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Vertex in House 5

Born with Vertex in House 5 you have a childlike orientation, in all of its manifestations, toward relationships on an internal level. That implicit trust, or perhaps nativity, that was instilled in our childhood persists far into maturity. Vertex relates to the things that are meant to happen in our lives, it is an astrological concept that explains how the Universe works on our fate and destiny. The concomitant explosions and occasional tantrums when these constructs are violated also accompany this position. You have a need for fun, creativity, and excitement in a committed relationship, no matter how many years it has endured. You often have deep fears, typical of children, of abandonment, as well as a need for universal acceptance, no matter how you act, which you need your partner to respect and nurture, rather than rebuke, especially in adulthood. A Vertex in House 5 is called “The Lover,” That is because Leo rules this house. You are very creative by nature. Also you have great artistic ability. Romance and love are very important to you. You fall in and out of love, looking for that special person.  A weakness here is that you become neglectful of all else in your life except for their ideal of love.

Vertex in House 5

A Vertex in House 5 will yield an 11th house anti-vertex.  This indicates that you do not realize that you are more accepted and wanted by your friends than you realize. You must accept those things, and you need to accept your social skills and the potential that can come from working with others. With time, you will realize that you are more goal-oriented than you understood. With Vertex in House 5, there is a constant interaction with the environment, which is expected in achieving all happiness. It falls into the trap of trusting too much the external and that's when there are strong tests, such as lack of money or diseases, especially because of the excessive adventures and risky games. The love of our life is very likely to be found in ludic environments (concerts, parties, board game events, etc.) 

Vertex in House 5 are creative people by nature

Vertex in house 5 is related to our creativity, how we find pleasure in life, our enjoyment, and our love for children. It assures us of our sense of freedom to be creative like how a child is. When children want to create something, most of the time, they disregard the technicality of things. They do not care if the shape of their drawn heart is not perfect, if the physical features of their drawn animals do not make sense or if the thing that they drew does not really exist at all. They do creative things because they just want to. When your Vertex is in house 5, you will feel this freedom of creativity flowing freely in you and helping you express and discover yourself more. Vertex in house 5 is all about creativity, enjoyment, children, and pleasure. It argues that all things that are meant for you will start to come and happen once you let your child-like creativity flow and enjoy the process of doing so.


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