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Venus in House 11

Venus in House 11 is one of the best planetary position that bring good luck, wealth, beauty, poise, intelligence, humour and health. Having natal Venus in House 11 placement naturally connects your relationships and physical desires with the house of support and blessings. These individuals seek out interesting friendships and social relationships and are often very fortunate when it comes to money. Having a Venus in the 11th house placement is an excellent sign when it comes to devotion. These individuals are committed to their friends, lovers, and the political causes they stand for. This is especially the case when those things are also tied to the social scene this person connects with. People with a Venus in the 11th house placement are likely going to be the individuals that their friends and loved ones know they can rely on. This is someone who is always down to lend a hand as long as they are able. You probably already picked up on this, but having a Venus in house 11 placement means that a large portion of a person’s personality and self perception is going to be based on their relationship to their community. This creates a challenge when it comes to resisting being swept away with the social tide. One of the most important things that these individuals can focus on is trusting their instincts. That gut feeling that you got that something might be a little off – that’s something that you need to listen to. Your instincts are tapped in it to subtle, even subliminal cues that your conscious mind might be missing.

It’s impossible for someone with Venus in House 11 to fall in love if the other person doesn’t share their interests or doesn’t come up with new subjects of conversation, doesn’t get along with their friends or doesn’t want to get involved in the same causes as them. They can immediately change their focus from one person to another and don’t stress that they may have hurt some feelings along the way. Very loving, they can be interested in more than one person at a time, depending on the aspects and other signs in their chart. They are the ones who can adapt to different lovers and who marry their friend or wait their entire life for the perfect partner. Very fun and interested in those who like to occupy their time with the same activities as them, people with Venus in eleventh House love to give their heart away and to spread their love. This House is the ruler of Aquarius, so they will surely be great humanitarians who want to self-improve all the time. The same House is also about what help friends are giving its natives, so the presence of Venus here would mean a lot. For example, they can have many wealthy people in their life, who will help them with money and even a home or a car. When in positive aspects by Jupiter or Uranus, Venus helps these natives become rich with the help of one of their friends. It will be their main purpose to get included in what their close ones may do for a living.

Venus in House 11

Venus in House 11 people have an overriding focus on relationships. Their lover, special friends and relatives may become the center of their universe. These people harmonize better with large organizations and work well with diverse groups of people. Their upbeat attitude makes them ideal for social work, volunteerism, hospitality and counselling. They are more optimistic than practical and their vision is more focused on aesthetics than profitability. The Venus in House 11 person seems larger than life. They have an aura of mystery that may make you feel like you are always on their mind. They are attractive to others, and use their charm to communicate with other people easily. Venus in House 11 person has many psychic powers and can easily have success speaking on television or radio. They are often interested in helping others earn money. People are naturally attracted to individuals with this Venus placement. In fact, they may have so many buddies that they sometimes neglect their intimate relationships. These loyal people have a tremendous sense of humour and can keep a diverse group in stitches. They love to entertain and thoroughly enjoy other people’s company, even if it is only at the neighbourhood cafe, they’ll simply be happier eating out than cooking in. The house 11 is a unique and fascinating one, with an entirely different function from the other house placements. In short, house 11 focuses on friendships, goals that go beyond one’s self (and thus involve other people), relationships with teachers and counsellors, and ideals such as religious and philosophical beliefs.

