Uranus transit square Mars

Thanks to Uranus transit square Mars, you're up for breaking barriers that perhaps have long been in your way. You're likely not going to be fond of anyone or anything that restrains or bars you in any way. You might even surprise yourself with how quickly you buck and chuck anything or anyone who resists you now. In fact, you will have to mind how fast you try to do anything, especially drive or commute. You're probably more accident-prone than usual because you're not only trying to get where you must go. But you're also trying to prove yourself in some way. There's less you need to prove and more that you must do. Focus more on how you can experiment and create a smooth flow between your target goals and how to get there. Otherwise, you'll distract yourself with senseless rushing and fighting that throws you off your key purpose and tasks.

Uranus transits to your natal Mars can often be very destructive and explosive, producing sudden changes in character, aggressiveness, impatient desires and general impatience. Your energy works at different and higher levels, giving much speed, irritability and impulsivity. You act without thinking, and many circumstances cause you to act quickly and riskily. You need to express your individuality, free yourself from the restrictions of the past or from any ties that have not given you enough freedom of action. It can produce immense clashes with others, fights and unreliable and irresponsible situations if misused. You feel very rebellious and capable of breaking with everything routine, but there is a tendency to health complications due to accidents or physical stresses. You also dare to do more exciting, brave things. An expression of greater individualism is very strong now.

When transit Uranus is square your natal Mars, you have to watch your impulsive actions, and hasty decisions that can bring unsuspected consequences with undesirable results for the future. You may feel that, in some way, your ego is on trial and you must assert yourself, even if you run the risk of making a mistake or having an accident. There may be a lot of tension from others that seem to block your way. The tendency to get irritated and to argue is strong. This transit challenges your safety and the way you have to express your individuality. The more insecure you are, the more likely you are to do things hastily or selfishly. Any authority that tries to impose on you causes you to be rebellious. Sometimes, these energies are unconscious and lead to uncontrolled eruptions that can be quite destructive. In the worst case, this can end up in an accident, illness or surgery, especially if you have tried to repress this energy and the expression of your individuality. The only solution is to have self-confidence and take risks to get to know yourself and where you are going. Then you will not feel so much need to break with everything in your need for freedom, and you will be able to endure some routine, transforming it into something productive.


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