping their own future and self. Vertex in Leo need to flourish as an individual and not get lost in a group. Not only will you become more aware of your own individuality and creativity, but you will also inspire and help others by embracing your unique self.

The Karmic lesson of Vertex in Leo is to move away from doing things on an impersonal level that may be all too familiar. Relations should include what makes you an individual, your thoughts, experiences, and opinions should play into your expression.  Basically a person should care about expressing oneself creatively. Developing hobbies and an idea of fun is important for a person’s individual well-being. There may be encouragement to take more risks and gamble from the event that triggers the vertex. This Vertex activation moves a person towards more involvement in love and romance.  New desires for affection and appreciation of love can be brought to the surface.  The person who activates this vertex may also encourage the vertex person to have children perhaps when they might not want any. It can also be seen that the person just finds a new love of being with children. The individual may also be shown the enjoyment of being a child an encouraged to live more youthfully. Since the Vertex is a fated Karmic point that changes a person, Even if the event or person that activated the Vertex leaves, the vertex individual may be changed forever. When activated the Vertex brings permanent change usually with new qualities for the better.  In this case a person is born with a new fire for life in Leo traits.


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