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Venus transit conjunction Saturn

Venus transit conjunction Saturn may not indicate an unpleasant day, but you’re likely to be more serious in all your interactions with other people. You’re more concerned with appropriate behavior, which may cause you to be quiet or reserved when dealing with others, and it’s possible that they may misinterpret your caution as being unfriendly or disinterested. You may experience a minor setback or receive bad news concerning financial matters, but these are usually not serious problems and you’ll be responsible in dealing with whatever happens. While this is not the best day for creative inspiration, it’s a good day for giving form to your ideas or working through the details. You may also enjoy work that involves precision such as technical drawing or writing serious or instructional subject matter. You may initiate a relationship with a mentor, or someone older or established in their profession.

The Venus transit conjunction Saturn can make you feel a bit colder than normal on an emotional level, with no apparent cause. You might find that it’s difficult to show love or even general affection during this time. If you’re in a relationship, now is the time for it to be tested. Sometimes, this is because of external reasons like physical distance or financial troubles, but most often your relationship will be tested because of a general mismatch of emotions. Even the most secure relationships go through these phases. A secure relationship will only grow stronger through these trials. In fact, Venus transit conjunction Saturn is laying the emotional foundation in your relationship so that you can weather future difficulties together. Meanwhile, a less secure relationship may come to a close, though there would need to be other major aspects present as well (this is not common).

Venus transit conjunction Saturn

Remember that any painful lessons learned during the Venus transit conjunction Saturn, especially in love, lead to deeper understanding and commitment in the future. These lessons may be learned in a relationship or might be about your own self-worth and value. If you encounter a new romance during the Venus transit conjunction Saturn, you’ll find that it’s based on practical concerns instead of overly romantic. You could also enter into a relationship with an age difference during this time. Generally, money may feel a bit “short” during the Venus transit conjunction Saturn. Remember that this will not last for a long time. You may benefit from careful planning during this transit. Sometimes, this transit is an indication that hard times are ahead and is meant to prepare you to put your head down, work, and save. However, this will actually benefit you in the long run and means that you can make the best of the hard times ahead and actually come out on top.

During the Venus transit conjunction Saturn, you may have to abstain from personal gratification for a while. You are more serious when it comes to relationships and are not prone to light hearted conversations. Often when it comes to relationships, practical issues and social duties are more important than feeling any closeness. You may be reserved in the expression of your feelings and you are probably feeling a bit lonely. If you have been having any problems in a romantic relationship, this occasionally indicates a breakup, or there may be a cooling off period where you temporarily say goodbye to each other. Occasionally this indicates a social responsibility that you must take care of that is an onerous and heavy burden. You may socialize with those much older than yourself, often for the sake of advice or guidance. Financially, you are probably quite disciplined right now. You are prone to be conservative in spending and you tend to abstain from any form of self indulgence. Guilt may accompany feelings of pleasure.

Solitude may be both a preference and a requirement during the Venus transit conjunction Saturn; people may choose to focus their energies on one friendship at a time, or undertake one major task or leisurely activity, at least for specific periods. Transiting this arrangement may usher in solitude, listlessness, and want. Emotional warmth comes with difficulty while being brash or curt will come easily. One’s material situation may also become challenging during this time. One’s finances may receive a direct blow, as opposed to being on a passive downturn. This transition is a good opportunity for learning how to better manage one’s finances, while at the same time overcoming this hurdle. Relationships will be tested during this time: while solid ones will pull through easily, ones already on the rocks may not be so fortunate. Difficulty connecting emotionally, distance, guilt or infidelity may be at play, and any outright painful experiences will turn out to be karmic lessons. This is not a fruitful time to go to parties or other such events, since it is a time of relative depression and somber contemplation. Likewise, new romantic endeavours will end up being lackluster and dispassionate. A significant age gap between partners is also possible.

