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Uranus transit House 9

When Uranus transit House 9 brings you a great opportunity to expand your awareness and insights into the world around you. Many events will take place that will show you that the way you are thinking is wrong. If you are flexible mentally, you can learn a great deal from studying technology or a science field. You may be also attracted to innovative solutions to world and social problems. It is more likely that you will travel or change your residence which could revolutionize your life in many ways. Trouble will occur when you have a closed mind and cling to old ways of thinking or holding onto beliefs that no longer have meaning. If you are open to new experience, your perception and ways of looking at the world will change you at a core level. With Uranus transits through your House 9, there will be great events that will awaken you to a certain aspect of your thinking that, in some way, is not valid and requires a readjustment, and this is the perfect moment to discover and change it without great difficulties. Thanks to this mental flexibility, you will be attracted to stimulating and new ways of thinking and radical and innovative solutions to social problems. The possibility of long trips is very likely, and, if you are going to college, you will learn new and stimulating things. If transiting Uranus makes difficult aspects, you can become very eccentric and impractical with respect to all of the above.

Uranus transit House 9

Every culture tries to explain life to itself. Long ago, those explanations were always religious. Each society was defined by its theology. (In our present multicultural age, we must stretch the word “religion” to include all the ways people make sense of their lives, including Materialism, Cynicism and Science.) Nowadays, we’re all part of some culture or sub-culture, which means we’ve all been trained to look at life in certain ways. When Uranus transit House 9, it’s time to question those assumptions. We’ve reached a point in the unfolding of our souls where, in order to go forward, we must “leave the land of our birth.” That may mean physically moving to a different part of the country, or perhaps it indicates a pivotal, life-changing experience in a foreign culture. The “journey” may not be so literal, it can be triggered by mind-stretching educational experiences or encounters with alien philosophies. In any case, the core issue is not Frequent Flyer miles. It’s a change in the core belief-systems that underlie our sense of reality. Our thought-prison has grown too narrow for our souls and this period is the time when we realise of that.

During this period, look forward to unexpected experiences that will broaden your horizons. You will meet new and interesting people from all over the world and from different backgrounds. Your opinions and beliefs may change. You may also want to learn new things, but learning will be sporadic and inconsistent. An opportunity to travel may arise rather unexpectedly and this journey can open your eyes in many ways. If you do get a chance to travel, which could come up quite unexpectedly, unusual, eye-opening experiences may be in store for you. The people that you meet during this cycle tend to stir you into new ways of thinking. You are less inclined towards a personal philosophy that is traditional now. You may also adopt unconventional approaches to religion or politics. Some may abruptly stop or start higher education during this cycle.

Uranus transit House 9 can signal an opportunity to revive one’s higher educational pursuits

When Uranus transit House 9, you can have life experiences that broaden your mind and life, but they occur unexpectedly or suddenly. You encounter people from all walks of life, and they open your mind to new ideas and ways of living. You can study something new, but may not dedicate yourself to it for very long. You can change your beliefs suddenly, attracted to unconventional beliefs. Travel during this period can come up unexpectedly, and can serve as learning experiences, whether they’re intended to be or not. This transit also indicates a time of instability occurring on a global scale, with unexpected events may precipitate a need to embark on a trip to distant locations. On a more personal level, individuals may feel compelled to break away or deviate from belief systems that they’ve taken for granted. They may have the urge to explore other avenues of intellectual interest to them and dive into esoteric ideas that most people don’t know about. Furthermore, Uranus transit House 9 can signal an opportunity to revive one’s higher educational pursuits. There may be inspiration to switch majors if attending college or a readiness to take the next step to attain a higher degree.


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