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Uranus in House 11

Uranus in House 11 gives the chart holder a comfortable feeling in groups and in friendly, acquaintance type relationships. They prefer these relationships over close, emotional relationships. Working with others toward a common goal is inspiring and satisfying for them. The idiosyncrasies of individual members are accepted no matter how outlandish and are treated as normal parts of what makes up a group. Uranus doesn’t feel threatened by differences and believes their acceptance makes them superior to those who are unaccepting. This can make them push too hard for what they believe is best for society. Sometimes, their excitement about making sweeping social change in a one-size-fits-all fashion blinds to them to the fact that we are also individuals with different opinions. Just like anyone else, these chart holders can also be wrong, and their zest for change can lead groups in the wrong direction. In general, however, these people are good at keeping relationships with people somewhat detached and non-judgmental. They excel at the reciprocal style of relating in social networking often gaining monetarily here from social connections and their ability to work through bureaucracy seamlessly.

With Uranus in House 11, your independence doesn’t allow you to identify too closely with any group or social circle. Goals and ambitions for you are idealistic. You crave your ideals and may not be willing to compromise them to fit in with others. Thus you go around life feeling slightly superior to, and perhaps disdainful of people who compromise their ideals to just "fit in". Your personal charm and wit will mesmerize many. While interacting in a group situation you are likely to come across as a bit aloof and erratic. In the short term this can cause misunderstandings. People will appreciate your simplicity and honesty in the long run. You pride yourself a loner in many ways. However, you are likely to connect really well with people who share your ideals and these relationships will last a lifetime. People born with Uranus in House 11 love freedom and usually get strongly attached to their friends. While they have large groups of acquaintances, only a few people are really close to their heart. They really like to get together with those who have knowledge and know what they want from life. These natives can make anyone laugh but can’t really get emotionally attached. Because they prefer individuals who think like them, they won’t spend too much time around people who don’t share their beliefs and don’t have the same interests as themselves.


Uranus in House 11 has an impact over friendships and the natives’ social circle. People having Uranus in House 11 normally have eccentric personalities as friends, and can experience many changes in the relationships with their friends and all the time meet new and strange people. They may even join a group that studies metaphysics or something else not everyone has access to. The more free-spirited and independent a person is, the more they will be attracted to him or her. Those in their life who limit them will be kept at a distance. Being able to see the uniqueness in every person, they can be very good working in human resources. Uranus is a planet that deals with the unusual, so in the 11th house of friendship, it will influence natives to get attached to those who are different or to despise the majority that always wants to conform and to fit in. They will see many people as sell outs because they think being eccentric is what life should be all about. Uranus in House 11 natives may seem chaotic or detached when in a group because they tend to just go and sit alone, making others wonder if they can be counted on to keep the spirits high. As soon as others will realize these people are in fact very honest and want to interact with open-minded individuals, they will start being appreciated and recognized for their ideas, even if they sometimes want to be alone.

Uranus in House 11 natives need to interact with people who live the same way as them and also have high ideals. Only with this type, they will have long lasting friendships that are sincere. It’s possible for their circle of friends to change according to their goals, but all in all, they will value every human being that passes through their life because Uranus is the planet of Aquarius, a sign of friendship and devotion towards companions. Uranus in House 11 individuals will make themselves noticed in their group through their talents and great ideas. They’re identified as pioneers of life, which can be more less true depending on the positions of other planets in their chart. In case they’ll be this type, it’s possible for them to become very important for their groups and to bring a lot of joy everywhere they may be going. The planet of eccentricity and change feels at home with this placement, manifesting itself at its fullest and giving the natives an ideal position. As mentioned before, people with Uranus in House 11 will have unusual friends and be oriented towards making the world a better place or giving to others as much as they can. They won’t mind getting together with people from all circles of life because they don’t have any cultural barrier or social limitations. These natives don’t care about gender, religion or race and are very open to welcome anyone in their group or groups of friends. Don’t expect them to ever think in stereotypes because this is simply not their way. It seems like they have a magic power to bring together people from all the corners of the world and different areas of life as they don’t see there can be any borders between individuals.

Natives having Uranus in House 11 are very fun and know when to crack a good joke. Many will like them when they won’t keep their guard up because the more honest and truthful they are, the higher the chances for them to be appreciated. They don’t usually try to appear different than who they actually are, so anyone knows where to stand with them. As a matter of fact, the way they interact with others will make them become more appreciated. However, they may need to change this about them because it would make people raise their expectations when it comes to how they are acting. Because Uranus is unpredictable, they will have many of their friends just appearing in their life and develop strong connections in the spur of a moment. Obviously, in case Uranus is in bad aspects with a malefic planet, they will probably lose their friends for many different reasons, the same negative aspect meaning they will get together with people who have mental issues and nervous breakdowns.


When Uranus in House 11 feels comfortable, the natives with this placement have a need to service the collective, so doing volunteer work with children or the elderly will be their favourite thing to do because the 11th house is in opposition with the 5th house. It’s possible they’ll exhibit great talents when it comes to sound and music, so don’t be surprised if they would sing as a hobby and not necessarily do this for a living. What makes them happy and brings balance into their life is being with people who are changeable as them and who share their interests. This is the only way for them to always be intellectually engaged and to not get bored or lost in small talk. They should be stimulated; therefore, they need to be around people as intelligent as them. Uranus in House 11 individuals are lucky to be different from others because they hate being labelled or having their friends describing them easily. It can be good to question everything, but rejecting things because others do them differently is not at all a good idea. They don’t like to compromise and almost feel sorry when seeing others who do it. It’s important for them to constantly change because variety makes them feel like they have many opportunities from which they can continue to develop. However, because they’re all the time changing, it may be difficult to work with them and for them to be in a relationship. Not to mention they tend to think only what works for themselves is also good for others. It’s very easy for these natives to simply run away from good things because they don’t accept situations, people or things when they’re not unusual enough. Their need to always be in social circles will always have them making new friends.

