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Venus sextile Midheaven

Venus sextile Midheaven aspect indicates that you are an agreeable and sociable person who does not like conflict with others. You are more willing than most to make compromises, because keeping peace and harmony with those you love is more important to you than getting your own way. In fact, you will give up a great deal in order to stay on good terms with someone. You like to have the approval of persons in authority over you, and you will work hard to get it. It is no coincidence that your relationship with your parents is strong, as it has served as a model for relationships with other authority figures. This helps you to both feel secure in yourself and be open to love and be loved wherever you go. And as you go through life you will attract people who can help you. Your home life is very secure. It is likely that you grew up in a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere, surrounded by beauty and comfort. What you learned in youth will serve you well throughout your life, and you will always have a warm feeling for your childhood home and the places associated with your youth. You will not, however, feel tied to your past in a way that prevents you from getting ahead in life. Sometimes this aspect is a sign of artistic ability, especially if other areas of your chart reinforce the theme. At the very least you will have a strong sense of aesthetic beauty and a love of beautiful objects.

Venus sextile Midheaven

Venus sextile Midheaven gives a romantic and ambitious nature with a desire to leave your mark on the world. You are an honest and decent person with respect for yourself and others. Highly aware of your public image, you aim to always be a good role model. You are a good judge of talent and character. Although you are engaging with good social skills and a strong presence among others, you may be quite moody and sensitive, with a somewhat reserved personality. Yet your pursuit of admiration, status, and power will most likely lead to a high social standing, a prominent and successful career, and wealth. You should have grown up in a pleasant environment and had good relations with at least one of your parents. Your home base can be a refuge from the bustle of work or busy scenes of public life. Or you may sometimes feel a longing to return home. Your appreciation of art, music, beauty, and comfort may have been instilled from an early age. And you could easily have a successful career in such Venus-related fields. Even with a busy and successful career and social life you should always find time for entertainment, amusements, leisure activities, games and novelties. You may enjoy the feeling of inebriation but only in moderation. A dislike of swearing, gambling, and immorality, in general, is associated with Venus sextile Midheaven. A dislike of conflict and willingness to compromise may also be due to parental influence. Your impartiality and skill as a negotiator could see you act as a go-between or facilitator of peace. Your toleration of other views and non-partisanship brings the respect of your peers, and your seniors and juniors. It is important to you to have the approval of your parents and other authority figures. This is not a bad thing because people in positions of power are likely to assist you throughout your life.

Venus sextile Midheaven love entertaiments

If you have the Venus sextile Midheaven aspect in your natal chart, you probably have strong socials and a large presence. You probably pursue some type of status or success with gusto. You have a strong appreciation of beauty. You may enjoy art, music, beauty, luxury, or a very comfortable lifestyle. With Venus sextile Midheaven, you have a good sense of entertainment or hobbies, even if you’re very busy and successful career-wise. Venus sextile Midheaven also gives you strong negotiation skills. However, you can learn how to infuse even more Venusian qualities into your public persona to become more successful. This means that, with Venus sextile Midheaven, you have the opportunity to develop your skills in the areas of negotiation, politics, peace-making, finance, the arts, creativity, musicality, or aesthetics. The sign that Venus sextile Midheaven sits in will show you the types of skills you can most likely develop. This aspect is very positive but does require a bit of work in order to bring out the most Venusian side of yourself! Ultimately, you have a pleasant personality and are attractive and sociable. Hone your skills and use your most Venusian qualities for good, and you’ll see your career improve quite quickly. A Venus sextile Midheaven gives you the ability to use your charisma and social skills to persuade others to help you achieve your aspirations. You may enjoy collaborating with others in your work, with a friendly and approachable manner that helps you cooperate. You are someone who is able to find common ground with others, mediating differences and helping to form compromises that each side can accept. As a result, you will do well in any career field where it’s important to be a unifying and harmonizing influence on others. There is likely a strong connection between your creativity and your public role and reputation, and you may have artistic talent to cultivate within fields such as music and the performing arts. You will benefit greatly from developing a mentoring relationship with a role model, who embodies qualities you desire to emulate and aspire to develop in yourself.


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