Venus transit conjunction Saturn can bring disadvantage, isolation and sadness

The attitude of somber seriousness follows people during Venus transit conjunction Saturn, most evidently in their social lives. Concerned with propriety, and quieter than usual, one may come off as cautious, guarded or disinterested in those around them. Romance is a major source of difficulty and grief during this transit, much more so than other social relationships, though they are not spared either: one’s desire to connect with and care for another deepens, but the difficulty of achieving this increases as well. One may find themselves uncompromising, and thus rather difficult, which makes for fewer encounters. A potential entanglement may turn out to be underwhelming and may take more effort than anticipated, which may bloom into frustration. One may want to focus on themselves before committing to anyone, self-knowledge shall be a valuable boon. Failing self-actualization or maintaining a level of self-esteem may set one in low spirits for a while, one’s creativity may provide a way out, but one also won’t be feeling particularly creative until they feel better. Another avenue of approach is, at first, to simply surrounding one’s self with pleasant people and to engage in previously gratifying activities. Slowly, as one feels better, they can pick up an artistic hobby, to firmly establish this newfound upward trend in their well-being and better connect with their inner life. Only once one is firmly rooted in their inner self is it advisable to turn outwards and seek romantic companionship.

Venus transit conjunction Saturn can bring disadvantage, isolation and sadness. You may find it difficult to express love and affection, but easy to be cold and mean. Relationships suffer the most with this transit, but you could also experience some financial hardship at this time. An existing relationship may be tested by distance or separation and a general inability to connect meaningfully. Issues involving guilt or disloyalty may be the source of the problem. A healthy relationship will easily pass this test and may lead to greater commitment. A love relationship on shaky grounds may not last, but generally, there would need to be other indicators in your chart or theirs. Any sadness or painful experiences endured now will be karmic lessons that lead to a greater understanding of mutual love and respect or loyalty. Women, especially, are more subject to suffering domestic violence. A new romance is possible now that would be very karmic, based on practical considerations and may involve your career. A noticeable age difference is also possible. This is not a good time for partying as you will generally feel depressed and more concerned with matters of a serious nature. Money may be tight, and this would be an excellent time to learn to budget correctly to reduce the risk of running short in the future. Starting a savings plan would be a good idea now.

When Venus transit conjunction Saturn, you will feel more open to receiving support from others in working toward your aspirations. You may become drawn toward collaborating with someone who shares your values or goals. Or you may meet someone with skills and knowledge that complement and harmonize with your own skillset. In general, you’ll feel a softening of your internal boundaries within all your relationships, becoming more open and receptive to the feelings and viewpoints of others. You will also become more aware of hidden parts of yourself that you tend to ignore, such as underlying feelings of insecurity and loneliness. This can be a powerful time to engage in self-reflective practices such as journaling and meditation, anything that helps you open your awareness to unconscious feelings in need of healing. If you are involved in an intimate relationship, you may feel more open to expressing your vulnerabilities and insecurities to your partner that you normally keep at a distance.

During a Venus transit conjunction Saturn, your demeanor is more serious now. You may develop an attraction to or relationship with a significant older person or someone with established status and maturity. Pleasure seeking is toned down and instead you are focused on creating stability. You may aim to align your career with your values and financial advancement through artistic expression such as commission to create art, a gig playing music, or a job as a decorator, are possible at this time. Your tastes may become traditional or vintage at this time and you may become involved in restoring or selling antiques. You prefer the company of older or more mature people at this time. You are also more disciplined now and establish connections which help you achieve your goals in the long term.

The Venus transit conjunction Saturn gives you sobriety and seriousness that prevent you from openly expressing your love. You may have some painful learning experience, or have to reflect on all your relationships. You may ask for advice from some older person. This transit may mean a temporary separation, or having to say goodbye to someone you love or value. Under certain conditions, and if other transits indicate this, it could mean difficulties in love. You do not feel very affectionate, and you tend to repress your feelings. You may want to be isolated or you may be lonely and depressed. A new relationship that begins now will be very sober, and there will be great loyalty in it. You may now be aware of some financial problems and must do something to solve them. You must carefully plan the way to overcome and break the obstacles that prevent your inner peace. Take everything very seriously and think hard and well.

Venus transit conjunction Saturn indicates a practical outlook in social, romantic and business spheres and reserved emotional outlook characterize this transit. This transit causes the native to be more sensitive, easily slighted and more exacting with the persons around him. There is greater desire for emotional and financial security. Old business or romantic associations may live up once again. Romantic relationships are either finished or take a permanent footing. The persons engaged in artistic pursuits find their sense of structure increased. The native may feel lonely due to lack of romantic opportunities or lack of presumed affections from family members. Afflictions to the conjunction denote loneliness and emotional depression.


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