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Uranus transit conjunction Midheaven

The Midheaven in your chart marks the highest point in the sky at your time of birth. Consequently, in interpretation it is associated with your aspirations; what you reach towards; your goals and your standing in the wider world. When Uranus crosses your Midheaven, it electrifies it. Change is imminent, necessary, needed. It could be welcome or unwelcome. Uranus doesn’t care. He shakes what needs to be shaken. With the conjunction, it comes from inside you – a bubbling up of energy that desires something new. It can be an extremely exciting time with many things happening at once and opportunities to branch out. You may get married, land that high flying job or break out and go it alone. One client I had was made redundant out of the blue, another quit, another packed up home and moved abroad. One married, one left her partner. Each were life changing experiences that opened up whole new vistas and a new perspective on life and themselves. Essentially Uranus is asking, are you being yourself in the outer world? Are you happy with where you’re headed? If you’ve been feeling restricted and unable to express your true originality through your work (and sometimes through your relationships too), then Uranus can trigger upsets in this area in order to break free of limitations. If you’ve been sleeping your way through a boring job, Uranus will wake you up with a start. Sometimes a job can suddenly end or you quit. If a job ends, it is because a fresh start is needed. Caution is advised if you and your boss don’t get on. Uranus here can give you a strong rebellious edge! Uranus isn’t that keen on rules, especially those that make you feel restricted and stifled. You may feel restless, wired, full of energy, ready to snap. You may be fascinated by new technology; excited by the thought of new faces; thrilled by opportunities that come out of the blue. You may be offered the chance to change or redefine your job position. Perhaps new technology or techniques are brought in. Maybe you just feel like you want to do it differently. Thinking outside of the box can get you noticed now. This can be used positively or negatively! As Uranus will also be opposite the IC, events that occur may also affect your home and/or family life. I have seen some people change jobs then move as a result. This isn’t always the case but it’s worth noting if that’s a direction you’ve been considering. If you are coming up to this transit, consider how you are feeling about your work in the world, the things you want to achieve and how you would like to be seen by others. What changes would you like to make? Check out the position and aspects of Uranus in your natal chart as this will also be part of the story. Look to the house that Uranus rules in your chart as any changes or disruption may also manifest there. Watch for those crazy signals that point you in the right direction. Uranus is weird and wacky. Sometimes odd things happen under Uranus transits. Flashes of inspiration are also invited – a bolt from the blue where you just ‘know’ what to do. The only caution is that if you are the one instigating chances, be sure you’re not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. As with any Uranus transit, expect the unexpected but don’t fear it. Uranus changes what needs to be changed. It’s a breath of fresh air. Roll with it. Get excited by it. Uranus conjunct the MC is liberating.

Uranus transit conjunction Midheaven

This will be a very exciting year in your career, but it has its share of problems and upsets. You have a great need to express your true identity through your career, but this will be a problem if you’ve been denying this need for a while or have conformed to the demands of society and your peers. You may have been ignoring the need for more self-expression or independence in your career, and the inner rumblings you feel will often be upsetting and confusing. This restlessness is now surfacing, and your needs are so immediate and urgent that you’re likely to make changes that seem extremely radical to other people. You may even surprise yourself as you take actions that you would’ve never attempted before, rebelling against the expectations of your community, supervisors and even parents. You may make a complete career change or relocate to find more stimulating opportunity. However, if you’ve been truly comfortable in your career and it affords you the freedom to be yourself and express your creativity, this can be a very dynamic time of change that you’ll find liberating and exciting. You may free yourself of heavy responsibilities or a dominating employer, or change your schedule to allow you more personal freedom. You won’t care what others think of your behaviour and may even be more flamboyant. As disruptive as this energy is, it’s also important to open you up to a new way of looking at your activities in the outside world. 

During this phase, a sudden change in direction can occur both personally and professionally. Restlessness can be an issue, especially if you are dissatisfied or are experiencing restrictions in your life – holding you back from achieving the goals you seek. This is a time to break free from the limitations that keep you in a career that seems to be going nowhere. Even if you are satisfied with your career, unexpected developments could upset all you have worked for and cause stress. Decisions often mean selecting between the future and the past. If you’re happy with your profession, this period may open up exciting yet disruptive possibilities and to pursue something very different within your chosen field. What you do in your professional life during this period can have a dramatic impact on your personal life. You may have to leave home unexpectedly, or unforeseen events may occur that affect your family or a family member. Happenings in the past may trigger unpredictable results in what you want to attain in the world. It is likely a volatile time, although the volatility is erratic rather than consistent. This creates tension that is often difficult to release unless you are willing to upset the status quo, refusing to follow what the world around you considers conventional. This is an excellent time to become aware of what makes you unique as well as what it means to go against the grain and the effect that it has. If you normally play it safe, this phase can turn your world upside down and make you uncomfortable, yet you may also discover qualities about yourself that surprise you as well as those around you. If you like excitement, this is often an enjoyable time, although the unstable energy can exhaust you if allowed to take over. Whatever the issues, be innovative or be open to innovation in solving problems. Show your individuality in pursuing your aims. You may find those in charge acting erratically, and you may have to deviate from your standard patterns of behaviour to adapt to unusual directives from authorities. During this period, stay alert to the sudden shifts that can occur and be aware of what you can gain from what – or who – is eccentric. Let go of expectations and witness how alive you can be. Dare to revolt against your conditioning. It can be a moment of breakthrough. Try to catch it. Be free.

