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Uranus transit sextile Midheaven

While this phase of Uranus transit sextile Midheaven may have little or nothing to show for it, you can change directions in your life now without undue stress. It can prove to be an exciting time where your individuality shines through at home as well as professionally. You are capable of finding unique solutions to ongoing problems, especially technical ones. Emotional power or intuition assists you in pursuing unusual goals that inspire you. The energy you have available during this period is erratic. To get the most out of it, recognize when the door is open and walk through. What you find may surprise you. This is an opportunity to break repetitive patterns more easily and to explore what it means for you to be free, especially in your career and in regards to family. It’s a good time to break away from whatever seems to hold you back – the disruption tends to be less harsh. If you do encounter resistance, trust your instincts to create a new path for yourself. An unconventional approach works well now when dealing with personal or family matters. You can stir things up in a good way where others may appreciate your inventiveness. If you play by the rules, this is an excellent time to take some chances that likely will work to your advantage. Step outside the box; be a bit of a rebel. It’s okay now to pursue something different. If you are comfortable being on the edge, the Uranus transit sextile Midheaven is a period where you can be rewarded. You can achieve your objectives more readily, especially if they are outside the mainstream and/or involve technology. Real estate purchases are appealing, especially if the property is uncommon. Signing a lease now is best if it means a new start. Beginning a family during this period can mean a fresh beginning that brings an unpredictable harmony. Where you have come from – your past – may suddenly be illuminated. It can propel you forward as you see clearly both where you need to go and the support that underlies your aims. Embrace innovation, show your genius, and challenge authority. You can provide a shock that has a positive impact.

Uranus transit sextile Midheaven

Uranus transit sextile Midheaven is a good time to explore new avenues in your career, whether you’re looking for a complete career change or would like to find more excitement and challenge in your work. You have a confidence in the future that overcomes your fear of the instability of change and are more enthusiastic about facing new challenges and breaking new ground. You may have an interest in science, technology or progressive ideas, and can easily incorporate new techniques or policies into your existing business. You relate well to authority figures and even though you’re not about to conform to their expectations, you won’t feel the need to challenge their authority unless it’s truly necessary. You insist on being yourself around other people and those in power seem more open to your radical theories. With Uranus sextile Midheaven, necessity might indeed be the mother of invention, including re-invention. All necessity also isn't visible or apparently difficult. So, your arc toward re-invention will slowly develop. Boredom, isolation, or other subtler concerns probably compel you to look for changes with your career status. This possibly baffles those closest to you since they might encourage you to play it safe. You could even be mystified by your own discontent. But your own sixth sense is on the lookout for an opportunity to improve your current circumstances, though everything looks fine on the surface. It's also true that your aspiring changes aren't just with your career and job. You're perhaps also looking to re-introduce the unpredictability in your life, but more on your terms rather than waiting to catch you by surprise. This is an ideal transit for that, so keep trying to look for the right way to crack open your life without breaking too much.

Uranus transit sextile Midheaven is a good time to explore career changes

The Uranus transit sextile Midheaven is a period in which you make creative changes in your professional and personal life. There will be sudden opportunities that will help you change your goals and direction in life. These opportunities can include knowledge of new technology, and you can find how to innovate your tasks and responsibilities. You need to express your individuality more, and you feel strong enough to break the traditional molds that you were taught, being able to make your professional life much more interesting. You have to make sure that everything you do is within the legal laws. If not, in the long term it will bring you conflicts. It is the best time to establish your work to have more to do with your calling. You need to feel satisfied and fulfilled, both professionally and personally. You can now make changes that will be under your control. You can break old habits and fears that stagnated your life and robbed the richness of meaning that you knew you could have. Compromises and crippling obligations now seem to end up liberating you. You can easily relieve yourself of many limitations that made your life not as interesting as it could be.


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