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Venus square Saturn

Venus square Saturn is one of the most challenging aspects of all. Two of the most important things in life are love and happiness, and these things seem even more important to you because they are more difficult to achieve than for other people. You will often feel like you are denied what you most want in life. This aspect has been associated with laziness, immorality, shamelessness, bad habits, perverted tastes, meanness, seduction, and sorrows in love. Feelings of rejection, isolation, and loneliness can start at an early age. How you deal with this throughout life depends greatly on how much love you received from your parents, especially your father. Along with love, you will have needed encouragement and support to boost your self-esteem. If you were subject to criticism or abuse, then this aspect will be harsher in adulthood, leading to bouts of depression. Although square aspects are very challenging, they do present ample opportunities to improve on your weaknesses. The constant challenges and lessons about self-worth and love mean that with age, you can achieve the long-term happiness you strive for. Take for example Dustin Hoffman with Venus square Saturn at a mere 0°01′ orb. When he left school and told his family about his dream to become an actor, his Aunt said “You can’t be an actor. You are not good-looking enough”. He did the hard yards and reached the top of his field which involves Venus self-image and beauty, how you project yourself. The key to working through this aspect is self-love. If you let the criticisms and rejections take hold in your head, then these messages become reinforced. Erase that recording and replace it with positive messages such as “I am worthy of love” and things along that line. Once you start to project a more positive self-image, then you will gain the confidence to make and maintain relationships. No longer will you hide your affections and miss out on opportunities for romance. No longer will you miss out on the feeling of being loved and valued. Dustin Hoffman did experience a divorce, but his second marriage has lasted periods of separation due to his career. He has a bag load of kids from both marriages and even grandkids now.

Venus square Saturn

A Venus square Saturn in your natal chart makes your inner values and aesthetics a driving force within your work in the world. You are willing to fully dedicate yourself to work, roles, and causes that align with your ideals, devoting countless hours of hard work and effort. While you are drawn to forming relationships with people who share your values, you have a tendency to wall yourself off from those who do not. In addition, when you become wounded by someone within a relationship, you have a tendency to erect a protective boundary with them that restricts your interaction in order to feel safe. When younger or feeling more vulnerable, you can feel deeply stung by criticism from others. Doing your best is important to you, and so you can also become overly critical of yourself when your performance doesn’t measure up to your own expectations. It will be important for you to cultivate self-acceptance and inner security, as well as an empowered ability to assert your will through your work without worrying about how you will be judged by others.

This is one of the gloomiest planetary connections. Whenever you see it in a chart, rest assured that the chart owner doesn’t have it easy. It is hard to be joyous, carefree, and notice the beauty in everyday things with this aspect. Venus square Saturn suggests that your ability to have fun is hindered by Saturn’s depressive nature. Even worse, it affects your relationships. It can indicate long periods of loneliness in life. Hard Venus-Saturn aspects imply that all things linked with Venus cause you frustration. However, there is no need to lose hope: in astrology, Saturn delays but never denies. That is, if you make an effort to grow. Saturn is all about the life lessons your soul wants to master in this lifetime. Perhaps the journey takes longer for you than for most people, but you can get there too if you keep working for it. Venus has a lot to do with happiness generally. If your Venus receives hard aspects, it indicates that you face more challenges related to relationships, self-confidence, finances. Self-worth issues are the central point of this square. It is one of the essential lessons Venus square Saturn brings your attention to. It asks you to build a solid foundation of self-love before you engage in committed relationships. People with this placement don’t believe that they are worthy of love and being accepted for who they are.

Women influenced by Venus square Saturn have their fair share of challenges in life. Venus’s involvement signifies a beautiful, sensuous woman, but the square aspect makes them underestimate themselves and rely on external validation to feel worthy. Their insecurities make it very difficult for them to have meaningful romantic relationships. They are filled with doubt about their romantic interests and aren’t able to trust that anyone truly lies them. Despite the crippling anxiety over social validation, women influenced by Venus square Saturn are kind and generous. They are intelligent, but not always aware of their own talent. If you are influenced by this aspect, increasing your self-esteem should be your highest priority. You are highly talented and worthy of love and affection.

With the Venus square Saturn natal aspect, love and happiness are two of the most important things in life, and you consider them even more important because they feel harder to obtain, especially when you compare your situation to other peoples’. It may feel like you will always be denied what or who you most want in life, like you’ve gotten the raw end of the deal. At an early age, you felt isolated or lonely. Throughout life, how you deal with these issues will depend largely on the amount of love you received from your parents and how they showed love. Support and encouragement will boost your self-esteem along with love. This aspect will likely be harsher in adulthood if you were subjected to criticism or abuse as a child. Because of painful separations in your childhood, you may be very cautious about sharing your feelings and becoming close to people. While you long for love and affection, you struggle with intimacy. It’s hard to open up completely. Venus square Saturn can cause insecurities about self-worth in relationships. This makes you afraid to share yourself totally with another. You’re afraid of getting hurt like you did as a child, of someone recognizing that you’re not good enough. You may feel an extreme need to be popular or well-liked with Venus square Saturn. You want to be seen by those you deem “important” because that makes that little voice, the one that repeats your insecurities, quiet down for a bit. But unfortunately, you will be caught again and again in situations where you aren’t liked or respected for some reason, which only reinforces your sense of inadequacy. Remember that when you spend all of your time focusing on social constructs, people don’t get to see the real you. And usually, the part of you that they don’t like is the mask that you put on. With Venus square Saturn natal, you must learn to be okay with others not always approving of you. You won’t find satisfaction with adoration, because the satisfaction you seek comes from within. You’re looking for real love from yourself and from choice individuals close to you. But this takes hard work to accomplish: the energy of any square is always dissonant. You can have really high standards for others, too, as you have such high standards for yourself. Therefore, you need to learn to be less judgmental all around. To realize that there are areas of grey. And, with Venus square Saturn, you must learn that true beauty goes much deeper than just superficial looks and social constructs. You must find beauty in the soul of individuals and in yourself. With Venus square Saturn, others won’t always approve of you. This is not an easy road, but it’s yours to create. Do what you like, what makes your heart sing, and you will slowly find love and wealth. This aspect is all about learning that you’re worthy of love and discovering what real, deep love means to you.

 Low morality, childish, dishonest, loneliness, coarse and unrefined mentality, depraved tastes, given to drink, needs to develop confidence in own emotional needs