Astrological transits are a part of what is usually called predictive astrology, the claim of astrology to predict or forecast future trends and developments. Most astrologers nowadays regard the term 'prediction' as something of a misnomer, as modern astrology does not claim to directly predict future events as such. Instead it is claimed that an astrological pattern with regard to the future can correspond with any one of a variety of possibilities. What is in fact foretold is the trend of circumstances and the nature of the individual's reaction to the situation. Uranus shakes things up. It electrifies, sometimes literally. Neptune is the mystic who Feels. Uranus is the genius who Knows. It is said that genius and madness have only a thin line between them. Uranus erases that line. Whether it brings total chaos or revolutionary new advances (frequently both) its effects are never dull. Whatever it contacts as it transits around your horoscope will be changed, usually with dramatic suddenness. Pluto may subvert and destroy. Uranus turns things upside down. Now don’t go off thinking that Uranus is always going to do this. Many times, all a Uranus transit does is make us restless. We don’t know what it is we want to change, but we know we want to change something. Our behaviour will tend to change as we try new things, or do old things in different ways. Just remember though, that when Uranus hits, don’t go crazy with it. Make changes, but do them slowly. The big danger with Uranus transits is that they tend to make us rush in where angels fear to tread. That is what can cause trouble. With a little extra caution and planning, most Uranus transits can become positive experiences. 

Uranus transit conjunction Midheaven may indicate sudden changes in your career

Uranus conjunct Midheaven transit means changes to your career and public profile. Your home and family may have to adapt to these changes. How you and your loved ones react to changes in your outer world will depend on how good or bad the change is. Sudden change is usually positive and exciting if you have a rewarding career and your public profile reflects your individuality. You could receive a promotion, a more interesting role, or more independence such as working from home, a work car, or more flexible working hours. Changing to a new career may still be positive but more disruptive and challenging. A new career is also possible if you are unemployed or on the wrong path. Unwanted and stressful change is unlikely if you are on the right path and can express your individuality without restraint. Unpleasant, unwanted, or shocking change is most likely if you are on the wrong path. Resisting change will only cause more distress. In the long run, Uranus conjunct Midheaven transit brings needed changes, but in the short term, it can cause nervous anxiety, depression, or addictive tendencies. You could cling to a restricting career because of misguided loyalties, unrequited love, or fear of loss of security. Financial hardship, lack of stability, and pressure from scared family members can all make you feel burdened with extra responsibility. Uranus lifts these weights from your shoulders by changing your life.

You're likely to experience a sudden change in your status or with your profession. Whether that's “good” or “bad” depends on how you feel about your work and how you've managed your career and reputation. If you generally and genuinely feel good about the work you've been doing, then you're likely to experience a shift that propels you upward or forward, like a promotion or a more visible, prominent position. It can be an exciting and heady time since so much can happen in a short period of time. You perhaps can feel a great sense of freedom as well. But if your reputation has been dogged with controversy and your work dragging you down, then it's probably time for a change. You can either be a change agent or exchanged it out. Of course, it feels better to be the former than the latter. Yet, know you can't keep things the same regardless, either at work or at home. Uranus transits to your natal Midheaven are a period of readjustments, reorientation and reforms in your individual image, your profession and vocational goals. Certain obligations, commitments and responsibilities are not endured, and you have a very high energy to redo things and express yourself more freely, as to further define your individuality. When transit Uranus is conjunct your natal Midheaven, sudden changes cause you to redefine your individual contribution to society. You should reflect on which profession or vocational area you can best express yourself creatively. There is a need to become independent and work in a more individualistic way. You cannot bear to continue as before and you want to break the limitations and restrictions that do not let you do things as you really want. You are ready to have new experiences and start different interests. You dare to do things that you never thought you could do before. You have many plans for new projects, although a lot of concerns and challenges make you have to stay alert to change plans as things come up. You can accumulate a lot of tension for fear that things do not go as expected, and for losing self-confidence or feeling inadequate. This will make you settle for something that does not compensate. This transit creates a lot of anxiety and frustration that makes you unbearable and irritable. The best thing is to gather strength to renew your life, your goals and your responsibilities, letting your life be more exciting.


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