Venus conjunction Neptune

Venus conjunction Neptune makes you a very romantic person, an idealist and a dreamer. It is very easy for you not just to fall in love with someone, but to fall head over heels for someone with the potential to make you vulnerable to a broken heart and disappointment. Your tendency towards idealism, your empathy and compassion are to be admired, but be mindful that other people may not be as caring as yourself, and may your kindness as a weakness and take advantage of you. It will be important for you to expect others to return your love and loyalty, and to keep up an equal footing in love relationships. Once you tackle this tendency of yours to fall on the dram and over-idealize, as well as to subconsciously ignore the negative traits that you perceive in others like your partner, then you will diminished the risk of dissolution of your love, confusion and ultimate the grief that come with it.

Venus conjunction Neptune


This position makes very capable of unconditional love and compassionate devotion to your loved ones. You are able to see the higher potential of people. But while perceiving depth of soul in others is a great gift, it can also lead you to put your trust in people who do not substantially measure up to your idealized perception of them. You have a tendency to be attracted to people who are unavailable, leading you into relational experiences of disillusionment. Yet you have the capacity to learn how to cultivate better boundaries within your relationships. Through difficult, disillusioning experiences, you will learn how to strip away illusory beliefs and patterns, in order to experience the genuine love you crave. Venus conjunction Neptune also suggests that you should have musical, artistic, or other creative talents. You have the ability to appreciate the surreal, and bringing form to the more intangible impressions you receive would be therapeutic. You possess a potent imagination that can be utilized in any creative art form, as well as a charitable nature that makes you an effective advocate for those in need who are often neglected in society.








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