Nazaudy, a spark in your curious mind

Uranus in House 12

Uranus in the 12th House people have unusual personality traits. They are often erudite, somewhat antisocial, and detached from the mundane cares of everyday life. They tend to be independent thinkers, unfriendly with the public at first but capable of great loyalty to those few people they choose to allow close access. Although they may appear unconventional or chaotic on the surface, Uranus in the 12th House people often possess a deep inner knowledge of their own true nature and purpose. They also make excellent psycho-therapists since they possess keen powers of observation and insight into the motivations of others.

The planet Uranus is of great help when it comes to what the unconscious is used with. It stirs up things and brings all kind of coincidences into people’s life. Natives having Uranus in the 12th house can have their strange ways when helping others and may want to remain anonymous when being generous. Many things will happen in their life, and they will get to change some of their habits or objects of affection due to these events. For example, when some of their secrets will become known to everyone, they will find it necessary to change their ways so that nobody else knows what they’re doing any more. In such situations, they may need to give up some of the things in their life, which can be a more or less easy task. But only this would help them detach from their past. The connections they’re having with society ask of them to sometimes be less coherent. While Uranus in 11th house makes it possible for natives to interact more efficiently with the collective, the same planet in the 12th house relates more to the unconscious of the collective and the way an individual is in synergy with it. In this last-mentioned situation, the unconscious of individuals having Uranus in 12th house gets its streams of spiritual knowledge from the Universe in a very subtle way. Uranus in 12th house people happen to have psychic abilities that can help them a lot during their lifetime. Because this house is the one of dreams and imagination, they may get a lot of insight about their life while sleeping.

It’s like their best ideas and even the most ingenious inventions are somehow revealed to them in their dreams. Things will come to them suddenly and they’ll be very inspired in what they may be doing for living because they always have the answers to problems in their head. It’s also possible for these natives to see in the future, but only if they focus enough. Many of them will mask their knowledge of deeper meanings in the unconscious of the collective. It’s suggested they pursue a career in psychology and even the occult because they can understand things that others aren’t even capable to see. Positions of other planets in their chart wouldn’t matter that much because Uranus in the 12th house always has them efficient at dealing with matters that aren’t of this world, so they would more or less have control over their chart. When it comes to everyday realities, natives having Uranus in the 12th house can struggle with the simplest tasks. They may suffer from insomnia and sleep when others are at work and the other way around. Having a rich imagination, they’re very capable of lucid dreaming, but some negative aspects with the planets in their chart bring them nightmares.

Planets in the twelfth house are not available to you, especially in the beginning of your life. With time and effort, you can unlock these planets, but it is a slow process. In the natal chart, the twelfth house governs things hidden from you. The planets in this house represent parts of your personality that you were not encouraged (or even allowed) to express in your childhood. However, planets in this house are important to be aware of. The twelfth house was traditionally referred to as the House of Self-Undoing, connected with suffering and hidden enemies. Luckily, in modern astrology, you are not doomed by default with twelfth house placements: It often happens with this placement that your parents expected a child with a different type of personality. As a child, you felt that you have to live up to their expectations, but you were struggling on the inside. Uranus in twelfth house people often lacked acceptance in their families and in their early environment. Uranus in the twelfth house suggests that you rebel in secret. The demands of society feel a burden on your shoulders, and you wish to break free. However, planets locked up in the twelfth house are not a piece of cake to deal with. Social conventions annoy you, but you struggle to express this. Unless the chart as a whole indicates otherwise, injustice and abuse deeply bothers you. People with this placement are usually drawn to the ideas of equality and democracy. The twelfth house is the house of selfless service and unconditional love. With Uranus here, you struggle in expressing this. You often come across as awkward when displaying compassion, especially in your younger years. Twelfth house placements often manifest as low self-esteem, feeling powerless and vulnerable. With age, this becomes better as you learn how to adapt more and more to the outer world. If your rising sign is Aquarius, Uranus is your chart ruler. When placed in the twelfth house, it suggests that you are an introvert and you prefer to stay unknown, behind the scenes. People with this placement usually try to avoid being in the spotlight. The twelfth house is the house preceding the ascendant. This house shows the prenatal conditions, how you perceived the world from the womb before you were born.

When eccentric Uranus appears in the Twelfth House it makes for a powerful mix of creative energies and offbeat ideas. You love to think outside the box, and draw outside the lines. You're an idea person, and you're often not very concerned about how others see your ideas. As they say, you march to the beat of a different drummer. Uranus in the 12th House may also mean that you go through polarizing periods of intense social activity followed by opposite periods of solitude and isolation. While you're a naturally social person, you tend to need lots of alone-time to contemplate your life and the forces acting on it. Humanitarian pursuits are also indicated by Uranus in the Twelfth House, and you take real personal pleasure in acts that make the world a better place. Helping others less fortunate than you fills you with a true sense of fulfilment and peace.

Eccentric and quiet who goes his own way regardless of the opinions of others