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Venus sextile Pluto

Venus sextile Pluto makes you passionate about love and the things that you love. Whether it be another person, a hobby, or anything else, you will become deeply involved in whatever it is you love. Love, giving love, and receiving love, is so important to you that your life would be meaningless without it. In other words, your life revolves around love. When I say you are passionate about love, I mean you feel it deeply. It envelopes you and you can even define yourself by strong relationships or your love of something. This is an overall positive influence and has a positive effect on your relationships. The term “love to death” may apply to you but you will find nearly everyone would love to be loved by you. Even if it sometimes appears you become too intense or come on too strong, it would only be because you are so concerned about a particular issue. For example, you may become very pushy if you thought your partner was in danger. Venus sextile Pluto friendships are most important to you. You are extremely loyal and committed, and expect the same in return. But even you will come to realize that it would be a rare person who could match you for the level of devotion you give to another. You should enjoy popularity due to an intense level of subconscious attraction felt by others.

Venus sextile Pluto

Under Venus sextile Pluto, there is a dark and mysterious nature to your beauty that others find spellbinding. In the bedroom, you may explore taboo areas of sexuality or be inclined to experiment with your sexuality or get a thrill out of affairs. It could be that you are attracted to dark and mysterious types, sometimes even dangerous sexual partners. Even so, such relationships will be safe and fulfilling, and should not endanger your social standing or public profile. Privacy may be important to you and you are good at maintaining secrets when it comes to relationships. You can be devastated when a relationship ends. But you also have strong recuperative powers when it comes to love. Entering a new relationship will be like a personal transformation, positive in nature. You may find that over time, the depth of your love of nature evolves to even greater depths, and takes on a more spiritual feel. Money will also be important in your life. You should be at least comfortable and can put much effort into always having enough in the bank to make yourself comfortable. You may be born into money or marry someone wealthy. Even if from humble beginnings, you will strive to improve your finances throughout life. Having enough to spend on a little luxury like the latest fashion is important to your sense of self. Above all, you will judge your own value mainly on the amount of love in your life, in your relationships.

A Venus sextile Pluto draws you toward the depth of things, fascinated by underlying feelings in others as well as in yourself. You are not interested in superficial friendships, preferring relationships in which you can share openly about whatever holds your interest. You’re intrigued by the taboo, and you value being able to explore things in your relationships that go beyond restrictions of societal boundaries and norms. You enjoy penetrating to the core of subjects and material that you can utilize in your creativity, and are inspired by artists, musicians, and writers who have an intense commitment to their artistic process. Within romantic relationships, you want partners you feel strongly passionate about. Often, you will be attracted to powerful people who possess qualities you admire and wish to cultivate within yourself. When you are able to merge with others through relational experiences, you are able to absorb new qualities that transform your presence and awareness beyond previous boundaries. Venus sextile Pluto: You love deeply, passionately, and wholeheartedly, and others may find your intensity either extremely attractive or threatening. You are charismatic and can have a powerful emotional influence on others, especially [on potential romantic partners]. You may use your attractiveness to manipulate others, sometimes without even realizing it.

Venus sextile Pluto are passionated in what they do

Having Venus sextile Pluto in your birth chart, your romantic relationships tend to be deep, intense, passionate, and highly emotional. It's all or nothing with you. Often, you are irresistibly attracted to someone and you feel that you have very little choice or control over your powerful feelings. You may well be highly magnetic and sexually attractive yourself. Beware of using this power to manipulate people, for you could gain the reputation of being a user.


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