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Venus in House 12

Venus in House 12 individuals are very compassionate people and have a soothing effect on others, often helping them to become more spiritual. It may be possible for them to experience great joy and satisfaction in their work without needing to gain notoriety or fortune through it. They feel a strong urge to take care of others — perhaps even sacrifice their own needs for them, and often find themselves in the role of caregiver, psychic counsellor, or life coach. Those with Venus in House 12 are capable of having great insight into other people’s thoughts and feelings, but they might not always want that level of sensitivity. You are caring, sensitive, highly intuitive and have a sixth sense for knowing what others are feeling and come across as very protective of others. This is not to say that you are pushovers; your let-me-help attitude is more a trait of someone who deeply cares and is compelled to look out for those weaker than themselves. A person with this Venus placement doesn’t expect the world to love her and, for that reason, she is seldom disappointed. The individual tends to be quite selective in her relationships, choosing to socialize only with those whom she finds intellectually stimulating or aesthetically appealing. Most people with Venus in House 12 don’t have many friends but those she does have are generally long time companions. She greatly enjoys cultivating Eden of close relationships and savours the depth of those relationships. They are subtle and classy, with a heart for adventure, travel, and spirituality. They enjoy experiences that bring them new knowledge and a broader sense of the world. Venus is the planet of love, beauty and art and in House 12, you could be an extremely creative person with a touch of the artist. Whenever Venus is in a 12th House, you could also be someone who likes being alone reading poetry or writing. Venus is, according to astrology, the planet of warmth and love. This placement is said to make 12th house natives feel at home in the world. The ability to hide from others often leads to feelings of loneliness and isolation. This placement indicates a charming, intelligent and sensual nature. It is associated with harmonious relationships, the desire to do good in the world and to help others, and an interest in all things mystical. It also represents indulgence in pleasurable activities.

Venus in House 12

Venus in House 12 individuals are deeply concerned with everything that is absent from their life. They want relationships and situations that they are not currently in, preferably romantic notions of other people having the relationship and life circumstances that they desire. This type of person’s mentality will typically focus on ways to get closer to what they want to attract in their lives, which often can be a type of obsession. Venus here shows the characteristics of being a loving, affectionate and kind person and this placement can be seen in natives. The person with Venus in this house will be generous with wealth and there will be many friends who will remain loyal to them throughout their lives. Friends will provide good support to these people and help them if they are going through bad times. Venus in House 12 has an important role to play in your love life. This placement gives you a strong desire for romantic relationships, and the feeling of being able to give of yourself to others. You’re sensitive and may find it difficult to deal with conflict. You may be attracted to people who have something you lack, a part of yourself. People with Venus in House 12 often seek out spiritual teachers. To succeed in love you need emotional feel and true feelings for another person. This placement suggests a deep desire to share and receive love as an expression of her humanness. These people often perceive themselves as victims or martyrs. They can also be extremely helpful to others in humanitarian ways – especially with their spiritual mission.

Venus in House 12 shows you will have a particularly strong sense of fairness and an insatiable need to stand up for those who get hurt. You will be drawn to humanitarian efforts, particularly those involving women or children. This placement denotes a fair and generous nature, often expressed through loyalty to a cause or group. A single-minded drive to “make things right” guides you in all areas of your life. This is a position that guarantees much success. If you have this placement, people are going to like you as you are an easy personality to get along with. You have a natural-born talent for making others feel at ease, and they will always find it easy to converse with you. Because Venus is in the house of mysteries and the unknown, you tend to be fascinated by anything romantic or mysterious. It could be the plot of a book, movie, play, or your love life. In fact, you can fall in love with virtually anyone who interests you. Venus as it relates to your 12th house reveals a loving and kind individual who is very appreciative of the people in his or her life. This placement also shows a very heavy tendency toward putting the needs of others before his or her own. While this can be rewarding, especially to those loved ones close to you, it is also important that you put yourself first on occasion in order to avoid burnout and overwhelming feelings of stress.

Those born with Venus in House 12 are attracted to the unknown and are likely to harbour an interest in secrets and obscure things. They can be very private about what and who they are interested in. Their greatest desires are often concealed from other people’s knowledge and awareness. They do not openly divulge much of what they feel and the only glimpses of their rich inner fantasy world may be witnessed primarily through their art and writing. People with Venus in House 12 draw a lot of inspiration from the arcane and hidden recesses of the mind. Their imaginations can be strange and beautifully weird. They may possess terrific creative talents unbeknownst to many. At the same time they may have an inner sensitivity and that makes them guarded and somewhat reluctant to share much of what goes in their minds. They may harbour idealistic perceptions that become real for them even though they may not have a strong basis in reality. Venus in the 12th house also points to valuable and cherished possessions being lost. There may be special objects or people that likely become estranged from people with this placement. They have a proclivity for losing track of their belongings due to a lack of organization and or thoughtlessness. Things are often not quite as they perceive them to be. Their conceptions can often be blinded by their strongly subjective outlook. They tend to see things how they’d like to see them rather than based on what the objective evidence might reveal. They can convince themselves of almost anything they wish to believe and for this reason they can maintain faith despite the circumstances. They can find the beauty in things that others find hideous or unattractive. Venus in the 12th house can imbue individuals with a special appreciation for the odd and unusual. Furthermore, there is a proclivity for secret love affairs and hidden desires especially those buried in the past.

