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Uranus transit opposition Uranus

Uranus transit opposition Uranus happens between the ages of 41 and 43 years old and is linked to what is called the "mid-life crisis". You're genuinely trying to come back to your original spark of what made you feel unique and alive. Many will think that this is most reflective of who they were in their teens or early 20s, which is only partly true. Your true light can't be closed off to any particular time. But what's truer is that you remember clearest from those times who you could be and felt you were, before more of you became buried with responsibilities and obligations. Hone in on that sense more than all the things you wanted at those times. It's more than likely that retrieving this “aspect” of yourself will put you at odds with how your life's working now. You must act regardless, even if it means separating from relationships, employment, or other fixtures of your life, to be and become more of who you are.

When the planet Uranus in our birth chart opposes transiting Uranus, it's as if something "strange" begins in our lives. It's a period when people feel as if they only have one more chance to make something out of their lives. The Uranus opposition/mid-life crisis usually lasts a little over a year and in some cases up to two. But the effects can be felt even longer; sometimes for several years. It marks a period of major transition in our lives. Most of us come to terms with realizations that aren't always pleasant. It's an awkward cycle to be in because we aren't old, but we aren't getting any younger, either. People assess where they're going and where they've been, and do so with an intensity like never before. Some people will feel as if they haven't lived up to their potential. Others may feel ambivalent about the future. Did they plan for old age? Will they be ready for retirement? Are they happy in their marriage? Should they get married? We all have certain goals we set in our twenties that we expect to reach by our forties. Some of them are likely to be centered around a career, a beautiful home, or a happy marriage with children. The Uranus opposition is a time in which people are forced answer their own questions of self-worth. Many will feel as if time is running out and they have one last chance to make their dreams come true. Some will question the goals they set when they were younger and either change them, furiously pursue them, or just give up!

The transit of Uranus opposite your natal Uranus is one of the most important transits of your life. It happens when you are about 42 years old. It is the opportunity to be able to liberate yourself and begin to really be yourself if you have not already done so. You can break with everything that tries to prevent your being. You realize the things that you do not like and that are hindering the expression of your individuality. You can now take advantage of situations to radically change your life. You cannot allow your life to continue having absurd restrictions, and you begin to act quickly. Some people during this transit seem to go crazy and want to break with everything. You want to experience the self anew and need to find a new meaning of your existence. This can be a revolutionary change in your life, depending on Uranus’ natal position and its aspects. You can have success in the outside world, but now it will mean something important with respect to your own individual integrity. If you do not reorient your life now, it will become empty and without real personal meaning.