Nazaudy, a spark in your curious mind

Venus in Aries

Venus Attributes: Charm, kindness, cheerfulness, humour, compassion, modesty, conciliatory spirit, deep love of truth and justice, contempt for vulgarity. Because of his openness, disinterest, and unconcern about the future, you are often exposed to harsh disappointments, especially on female issues. In MA indifference, adopt a fatuous attitude. Intense but refined sensuality and in MA characterized by its lewdness and impudence

 Nice but a little impulsive

Great disregard for discussions. In MA he is a liar with a tendency to use indecent words plagued by wrong gestures

Spiritual and even mystical concerns very accentuated. Gets involved in philanthropic works

You are so sociable that it would be impossible for you to live alone, and you have a desire to expand, being able to bring joy around you. Your great magnetism of attraction inspires sympathy from the first moment (especially in feminine matters) and you are appreciated for your courtesy, complacency and tempered humor. Loneliness brings you sadness. With MA he does not lose his sociability but becomes distrustful

Great sensitivity and artistic skills, music, theater, singing, painting, decoration. Deep intuitions that predominate over reasoning

His intellectual achievements are almost always below his possibilities because he has little curiosity and often has no interest in exploring his faculties.

Your ideal type of activity should be neither too monotonous nor too complex, preferably within the decorative or artistic field. You should never ask him for too long an effort and above all you should avoid entrusting him with difficult or unpleasant jobs. You have sufficient doses of good luck and personal charm to facilitate success. Failures occur due to lack of practicality and dispersion. With MA she can be dilettante and lazy

Little enterprising due to which he needs to be stimulated or supported by his environment or circumstances, and will only decide to act when forced to do so; he therefore tends to simplify his work as much as possible but in general his efforts are appreciated and adequately compensated so that the results can be remarkable due to his good luck

In the field of everyday life, he is cunning and will seek tranquility at all costs.

You will do well to control sexual excesses

Kidneys, internal genital organs and secondarily venous circulation and throat: nephritis, diabetes, albumin, menstruation problems, renal tuberculosis, metritis, uterine cancer, varitis, salpingitis

His main concern is the love that has repercussions for better or worse in his existence. You have good, deep, spontaneous and sincere feelings while your ephemeral love lasts because they are exposed to frequent changes and each new affection will seem deeper and more solid than the previous one. The loss of an affection (especially in feminine matters) will not only create a sentimental imbalance but will be projected in the other areas of their lives, but the ability to quickly forget their disappointments is amazing, overcoming them without difficulties, thus being easy to console and allowing to rebuild his sentimental life without major difficulties. In MA he is shy and has frequent love sorrows

Tends to love adventures sometimes tinged with lightness and inconstancy. In MA there are sentimental satisfactions. In MA it can be dangerous or at least compromising in the case of not being able to satisfy your passionate impulses

In BA marriage with advantages in its favor. In feminine matters, it is very difficult to resist someone who insistently requests it in a persevering and persuasive way, so it is preferable, once the marriage has been contracted, to avoid exposing her to temptations if you want to maintain harmony within it.

In BA, he seeks money by working as little as possible without worrying too much about convention of this genre. In terms of women, she will not be forced to live from a regular job since she has the support of other people, her own family or having had an advantageous marriage

Due to the luck that accompanies you, your earnings will be easy and your income will be considerable without the need for an exaggerated effort. His expenses are going to be high (in masculine matters especially for women's matters) and when he finds himself in difficulties it will be necessary to obtain help from other people since he lacks resilience (unless Mars is in BA) and ability (unless Mars is in BA). Mercury East in BA)

Professional success is usually early but not enough to obtain fame and notoriety (except in an artistic career) since it lacks such important ingredients as ambition, energy, combativeness or patience.


Work is not something very important to him. In MA there is a danger that you will neglect your professional duties or be affected by your exaggerated pursuit of pleasure. Musician, film or theater artist, painter, seamstress, dressmaker, beauty supply dealer, perfumer, hairdresser, manicurist, decorator, salesperson, pastry chef, florist, cook if you have a good influence from Mars

In BA not very hectic and rather happy existence but fame is not the whore and it is probably a modest existence and even a little opaque except important supports from the Sun, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn. More favorable destination in the first half (30 or 40 years) because physical beauty is for them a fundamental factor of success and its loss affects them, especially in female matters

The end of life usually brings restrictions generally caused by lack of foresight; It would be a good idea to learn to cultivate a minimum of economy and a forward-looking attitude towards the future.



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