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Venus trine Mars

Born with Venus trine Mars, it is easy to attract attention of the positive kind. They radiate charm, vitality, and enthusiasm on some level that others appreciate. Not inclined to try to cover up their flaws, these people have a way of presenting themselves in a straightforward manner, and their ability to admit their mistakes and their fumbles only adds to their charm. They find it easy and natural to get along with both sexes quite equally. They possess considerable creative talent, but whether or not they use it is dependent on other factors. They may take their own talents for granted and often need some kind of stimulus or encouragement to do something with them. One of the reasons for this is the fact that their creativity comes so naturally to them that they may be surprised when others recognize their talents. Similarly, they usually possess athletic ability and may need some encouragement to develop it. Actively creating harmony and beauty through your work, art, or with people is part of what you are here to do. You have developed a harmonious coordination between the masculine and feminine energies within yourself; thus, you combine strength with grace, power with elegance, decisiveness and effort with pleasure, passion with tenderness and sensitivity. You have a romantic soul. Some positive expressions of this pattern might include athletic activities that have an aesthetic appeal, such as figure skating, or artistic endeavours that are active, such as performing dance or opera singing. Actively bringing people together in some way, for mutual pleasure and benefits, is also one of your gifts.

Venus trine Mars

Venus trine Mars people are affectionate and passionate, you have an intense approach to life that lasts well into middle age and sometimes even beyond. You have a great deal of warmth, which attracts others to you. As does your pleasure-loving nature. You want to have fun and be around fun people, and they tend to find you. As you are comfortable being yourself you generally have harmonious relationships, both inside and out of the bedroom. Sex is an activity you embrace passionately, always looking for new ways to expand the pleasure it can bring. Not that this aspect is a guarantee of romantic success, as you will likely have a few unhappy love affairs in your life, but it is certainly a plus and can help offset other stressful romantic aspects you might have. You have a creative spirit and long to see that which is within you expressed without. A life of material comforts attracts you, and you are often drawn to lovers who have the money that could give you such a life. One thing with this aspect that could need watching is the fact that you tend to be susceptible to flattery. While you don't play games with other people's affections yourself, you are a bit vulnerable to being caught up in their games, simply because you mean what you say and therefore assume others also mean what they say. Remember that not everybody is so straightforward, and that you need to look beyond the surface level of communication to see the layers of meaning beneath. 

A Venus trine Mars in your astral chart gives you not only strong desires but also the inner capacity to bring them into manifestation. When you are passionate about an idea, you’re able to put all of yourself into its implementation, magnetizing supportive resources and taking advantage of the opportunities that arise. You are charismatic and able to cultivate a personal style and creative expression that reflects your unique character. You are creatively fertile, not only with your own work but also in your ability to inspire others to be productive. You thrive in a relationship and within collaborative partnerships. You’re able to work well as part of any team dynamic, as long as you make sure to listen to others rather than enforcing your own ideas. Though being in a relationship is important to you, you are also able to successfully work independently when needed. You have an inventive, innovative ability to make the most out of the circumstances you find yourself in. Expansive, affectionate, generous, trusting, friendly, carefree, sweetness, vehemence, morality, strength, energy, sensuality, affection for the pleasures of the flesh and leisure, feeling and desire.

Venus trine Mars have a passion for life

Venus trine Mars gives a passion for life and social popularity. Your balanced nature allows you to enjoy life to the fullest while not drawing on the energy of others. People enjoy being around you because you love sharing your true self. There are no mysteries or hidden intentions for others to worry about. You are comfortable being yourself in any situation and will have no trouble making genuine friends. Without trying, you entertain people simply because of your playful and youthful nature. You may have many friends, but in more intimate relationships will most likely prefer a long-term partnership where loyalty is essential. As you grow up, you can have many lovers, but commitment will give you the most satisfaction and contentment in life. Although you are very passionate and charismatic, the overtly sexual nature of Mars is not as strong here as it is in other Venus Mars aspects. The harmonious nature of the trine aspect allows the softer nature of Venus to show more strongly than in related aspects. Venus and the trine aspect have an affinity for one another. So although you may be a sexy person, you are less likely to flaunt this quality and will be more concerned about showing love and affection and appreciating beauty. On the other hand, this aspect tends to stress your creative talents more than other Venus-Mars aspects. You can show your creativity in all areas of life, from your animated nature to your hobbies and career. Art, drama, and music are not the only professions where your creativity can be expressed.


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