Individuals with Venus in House 11 are also going to face a challenge when it comes to their ego as it relates to their position in their social circles. It’s easy to get a little pretentious and full of yourself when you’re really good at climbing the social ladder. It’s vital to keep in mind that other people are introverted and can struggle in social situations. Use your natural social grace to help lift up other people rather than lording it over them. So many people out there seem to be finding the person for them on dating apps, but that might not be the case for someone with a Venus in house 11 placement. Venus is, after all, the planet that governs love, and since the house 11 is all about the social scene, you’re probably going to meet the love of your life out there somewhere in the world. The best way to do this is just to get social. Find the social activities that you love and the love of your life will find you. People with Venus here tend to have strong bonds to others, they are truly friends or lovers who will not let you down when you need them most. Venus in house 11 people are exceptionally attractive, both physically and in terms of personality, as well. As a result, they draw attention to themselves and are usually popular everywhere they go. They have the rare gift of being able to communicate on many different levels with wide variety of people. They have a talent for speaking to all types of individuals in ways that make them feel valued and appreciated. Venus is the planet of love and beauty, money and prosperity, pleasure, creativity and the finer things in life. It determines our values in every area of life, including romance, finance and self-esteem.

People having Venus in House 11 will always have great friendships because this is what keeps them going in life. Even their romantic relationships start by being friends first, so if they no longer feel that their partner is also their companion, they can fall out of love immediately. It’s not a lover they look for, but someone with whom they can have a great time and do fun things. The fact that they’re always focusing on the positive traits of a person and can’t see what’s bad can be a very good thing for them. The more variety they’ll have in their life, they happier they will feel and they’ll able to live the way they dream of. When it comes to how much they love their friends, this can confuse their partner because it’s possible for them to not pay that much attention to their other half and to want to be only around their buddies. They are the glue-people, those who bring others and groups together, so every gang should have one of them around. When out, they want to be sure everyone is having a great time and don’t mind being fun themselves, either. It seems like conversations with others simply inspire them, so finding they have similarities with people in their life is very encouraging to them. When someone fights for the same cause as them, they simply don’t want to part ways with that person any more. But it’s also very easy for them to fall out of love without feeling guilty or in any way affected by the situation. All in all, they’re loving but have a problem, because they can fall for more than one person at a time. It can be easily said they’re the right candidates for open relationships. If their best friends won’t appear in their life for them to marry, they will just wait until this happens. Loving to have fun and to give their love away, they will be appreciated for being so open with their feelings and caring. They seem to have great talent with the arts, especially with music and theatre. As a job, it would be very easy for them to sell beauty products or to be make-up artists, because they simply love talking about fashion and beauty. Very good at organizing people, Venus in House 11 natives will surely be in a community or social group and get treated as someone very important.

Venus in House 11 have a very soothing and jovial personality

Venus in House 11 woman is full of imagination and full of fantasy. She has the capacity to dream big and think positively all the time, though she can see only the bright side of life.  When it comes to work, she is an optimistic person and can cope up with all type of difficulties and challenges easily. This is a woman who takes care of others while not being overly sensitive about anything herself. In her relationships, she is very giving; she listens to others with no agenda and she supports people she cares for. This is shown by the many acts of kindness and loyalty that she performs. She can be found at any social events because she loves people and enjoys listening to them talk about their lives. A Venus in House 11 woman is an essentially sexual being, a lover and a risk-taker. She’s an outsider, yet she strives for status. She may be promiscuous or monogamous, but she will often seek out men of higher status than herself. They will love the fact that their spouse or partner has money. You will always be able to go out to restaurants, travel, dress well, and be able to go out at night without worrying about money. Venus in house 11 women will more likely want someone who has a profession as their family is important to them. These women will also have charisma. They are charming, witty, and often quite entertaining to be around. They can make light of even the direst situations and turn them into an adventure. Most will know how to laugh at themselves in times of failure. Venus in House 11 women have a natural understanding of how to bring out the best in others. They are engaging, charming, and seek to help their partners shine. Venus is all about desire and enjoyment, so they may also be very sensual and experimental.

