Nazaudy, a spark in your curious mind

Uranus transit sextile Moon

Uranus transit sextile Moon stimulates your emotional life and you can see the world more subjectively. Your inner feelings are more awake than ever. You are more in touch than ever with your needs, emotional interests and your internal attitudes. You need greater emotional satisfaction from all your intimate relationships, family and friends. You need great freedom to express your emotional needs in a different way. You can make favourable changes in your family life and in your environment. You want them to be more interesting and stimulating. It helps you to have a more creative life with a quality of freshness and innovation. The remodelling of your home and personal life are important because they are symbols of the positive changes that are happening internally. Certain opportunities will allow you to experience your emotions in a new way.

Uranus transit sextile Moon

With Uranus transit sextile Moon, you're now prone to experience revitalizing efforts in your emotional and domestic life. You might experience an insight, event, or even a person who gently gets you to think differently about how you experience comfort, nurturing, and security. You could even perhaps take more risks, especially with where or how you live, like frequenting scoping out a neighbourhood or even city that you wouldn't have considered months ago. Similarly, for the period of Uranus transit sextile Moon, you possibly want to be creative or more expressive with either your home decor or your life, in general. You want to stimulate and be stimulated. Suddenly, there are possibilities and you are given the opportunity for exploring as many of them as time and budget allow. You might also draw new people and situations in your orbit, especially those who trigger warm, congenial feelings, whether just for friendship or romantic prospects. If romantic, then keep in mind that you're exploring new emotional expressions. You're most likely less interested in being snared, at least initially.

Uranus transit sextile Moon invites to a personal remodelling

During Uranus transit sextile Moon, you can examine the situations of your past in a new and liberating way. Great internal excitement is manifested in such a way that many people are attracted to you, and a new understanding and cooperative dialogue is opened that helps to express the internal freedom of all. You can change the restrictive attitudes of your childhood. You can see inner freedom responsibly. A certain woman may play an important role in helping you learn to know yourself better inside and free yourself from previous ties.


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