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Uranus transit House 10

A Uranus transit House 10 usually produces a marked change in attitude towards conventional values, ambitions, and attitudes to authority. When Uranus transits the Midheaven, a person’s aim, almost invariably, is to make himself more free. If he is employed, the focus of his efforts is likely to be the demands of his job; if his lifestyle is supported by a partner or by the parents then it is likely to be the price, which he is paying for this arrangement. Transiting Uranus works by engendering a more reckless attitude. When it contacts the M.C. a person may throw in a job, position or situation, without being too clear about what is to follow, so strong is the desire to be free from restriction. A person who suppresses this desire may find that he loses his job or livelihood anyway, through the actions of another, although this is unusual. When Uranus crosses the Midheaven, the desire for freedom at this time tends to be irrepressible. As it transits House 10, after crossing the Midheaven, a person rarely regrets his decision and works towards finding a formula, which will enable him to fulfil those responsibilities, which he accepts. He cannot lose whilst keeping himself as free as possible from irksome restrictions. During this transit you will experience a change in your career and relationships with people in authority - parents, bosses etc. You may either discover talent that you didn't know you had and turn it into a career or take an innovative approach that will bring you recognition in your existing profession. You may also discover a new career path you want to try, or you may long for more freedom at work. This is because in this period you find it hard to take orders. However, be careful that impulsiveness and the desire for freedom does not affect your career. 

Uranus transit House 10

During Uranus transit House 10, you may encounter a dramatic change in your professional life that may have to do with conflict with your superiors. Your identity within the scope of society in general will be challenged. This includes your status, reputation or profession. Any area within this sphere that has become dull and stale will undergo great change that will stimulate excitement and growth. You may receive new opportunities to work with new tools or techniques that you have not experienced before. It is also possible to change your entire field of work altogether. The important part is that your professional work environment provides you will stimulation necessary for growth. Uranus transit House 10 is a time that can signify a great fall from power or authority. If you are in position of importance, then you may really feel the strain during this time. Starting again may be an easier option but if you need to ride this time out avoid socially unacceptable behaviour as this could get you into hot water during this period even if it worked for you before. Examine who you are and what you are doing in the world. It is important to make whatever changes necessary in order to experience a better life, don’t let Uranus make the decision for you it could be painful.

When Uranus transit House 10, it can signal imminent changes in the area of career. This could mean a sudden unexpected loss of a job or a promotion. It can also indicate a sudden change in career path. During this time we may discover a new goal that prompts us to change our professional trajectory. This could be an ideal opportunity to become an entrepreneur or become an independent contractor. Cultivating self-sufficiency as a professional and achieving success on our own terms becomes a point of emphasis under this transit. We may feel they need to take control of our career and make changes if it is not working out or us. Now is the time to experiment and explore other possibilities. Through trial and error we may eventually strike gold or have a genius eureka moment that sparks and reinvigorates our career horizons.

Uranus transit House 10 may induce changes in your career

When transit Uranus is in your 10th house, you can experience change in your career. You may become restless and decide to change direction. Changes could be thrust upon you and you have to deal with it. You need more freedom to do what you want in your career, and can be attracted to careers that are unusual, or want to take an innovative approach to your career. Changes can occur for your mentors, parents, bosses, and other authority figures, and they’re less reliable. You could find yourself suddenly in the public eye or have an increase in social status, or a sudden decrease.

During the cycle of Uranus transit House 10, your career direction begins to change and your relationships with authority figures could sometimes be tense. You certainly don’t like to follow orders these days! Do your best to avoid impulsive decision-making that is built upon your desire to be a free spirit. You may recognize talents that you never knew you had, and this can be a sudden, exciting discovery. You may also find that unexpected twists in your life story impact your career and reputation. You could become known for an unusual or unconventional approach to your profession.


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