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Venus transit sextile Mars

During Venus transit sextile Mars you may need to find a balance between relating to others and your own self-assertion. Sometimes you need to push to get your way, sometimes you need to compromise. Learning to better identify when to do which is a life skill that will serve you well far into the future, and one it is a great time to start learning to improve at right now. As you interact with people at this time, it is important to be open to both giving and receiving. It is an energy that could open many doors for you. It is a good time to be involved in groups so go out on the town or to a party. An ideal day for you would be to work in a team during the day and then socialize in the evening. You will have an excess of physical energy that should be used, and if you play sports at this time you are likely to be more skilful than usual. However, your mood is one of pleasure seeking at this time, so you are more likely to hit a singles bar. Starting business ventures is favoured at this time, and you will have the daring energy necessary to take on the risks involved. 

Venus transit sextile Mars

You are able to balance assertiveness and receptivity and this is a great time to deepen the connection in your existing relationships, including advancing romantic interests or exploring the sexual nature of a relationship. This is also a good time to explore furthering your career through those in your network who may be able to support and guide you. Your associates and friendships will help you achieve goals you are motivated for. Your focus and drive will help you stay on track. You enjoy a harmonious time savouring the relationships around you, enjoying pleasure in life while feeling energized to advance your ambitions.Your creativity is heightened and you are drawn to the arts and music.

Venus transit sextile Mars transit brings opportunities to smooth out rough edges in the relationships that have been strained by competition and inability to compromise. If there is bad blood between you and someone else, now is a good time to talk it over. Your sexual appetite increases without causing you to become more aggressive. This makes it a good time for socializing, romance, and sexual relationships. You are able to combine your sexual and loving natures very well. If you have sex during this period it is likely to be very sensual. There may be financial opportunities.

The transit of Venus transit sextile Mars helps you to make new friendships and establish new romantic and sexual relationships. You need attention from others, and you express yourself more spontaneously than on other occasions. In any contact you have, there can be a balance between giving and receiving. You are able to achieve your goals without offending anyone and without restricting anyone’s freedom. You have a spontaneous and open way of interacting, which makes other people act in the same way. It is a good time to be honest and express your own individuality. You feel happy with yourself, and others seem to notice. This transit gives you a special charm thanks to which you can enjoy the appreciation from other people. It favour any creative or artistic activity.

Venus transit sextile Mars is one of the best transits for romance and socializing

Venus transit sextile Mars is a time of balance in the give and take of relationships. Because of this, it is an excellent time for romantic and sexual relationships. You are both capable of getting what you want from each other and the union seems especially satisfying. If you are not currently involved in a close relationship, this transit goes a long way towards making one happen. This transit also stimulates your desire for fun and games. You may want to enjoy a night out, or visit a playground or an amusement park or attend a party. Your creativity is increased, especially if you are an artist involved in the performing arts.

You will feel a boost in creativity when transiting Venus transit sextile Mars, with more desire to be innovative and do something different. This transit brings gentle support for moving yourself out of a stuck place or changing an old pattern into something that feels better for you in the present. You will feel more social and interested in spending intimate time with a close relationship, or attending a fun social activity with friends. Your competitive fires will be stoked with moderation, giving you an extra drive to do your best and achieve victory in a way that allows you to enjoy competitive activities. During this transit, you will tend to feel good and energized to work on what makes you feel passionate, excited, and inspired. You will feel a supportive nudge toward trying something different, or experimenting with your approach to solving any problems that arise.

Venus transit sextile Mars is one of the best transits for romance and socializing. The perfect blend of sexuality and affection makes you look and feel sexy. You can be confident and assertive in chasing your desires without appearing threatening. This balance also means you are ready to give and receive love and adoration. This is an ideal time for dating because of your suave and playful nature. You are likely to attract someone as sensual and sexy as you feel. This kind of attraction is not superficial but based on intense mutual attraction and chemistry.

When Venus transit sextile Mars, the way is open to form sizzling new relationships and sparkling friendships. You can strike the perfect balance between giving ad receiving pleasure when making love, so this is also a transit which favours re-awakening the passion when it comes to couples who are settled, or taking that attraction to the next level if you have recently met someone. Parties, events and good times are also in focus and if you receive any invitations now accept them as you are likely to meet potential lovers or new friends when out and about. Your creativity needs an outlet so give it one especially if you have an idea for something different or an innovative way of channelling this. Financial matters are also in focus now especially around anything to do with a creative or innovative venture. Invest in yourself and your dreams.


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