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Venus conjunction Neptune Synastry

With Venus conjunction Neptune Synastry aspect, the couple will feel strong attraction right away. There may even be elements of love at first sight. Even if the relationship isn’t romantic right away, there is a sense of fondness and beauty when you’re around each other. The relationship feels better than anything else and can have etherial elements.The Venus conjunction Neptune Synastry aspect makes both partners see each other as special, but they may miss the more negative or realistic qualities of each other. They only see all things beautiful in their partner. More than any other aspect,Venus conjunction Neptune Synastry aspect makes it very difficult to see clearly. Everything from the relationship itself to the other person’s qualities can be just an illusion.


The Venus person may especially see all of the traits in the Neptune person that they deeply desire. They paint the Neptune person as their ideal love, and the Neptune person might even play along with this consciously because they want the Venus person to keep seeing them in this beautiful light. However, Neptune can also feel pressured to keep up with this “ideal image” and may struggle to play the part over time. They can also feel that they aren’t truly loved, accepted, or even seen for who they really are inside, which creates insecurity and resentment. The Venus person could go to great lengths to maintain their perfect image of the Neptune person in the mind, even if all the evidence to the contrary is right in front of them. Over time, the pressure can really get to the Neptune person. They can start to back off from the relationship or shut down because they just can’t keep up with the idealized image that the Venus person projects onto them.

Venus conjunction Neptune Synastry brings the promise of a fairy tale. You romanticize each other, especially the Venus person the Neptune person. Neptune is a generational planet, so the tighter the aspect the more intense the effect of this conjunction (it should be under 5 degrees). Because of this, it is the Venus person who really feels the effects, as Venus is a personal planet. The Venus person is also the more vulnerable one. Neptune is one of the outer planets, and outer planets tend to have both a positive and negative influence. The conjunction has both. It can be the indicator of an inspiring and spiritual connection, but it also can open the door to illusions.

The Venus conjunction Neptune Synastry aspect is a strong indicator of attraction. Venus Neptune aspects suggest love at first sight. Even if they don’t appear in a romantic context, you are extremely fond of each other in the beginning. There is something ethereal about this relationship. You perceive each other as special and somehow perfect (the Venus person the Neptune person in particular). Maybe even too perfect. Neptune is a foggy, mystical planet. It makes you detached from reality. This energy infuses your relationship as well, it is hard to see clearly. The negative side of Venus conjunction Neptune Synastry is illusion about the relationship and the other person. You have similar tastes in art, music, fun. You inspire each other and live is more enjoyable in each other’s company. With Venus conjunction Neptune Synastry, you are so absorbed in your own romantic world that you sometimes lose touch with the external reality.


Neptune is illusive so it’s possible that they simply fade away from the relationship, which can really hurt the Venus person. They simply won’t understand where they went wrong. Often, the Venus person doesn’t even see the true Neptune person and cannot understand that they have been projecting their own desires onto someone else, so they feel hurt and betrayed. The energy of the Neptune person dissolves everything real for the Venus person. The Venus person can feel as though they have never meet someone so perfect or ideal. Of course, this is just smoke and mirrors. The Venus conjunction Neptune Synastry relationship lacks clarity. The couple may experience misunderstandings or simply exist on different pages all the time. Ideally, the Venus person would avoid getting overly emotionally involved in the very beginning of the relationship. However, this is extremely hard for the Venus person to do, because the Neptune person activates everything romantic in them and really does appear to be what the Venus person desires. I find that the Venus person almost always ignores evidence to the contrary. When something happens that shows who the Neptune person truly is, the Venus person will dismiss this so that they don’t experience cognitive dissonance. They only see what they want to see, and the Neptune person doesn’t help when they continue to act like this image.

The main issue here is that Venus will feel extremely let down when Neptune shows who they really are, if they’re brave enough. If Neptune doesn’t have this courage, then they will simply fade away or escape from the relationship, which also leaves Venus confused and hurt. The Venus conjunction Neptune Synastry relationship can work if both people truly try to be realistic. Venus must be willing to see Neptune’s faults for what they are without casting judgment or blame. Neptune will then feel this energy shift and become more and more comfortable sharing those intimate parts of themself. However, the Neptune person must also be brave enough to show their faults, even if Venus reacts badly. They just can’t keep up with the “ideal” image forever without exhausting themself. For the Venus conjunction Neptune Synastry relationship to work, both partners need to work on being wide awake and finding practical ways to love and accept each other, ugly parts included. The relationship can still feel etherial and romantic, but there must be a side of the partnership that is grounded, too.


Have you heard those stories when someone comes into a person’s life, makes them feel like they have found the perfect relationship, they appear as romantic, loving, spiritual—only to fool the other person. When people are deceived for support, material gain, etc, it is highly likely that Neptune is emphasized in the synastry chart. Venus conjunction Neptune Synastry indicates this potential danger as well (it doesn’t have to happen, but watch out). When under the influence of this planetary aspect, you are not sure what is happening. You are not in control in this realm of the Venus conjunction Neptune Synastry aspect, unless there are some other grounding aspects. This conjunction can manifest as misunderstandings happening all the time. Maybe you have the best intentions, but for some reason, the relationship lacks clarity.

Neptune dissolves the Venus person’s boundaries and they are completely swept off their feet. The Venus person is mesmerized. They willingly do anything the Neptune person asks them to do. This is especially the case with the hard aspects discussed below, but the conjunction indicates the potential of this kind of behavior as well. It is the best to be careful when dealing with challenging Venus-Neptune aspects. It is important for the Venus person to avoid getting emotionally involved in the beginning (which is hard to resist). The Neptune person brings out your romantic side, and you can see more into them than what really is there. It is easier to spot any potential red flags early on and quit the relationship if needed. The Venus person idealizes the Neptune person. Finally, it is essential to analyse the Venus conjunction Neptune Synastry aspect in context. The sign of the conjunction describes how it plays out, especially from the point of view of the Venus person. A single aspect won’t make or break the relationship—it depends how it works together with the rest of the chart. And at the end of the day, we have free will, astrology should be seen as a potential rather than a certainty.

Venus conjunction Neptune Synastry in a romantic comparison implies a highly romantic bond between the two individuals. When they meet, there is a dreamy, other-worldly energy between them. The Venus person, in particular, finds the Neptune person inexplicably attractive, even ideal on a romantic level. There can be a tendency for the Venus person to assign the Neptune person traits of the Venus person’s ideal lover. The Neptune person is generally intrigued and wants Venus to keep that idealized image of him or her, at least at the beginning.

Over time, the Neptune person might feel pressured to meet that ideal image, and vaguely worried that they won’t be able to measure up. There is a tolerant energy between the two, and that can be extremely pleasurable. If the Neptune person feels like they are not loved for who they really ARE, problems can erupt. Even more problems arise when the Venus person begins to make excuses for their Neptune partner’s real traits, in order to reconcile and perpetuate the romantic ideal that they assigned Neptune from the very beginning. The Neptune person generally doesn’t want to hurt the Venus native, but they may begin to back off in subtle ways if they feel too much pressure to fit Venus’ image of him or her. Neptune may literally “fade away” and leave Venus feeling unsatisfied, hurt, and wondering what the heck happened! The main problem with the Venus conjunction Neptune Synastry configuration is projecting an ideal lover onto the partner, and feeling let down when reality enters the picture, or when Neptune “escapes” by retreating further and further away. If, however, this configuration is expressed more realistically, and Venus simply enjoys looking past Neptune’s faults without experiencing let-down, then this combination works best.


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