Venus in House 12 have a rich and fertile imagination and likely experience vivid dreams and intuitions. They are good at picking up on other people’s hidden desires and unexpressed feelings. They have strong almost psychic like intuitions that allow them to anticipate what people want or what will work best on an aesthetic or cosmetic level. They dream about lovely things that may only ever exist in their mind’s eye. They have wonderful vision and if they are able to find a suitable outlet to channel it, it is possible they can impress others with the things they can bring to the light. Venus in House 12 are charming dreamers who may have a penchant for saying profound and poetic things. They have an understated wisdom that is heartfelt and encouraging. They can be sages of peace and prosperity who can help others find wholeness and love for themselves. In the 12th house, Venus highlights the spiritual side of love and romance. Those with this placement are interested in achieving a deeper level of affection that makes them feel closer and connected with the universe and the highest expression of love. They are attracted to ancient wisdom and spiritual teachings that transcend the mundane and tellurian limitations of empirical knowledge and scientific study. They are open to concepts like karma and supernatural phenomena that are somewhat spooky and inexplicable. They listen to their intuitions and feelings as a guide to their spiritual growth. Eastern philosophy is likely to appeal to them and they are likely to be advocates of mindfulness and meditation. Their religion is likely to be love and they are worshippers of the beauty of the universe. They desire to achieve wisdom of a higher vibration and may also take interest in psychedelics and other substances that can provide a deeply eye-opening spiritual experience.

Venus in House 12 are compassionated

You are big on romance and you tend to live and breathe your partner once you’re hooked. Not the best at defining your boundaries - where your needs and your partner’s needs separate - you can get hurt in love rather easily. You can also feel used quite readily. You are attracted to people from all walks of life, finding a partner who has an unusual background or quirky personality most attractive. Partners who mistake your compassion for weakness can take advantage of you. Being openly affectionate and trusting often doesn’t seem safe to you. You may feel your love won’t be appreciated or reciprocated. You may get involved in secret love affairs or fall in love with a person who is quite unavailable to you at different points in your life. Love and sacrifice often seem to go hand in hand for you - having to give something up to be with the one you love, or having to relinquish some person or some aspect of an important love relationship. You value a certain amount of self-sacrifice and a giving attitude in a partner, as you embody these traits. You can be quite mysterious to others, even if you don’t mean to be, because your romantic needs are kept hidden. Although you are quite naturally drawn to relationships that are unusual, secret, challenging, and unequal, do take the time to examine why this may be the case. Be certain that you are not, in some way, punishing yourself because you don’t feel worthy of an equal and public relationship. Because Venus represents attraction, and the twelfth house is associated with the feet, your feet may be especially attractive and/or erogenous zones.

Venus in House 12 people are very romantic, because Venus is the planet of love and the 12th House rules over self-undoing. They will make their own world out of their partner and feel very hurt if not seeing where the limit between their own needs and the ones of their lover is. Because they’re very devoted, many will think to take advantage of them. Very attracted to eccentric people, they will probably fall in love with someone who has many secrets and does things in an unusual manner. Not at all open to express what they’re feeling or their affection, they’re usually terrified that their partner doesn’t have the same feelings as them. Venus in House 12 people will express all their artistic, social and romantic abilities through the way they socialize, and form balanced relationships with others. They like being part of something bigger than themselves and are great group members. These natives are very serious about romance and start living only for their partner as soon as they have fallen in love and got together with that person. They may have a problem setting up some boundaries between their needs and the ones of their partner’s, so it’s easy for them to get hurt in love. Being so loyal, many will take advantage of them, this not being at all a good thing. They like the type who’s unusual and has an interesting personality, regardless of where they have met that person. Those who think they’re weak and not compassionate are the ones who will take advantage of them most of the time. It’s like there’s never a safe ground with them being affectionate and loving others, because they may feel like they aren’t getting any responses to their love. Attracted to any secret, they will probably get involved with married women or those who aren’t available. It’s like love has to come with sacrifice for them, and always need to renounce something in order to be with the person they’re in love with. Appearing mysterious even if they don’t want to, Venus in twelfth House natives keep their romanticism well hidden, so this is what may cause them to seem enigmatic. They should take a closer look at what they want from love, because they have this tendency to get involved in relationships that aren’t equal and have a certain level of secrecy. They also should make sure they aren’t secretive themselves and that they’re feeling worthy to make their love life public. Since Venus is about passion and the 12th House rules over the feet, they may feel the most sensitive in this area.

