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Venus transit opposition Sun

Venus transit opposition Sun does increase activity in the love and relationship department, and you will feel like indulging in pleasure more than going to work. Relationships should go well but there may be troubles if you lower your standards, thereby entering a new relationship that is not in your best interests. You could also be inclined to push too hard, resulting in disappointment from unrequited love. Lack of discipline and overindulgence are other things to be mindful of now. This is not the best time to go on a spending spree or to ask for favours especially borrowing money. Think twice about going into debt now, as this could cause problems down the track. When Venus transit opposition Sun, you may experience a temporary obstacle or blockage within relationships or finances. If you do experience a delay or restriction, take the time to come to a fuller understanding of the situation, instead of making a rash decision you may later regret. There’s likely to be an important lesson for you to learn from any difficulty you experience during this time. For example, you may become aware of a way you have been acting in a relationship that is not aligned with your core values. This allows you to make a healthy change to your own behavior. Any underlying tensions within relationships that have previously been hidden are likely to rise to the surface during this time. While this may feel agitating at first, it also gives you the chance to bring awareness to aspects of the relationship that are in need of healing. In the end, you can create a deeper connection.

Venus transit opposition Sun

When Venus transit opposition Sun, you want to enjoy life and your relationships, and you don’t feel like working, but you should avoid self-indulgence and laziness. Lack of emotional sensitivity today can lead to emotional difficulties with those closest to you. Try to understand others’ feelings before you inject your own large ego into the situation. On the other hand, you may also be drawn by your desire to share without properly discerning with whom. Through your relationships with others, you have the opportunity to learn something valuable about yourself. Use these opportunities to grow. After a few uncomfortable situations, you might end up having a good time during this period. It can be very favourable for your intimate relationships if you’re willing to give in and not always want to be right, or at least to learn to please others. This is a good time to express your feelings to someone you care about, as well as express yourself artistically. People will not resist you if you project yourself outward now because you are more pleasant or attractive. You should not drink excessively or eat too much, since the well-being you may feel now may turn into problems in the future.

With Venus transit opposition Sun, the problems at this time may come in the form of lacking discipline and feeling an unwillingness to want to work. Life might seem overly demanding, and completing what you need to do, simply impossible. Putting off for a few days what you can put off is a recommendable course of action, but there might still be a lot left to do. You could seek to find the enjoyable in the seemingly tedious and boring tasks you are faced with. Give them your full attention until they reveal their magic. Nothing is inherently boring, boredom is all in our reaction. You will be feeling affectionate, so spending time with loved ones would be highly rewarding at this time. Be wary of jumping into new relationships, as your judgement of character will not be up to par. It is important at this time to take it easy and take some time to reflect. Reflect on yourself, and don’t hide from the answers those reflections bring. Things you don’t like about yourself may well be revealed, but trying to ignore them won’t help you grow as a person. If you want positive change you will have to face your flaws bravely and slowly change the behaviours that manifests them.

Venus transit oppostion Sun may cause you to become out of sync with those around you

Venus transit opposition Sun is a time when laziness and self-indulgence are more likely. You’re simply not in any mood for hard work. You could be looking for an “easy way out”. Delaying spending might be wise now. Relationships could prove expensive. You may find yourself at odds with someone you care about or someone in authority over a question of values. Your own values or way of expressing love and affection may differ from someone you interact with now. Your ego may be a bit inflated right now. As long as you don’t think with your ego, you could learn a whole lot about a person you love. You will have more interactions with other people today, and enjoy social and friendly discussions. You are not likely to feel assertive or demanding and may compromise more than usual. This is not normally a problem, but you may want to take more time and rethink agreements later. You are also unusually self-indulgent and will try to satisfy your every pleasure, making you reluctant to work hard, which will have an impact in your expenditure. Make sure this mood is compatible with your day, or make adjustments to allow an easier pace.  The most common effect of Venus transit opposition Sun is a tendency to procrastinate. You feel lazy and unmotivated and lack the discipline to get any work done and are prone to put things off until the last minute. You will probably overindulge yourself in food and drink unless you are careful. If you go too far, you are likely to suffer from indigestion or heartburn. Financially, this is a time when you are prone toward extravagance. You may overspend, or make bad judgements in investments. Watch a tendency toward vanity.

When Venus transit opposition Sun, chances are you will leave a lot of things undone during this transit. You tend to overeat and spend way beyond your means. You want to be among people but there may be some friction between what you except from them and what they are willing to give you. If you go on a date you may try to "buy" the other person's affection with an extravagant meal or gift. A lot of money can slip through your fingers if you are not careful. One of the risks of Venus transit opposition Sun, is that you may jeopardise a relationship by trying to force things into alignment when this is not occurring naturally. Yo may also become out of sync with those around you, pursuing your personal needs and failing to consider the needs of others. You may become apathetic or indecisive, missing out on opportunities because of a lack of initiative at this time. Be mindful of creative blocks, inertia or complacency. Conflicts with significant others may require attention of some sort, and you may instead be inclined to become passive or hide from the real issue at hand.


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