Nazaudy, a spark in your curious mind

Venus in Sagittarius

With Venus in Sagittarius you are characterise by your optimism, generosity and nobility that inspires sympathy to others. You have very good organizational skills, and is very likely that you always do, with efficient, more than one thing at a time. You value freedom and democratic values, and are a person who is in love with everything around you, constantly feeling the need to grow and expand your horizons through relationships, wanted to learn new things and experience everything together with a partner, all under a touch of exaltation and adventures. You are above all an idealist person, with religions tendencies who on the bad aspects of your character has the desire to impose your criterion to others. You are free soul, a confuse mix of light hearted and seriousness, who doesn't commit in your relationships as easily as others due to your fear of losing freedom. You are restless, and won’t put up with lovers who dwell on any one thing or dullness relationships. When the going gets tough in your relationship or your feel overwhelm, you have the need to run away. Usually this only means getting out and experiencing something new before you come back again with your partner, but sometimes you run for good. There can be some inconstancy and possibly a tendency to escape or flee when love is too complex, intricate, or needy. 

Venus in Sagittarius

You will be successful in activities that make you in contact with foreigners, especially if they involve long travel and long distances to travel abroad. The Arts and Music attract you, and you are not are not always especially attached to personal possessions. Luck follows you in love, and you enjoy getting to know a lover on a philosophical level, exchanging ideas, and experiencing things together. Venus in Sagittarius people have the spark of turning others on with their big smiles and laughs, their jokes, their grand schemes, their dreams, and their friendly, flirtatious behaviour. You pride yourself on your open mind but you can be judgmental too. You are attracted to people who, like you, are in love with life, and for a relationship to work for you it has to allow lots of room to grow. For your relations you need to avoid getting stuck and understand your need to experience and move, as well as suppressing your fears when others seem to be cornering you for forcing you to a commitment. Truth and higher meaning of things are concepts that take priority for those like you born with Venus in Sagittarius.

If Venus in Sagittarius receives bad aspects from other planets, you may suffer problems in blood circulation and deficiency of nutrients in the blood.

 Optimism, joy, kindness, generosity, nobility, inspires sympathy in others, lover of freedom, democracy and values




People with this configuration

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