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Venus transit opposition Ascendant

Venus's transits to planets in the natal chart are brief influences, lasting approximately one to two days. Venus takes about 584 days to travel 360 Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses.  If there are problems now, Venus transit opposition Ascendant can help offset them, employing tact and diplomacy. You are more sensitive than usual to subtleties in your personal environment, and all the more vulnerable as a result. The choices you make now are coloured by this sensitivity, as well as a stronger than usual need for approval and harmony. Relationship opportunities, generally of a more serious nature, sometimes arise during this transit. At this time it is important to recognize the unconscious needs that lie beneath your outward manifestations of desire and aversion. 90% of an iceberg sits below the surface of the water, so remember that if you are only examining your surface-level behaviours, you are only understanding 10% of what’s going on. 

During this transit you will be more concerned with pleasing people than usual. You may even be so intent on being fair to others that you neglect to your own needs. But nobody, or rather, nobody you should be friends with, wants to be surrounded by obsequiousness. If you are genuine and thoughtful, people will appreciate your authenticity and respond in a favourable way. And if any delicate situations come up, you can deal with them with a mixture of authenticity, tact and diplomacy. You are more sensitive than usual to subtleties in your personal environment, and more vulnerable as a result. You will notice more, but more will be able to perturb you. This is a good time to seek advice with a therapist, and your close relationships will help your growth, so keep your friends and partner close. In business growth may come too, possibly in the form of a new partnership or a lucrative financial agreement. You are very concerned with pleasing other people and will be cooperative when dealing with agreements and contracts. You may be so intent on being fair to them that you neglect fulfilling your own needs, but they will appreciate your sincerity and respond in a favourable way. This is a good day to seek advice from an expert or consult with a therapist, and all your one-on-one interactions will be helpful or profitable. You may initiate a new partnership or sign a lucrative financial agreement. 

Your desire to please others today results in cooperation and harmonious social relations. Partnerships may require extra consideration to smooth out misunderstandings. When Venus transit opposition Ascendant, it is a day in which you know how to surrender and please others better than ever. Others also respond to you in the same way. In the event that there is a conflict, this is a good time to make amends and to learn to accept the defects of others. This transit may indicate the beginning of a new relationship, or the resolution of past conflicts in existing relationships. You have the capacity to make others happy by enjoying yourself with them. You attract people who are good for you and with whom you have much in common. It is an appropriate time to realize how much you depend on other people to feel complete. You can work as a team, and it will be easy to share tasks with others. It is not a good time to be alone, but to enjoy helping and sharing your own experiences with other people.

You will feel a strong focus directed into the realm of your personal relationships when Venus transit opposition Ascendant. If there have been differences and disagreements simmering under the surface of relational dynamics, they will come to your attention at this time. You will have the opportunity to mediate conflict by sharing your own needs, listening to others’ needs, and finding ways to alter your relationship so that each person can have more of their needs met. It’s also possible you will become aware of new desires emerging, leading you to be attracted to new people who represent aspects of the qualities you’re feeling drawn toward. Paying attention to whatever is going on in your relationships during this time will give you insight into any shifts in the values you find most important to embody. Following your desires, while being open to change, will help you discover vital new areas of growth in which you can find expansion. At this time you feel more sociable and prefer activities that involve a partner or friend. You are motivated by the presences of others and whether for recreation or business, you feel the need to have someone else by your side. Your charm, beauty and compassion are brought out in relationships with others. You may be inclined to keep the peace, even smoothing things over with others by side side stepping your own ego or ambition. Your creativity is stimulated by someone close to you and this is a god time to pursue work or even business collaboration with a partner, dealing with art, music, decoration or the beauty and wellness industry.

Venus transit opposition Ascendant makes you more loving and affectionate than usual. It improves your social skills and makes you more charming and beautiful. So this is a good time for love relationships. You will enjoy harmony and closer bonding with your partner. If you are single, you are likely to attract your perfect partner or soul mate. This is a good time to start a new romance. Business dealings benefit from your negotiation skills, especially in one-to-one situations. This is a good time to buy and sell, especially fashion, beauty products, art and jewellery. It is unlikely you will come into contact with conflict, but this is a good time to resolve existing relationship problems. You can also find peaceful settlements to disputes between friends or relatives. People will generally be nice to you, and you will make a good impression on others.


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