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Venus transit House 1

When Venus transit House 1, you feel more social and outgoing and want to reach out to people. This is a great time for searching out new love relationships or strengthening existing ones. You want to feel more pleasure in your life, and can find that with others or by indulging in your senses. If you want to improve your appearance, doing it under this transit is excellent, and even if you don’t do anything to your physical self, there’ll be something about you that attracts people to you more than usual. You can be more charming and friendly, making you more attractive. You can be more compromising, vacillating, and have good manners, but be a little distant emotionally. During Venus transit House 1, you will want to please yourself and the people around you. You will have the desire to pamper yourself physically and improve your looks. Thanks to your unique charm, you will get along well with others. You will want to show others your softer, better self, and you will prefer to have fun and light conversation rather than doing your duties and having arguments. It is a great time to visit museums, exhibitions, and social events. You may also experience romantic moments with your partner. If you are single, it is possible that you will meet a new partner. 

Venus transit House 1

You could find it hard to deny yourself anything during this a Venus transit House 1 cycle. This is a time when you naturally let loose your softer, receptive side. Romantic matters, as well as pleasure-seeking activities, come to the fore now. You are more likely to pay closer attention to your physical appearance and mannerisms, aiming to improve and enhance your attractiveness. Others find you agreeable and cooperative. When Venus transits through your first house, you feel the desire to please others and put more attention and effort into cultivating your attractiveness and personal charm. You could even take the initiative in some social or romantic activity. You are much more interested than usual in all matters that have to do with art, romance, socializing, and your personal and creative self-expression. It is a good time to get involved in business related to art, music, showbiz, psychology, etc. Because you are aware of what it takes to make a good impression, you could work in public relations. Your main objective now is to make peace with others. You have no desire to fight, but to help find the best way to smooth the difficulties between people. With Venus transit House 1, you prefer to have fun rather than to work, so if you can get away, take the opportunity to take a vacation. If transiting Venus forms difficult aspects, you can become too self-indulgent and wasteful.

During Venus transit House 1 time, you will want to relate to other people, and you will be willing to make more compromises to do so. However, Venus will make you feel less aggressive and more submissive, so be careful you don’t compromise too far. Because of the warmth you exude, you will be more attractive to others, but also attractive to those who want to take advantage of you. It is not necessary to keep you guard up at all times, but a calm presence should help you differentiate the genuine from the self-serving. More than anything at this time, you will want to make a good impression. You will seek recognition for who you are and seek to demonstrate your best qualities. It is a good time for pleasure and fun, for feeling your enthusiasm for the world and sharing it with others. Let them share their gifts with you and after this transit you will return to the world a person enriched by the best of others. It is a time to resolve differences with other people. Low-level conflicts can eat away at your energy, and now is the moment for dissolving the tension. You will be in the right frame of mind to see other points of view, so good things should come from such interventions. 

With Venus transit House 1, you prefer to have fun rather than to work

If you want to attract love into your life, then Venus transit House 1 is the period to do so. You are wearing Venus like a silky second skin. At the same time, the planet is oozing charm out of every pore of your body. Venusian energy attracts everyone to you without you having to do anything. Due to its desire to avoid conflict, the peaceful vibration will also accommodate your partner’s wishes. Venus is blossoming in your sign this is the time to go for your dream lover. You could end up a pushover, so try not to get too gushy! As a couple, you might end up playing cupid for other people. As a host, you can bring people together for enjoyable social events. You also have the gift of mending broken relationships. During this time, personal adornment and initiative in romantic and social activity will be highlighted. This is good time for public relations and to impress others. There will be greater interest in artistic and personal creative self expression. An afflicted Venus can make you emotionally hypersensitive, self indulgent and extravagant.

When Venus transits the 1st house, You feel a desire to improve your appearance, you become aware of the importance of pleasures, scents, fragrances and the finer things life has to offer you pay close attention to how you present yourself. You are an attraction magnet at this time polished, charismatic and charming. It's an excellent time to find love because you are more confident, feeling good, and a pleasure to be around, you good looking is enhanced. This is also a time when you can find love if you aren't already hooked up. Pleasurable surroundings and comforts become ultra important now, and you have a desire to be physically pampered, with baths, or massage. You will attract love partners now, or deepen your romantic or love connection with your partner. Keep in mind, Venus will also be opposing your 7th house of partnerships, which enhances the probability of meeting a significant other at this time as well, so get dolled up and go out. Overall, This is the "ideal time" to change your look if you have been wanting to. Venus will make sure you love the choice. Your eye for fashion and beauty is charmed now.  The general mood: Eating fine food, relaxing, and pampering yourself, and thinking and feeling beautiful.


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