Venus in House 11 people are charming, sociable, and very benevolent. They often have the ability to dazzle people with their presence. These men seek harmony and happiness, therefore they are gifted at diplomacy and being conciliatory. He will have a love of, and be very influenced by, music. Music is likely to give him great pleasure and may well be his principal form of entertainment. Venus here indicates a person with good taste in music and literature, who likes to examine the hidden problems of social and political structures. This person is popular among friends, and makes quite an impression on strangers. With Venus in House 11 you are creative, elegant an extremely attractive. This placement also indicates a love of travelling and an interest in higher education and religious institutions. The 11th House is the social sector of a man; and Venus in this house will give him an elevation of status in society. He becomes very popular with his fellow men, and may rise to public notice, not so much for any function he performs for society as for the manner in which he performs it. That is because initially he has a gift for presenting different aspects of his personality to different people, in such a fashion as to lead them all to see that they are all equally important to him. No matter how trivial the thing he presents to you may be, his thoughtfulness or his ingenuousness, one. Venus in house 11 man has open social relationships, with many friends and acquaintances. He has a lively and flirtatious nature, and a good sense of humour. He can’t get enough of pleasure and luxury. All he cares about are his pleasures and desires. A man with Venus in the 11th house generally has a more sensitive nature. Having Venus in this house makes him more artistic, sympathetic to others and concerned about the feelings of others. He will also have a greater social skills than average for his Sun sign. The negative side is that he may be prone to laziness, daydreaming and procrastination. The 11th house of astrology rules long distance relationships, foreign lands and international travel. With Venus in the 11th house you have a friendly and appealing way of interacting with people that draws others to you.

People having Venus in House 11 will express themselves socially, romantically and artistically through the harmonious friendships they have formed by participating at events or going to fraternity parties. It’s very likely for them to meet the love of their life at a group gathering, because they like people with the same interests as them. But for them to get involved romantically, they need to feel their partner is being honest. Focusing only on qualities and what makes a person attractive, they’re really the type who leaves negative traits behind. If they want to keep their interest towards someone, they need to have a little bit of variety and to do unusual things. Their most erogenous zones are the ankles and the calves, so expect these parts of their body to be very attractive. While valuing all kinds of relationships and affiliations, they may not be very responsible with their friends. Venus in House 11 individuals will be adored by the people in their life and they will like it. Only a strong friendship will have them wanting more, because this is the only way for them to truly fall in love. They don’t necessarily want someone to make them feel fulfilled, so any person who can reach their soul will have their heart after a few meetings as friends. They only see what’s good about a person and prefer to keep a certain level of variety in each and every one of their relationships. There’s no one to love friends more than them, so their lover may feel a little bit left out when not wanting to go out with their gang. One of their favourite things is bringing people together, because only doing things with others can have them in their best mood. They are really inspired by others and conversations about things they have in common with their interlocutors. It’s very likely they’ll belong to more than one group of friends and get along well with all of them. Very good at changing their attitude according to whom they’re spending their time with, Venus in House 11 natives fit in everywhere and are loved by many.

A positive Venus in House 11 will give you an attractive personality. You will connect easily with everyone. It will enhance your ability and thinking patterns towards enhancing your business and growth. You will have the knack to deal with people and give them what they want with an immediate, influential quality. You will attract abundance, wealth and happiness. A negative Venus in House 11 will give you an immense craving for materialistic gains and will make you hoard things, whatever they may be. You will be possessive about your belongings and not like to share them with others. You might associate with negative influences and be misguided. You will create a toxic environment in your relationship and will end up with disharmony and mental stress. Venus in House 11 will give you a very soothing and jovial personality. You will attract many friends who would want to work and connect with you for business growth. This will bring many opportunities. You will meet your spouse in a social gathering, family function or business concert. You will gain financially because of your spouse - who will bring a lot of wealth and abundance in your life, might bring huge money in dowry, might be earning a huge amount of money, or will elevate your financial status as compared to the present. The natives of this house will enjoy a great married life. They might suffer in their love life, but after the marriage, things will be completely changed for them. According to the married life predictions, the native's partners will be understanding and caring towards the natives, they will bring fortune and good luck, and when the natives have kids and start the family, these people will find an extreme amount of happiness in their life. There will be trust, affection, and honesty between these partners. There won’t be any major problems in these people’s married life. 


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