When the planet of love, which is Venus, is in the 12th House, the natives of this placement can have a very complicated love life. This is the House of Pisces, represented by two Fish that pull in different directions and don’t seem to get anywhere. Enjoying the ride and appreciating the feelings they get from life would be the best idea for people having Venus in House 12. They can sometimes leave themselves behind because they’re not feeling worthy, so it’s important for these natives to come to terms with this issue, no matter how serious their relationship is. They’re very worthy of anything, including love, so settling for less shouldn’t be in any way one of their options, as they tend to just go with something that doesn’t make them happy and start living in a fantasy world. It’s easy for them to think of partners they’ve lost, to fall for someone who doesn’t love them back or is very far away. Poets at heart, they may not necessarily be talented at writing, but they can still have the deep emotions of a poet because no one beats them at being romantic. Their ideals regarding love are high and it’s sometimes normal for them to feel reality is not even close to their dreams. It can be disappointing to see things as they actually are, but dreaming too much can’t be in any way healthy. Individuals having Venus in the 12th House can love anyone very compassionately, which means they’re mature when it comes to this feeling, but also dangerous, because the ones who aren’t so evolved can start chasing people who will never land into their arms. The others will not mind giving all of their unconditional love and will notice that The Universe sends them back a positive response. Running away from loneliness. The twelfth House is about secrets, things that can’t be seen and locked feelings. Venus is like in exile here, so the natives having Venus in House 12 will dream of taking their other half to a deserted island and just spend some romantic moments there, if only for an hour. It’s very likely they will fall for the wrong person and get to live a forbidden relationship. They should set some boundaries regarding how much they’re giving in their love life because they tend to have the same feelings as their lover and to get easily hurt. Caring a lot about the humanity, they think Divinity is in each and every person. Cruelty and suffering give them the ugliest feelings they can have and make them dream of an ideal world, after they have retreated and isolated themselves.

People having Venus in House 12 want relationships but aren’t very good at establishing their romantic needs. It seems like their soul is always looking to get together with someone, in the most divine connection this world has ever seen. Only in the arms of their lover, do they get to feel like they’re truly home. They will spend some time alone and become as dark as a person could get, so they run away from loneliness, looking for relationships that can sometimes be disastrous and not at all advantageous for them. They seem to disarm everyone with their impressive aura and great supportive character that also makes them great for a job in counselling or as therapists. The twelfth House is also a ruler of isolation, so the natives with Venus here can make great friends for those who are locked up in either prisons or mental hospitals. Because this is the House of loneliness, they want to have their privacy and can enjoy some hobbies no one has any idea about. This is due to the fact that they would simply want to keep things to themselves. If Venus forms an aspect with other creative and artistic planets, they will be very talented at something and not say a word about it. People with Venus in the 12th House feel guilty when wanting possessions or yearning for the materialistic side of the world. Feeling shameful when they have to show their things or eat too much, they won’t have to be in any way down, because they have worked hard to obtain what they were dreaming of and to afford the most expensive foods. If Pluto or the planet Jupiter are in aspect with Venus, they may be obsessed with shopping, but still feel guilty after a day at the mall. However, shopping sessions can stimulate them sexually, especially if they’re buying something expensive for their hidden lover. Their biggest secret is that they love sweets and candies. It can be a problem for them to express themselves in a relationship and even to be individualistic around many people. By interacting with others, they simply make a connection with the Divinity and can see the faces of all Gods in people. They may have healing powers, because Venus gives them an affectionate and powerful touch. Venus may feel isolated in the 12th House, making its natives think like observers and spreaders of love who deliver and then disappear surrounded by mystery.

Venus in House 12 can indicate problems in material desires, there may be deviant or too many of them. Several intimate relationships which fail because there was no emotional need linked to them. There may be deviant intimate relationships too. You have unreasonably high expectations from the physical act. Expressing emotions is difficult. You do not believe in equitable fair relationships with others. Also faith in spiritual practices is low. There is a high level of secrecy in your life, you do not open up, you cannot share. You can be vain, self-indulgent and absorbed in your own pleasure. You are not honest with yourself. If this Venus is disturbed then materialistic tendencies can lead to depravity. You try to show that you are at perfect equilibrium with yourself but this is not true on the subconscious levels. This Venus can make you go to extremes, go overboard with material desires or become a celibate. You will either create more karma by entangling with others or move faster towards Moksh by denying all sensual desires. Venus is exalted in the natural 12th sign of the zodiac, Pisces. So a well-placed Venus can grant that deepest relationship with the own internal self leading to self-realisation.  

He enjoys solitude in a pleasant and calm way, enjoying the peace of his own company. You may benefit from being more confident and opening your feelings and emotional needs to others. There is kindness and dedication in this person


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