When Uranus in House 11 is in a challenging position, they may have unconscious traumatic memories from their past lives, that are related to the masses. There may be some unconscious pain about someone who’s an authority figure in their life and really hurt them. Similarly, this problem can be from the past lives, but also a childhood issue. If they have been rejected by someone, they may feel like the entire society rejects them now. It’s normal for people with Uranus in the 11th house and with a challenging position of this planet to be cynical on matters of the collective because they’re great intellectuals who think they have ideal solutions for others and believe they’re the smartest. This could be a good thing for them because they would want to rebel against what’s perceived as normal, so they’d come up with all kind of ingenious ideas to solve different problems in a more or less orthodox way.

Uranus in House 11 fosters an intellectual interest in social issues but more importantly, an interest in improving it. People who have this placement in their natal chart are thus inclined to form goals and aspirations of being more of an influencer than an influence and someone who can affect progressive change within society. Furthermore, they pride themselves on thinking differently from the masses. They may have some contempt for what they consider to be followers of the herd. As for themselves, they may seek to be someone who inspires others to think for themselves, and not just be a docile lemming. Uranus in House 11 suggests that you have original ideas. Others even might find them shocking in some cases. The eleventh house is the house of hopes and dreams besides of friendship. Uranus here suggests that the universe supports you in unpredictable ways. In astrology, Uranus is associated with sudden changes and even disasters. It can often happen with this placement that things suddenly turn around. With your natal Uranus in eleventh house, help comes often out of the blue and from where you would expect it the least. The eleventh house shows things that come into your life, including money, especially money earned from your profession. Uranus in the eleventh house indicates unpredictability in this area: sometimes you receive large sums of money, while during some other periods, your earnings are not that stable.

Uranus in House 11 has a lasting, and profound, effect on your character and who you are as an individual. These people have a unique perspective on life, and this positions and the planet’s exposure to the rest of your chart will affect how that is expressed. They hate rules and routine, but is fascinated by concepts of innovation. He is unconventional, often erratic and has a sudden or surprising air about him, a bit like a bolt out of the blue. An original thinker and progressive in his ideas, he strives to be on the cutting edge of whatever field he enters. He can prove to be an excellent scientist or investigator and may possess psychic abilities as well. When Uranus in House 11 your personality will contain a lot of uniqueness and individuality. You have a strong sense of individuality and uniqueness but you are also very disciplined. You care about your appearance greatly and often take great care with your choice of clothing. Your friends know that you’ll always be there for them in the good times and in the bad times. You are also known to be extremely loyal to those you love. People with this Uranus placement are progressive, innovative visionaries who think outside of the box. They are the most rebellious of the lot. This position indicates unusual aspirations and a concern for humanity. It’s a highly favourable position for people in careers that involve humanitarian actions and other work benefiting mankind.

Uranus in House 11 women are very modern, unconventional and nearly genius, especially in their younger years. These women have a great deal of willpower which they use to create their own fortune or future life path. They may often feel a sense of being an outsider, yet is able to befriend others of the same persuasion. They are undeniably unpredictable with their behaviour and can be quite eccentric, often shocking people with their antics. These women are talented and take on the role of wanting to master any skill they set foot upon. The Uranus in House 11 woman is a bit of an enigma, a rebel who follows her own path. She has a unique style, and often sets trends that others follow. She’s an idea person, someone who jumps into the future and predicts what will be in style. In the work world, she’s likely to start her own business or become self-employed. They are original, unpredictable, extraordinary, and independent. Uranus in the 11th House women are clever and creative. They have a gift with words. These women are unpredictable and eccentric. They are well-informed on world trends and the latest advances in science and technology. They have a need for change. If they get stuck in a rut, they may develop an interest in astrology or any field that involves new ideas. Uranus in House 11 people are sophisticated and possess an intellectual approach towards life. They are quick to grasp any information they come across. Generally, they have a knack for picking up facts and information easily. They are known for their keen observation skills, especially when it comes to details. A woman with Uranus in House 11 will be somewhat different than most women of her generation. She is more independent, analytic, and spiritual than the average woman. She can be a real free spirit, living in a state of self-reliance and independence, or a person who prefers to be called an outsider because she keeps herself on the fringes of society. Uranus in House 11 creates an exciting and at the same time challenging position. Since Uranus represents change, people with that placement are particularly suited to coping with fast-changing situations. They are not threatened by changes in relationships or changes in working conditions, as long as they remain spontaneous and unexpected.

A Uranus in House 11 man is the most independent Uranus placement. There’s a certain amount of social rebellion to his personality. He tends to do things in his own way, which can create minor scandal or controversy at times. Uranus can bring luck through unexpected sources, though this man sometimes has to wait quite a while for the good things that come his way. There’s something mysterious about this person, he could seem hard or cold on the outside, yet deep inside he has a big heart and a generous spirit. A man with a planet Uranus in House 11 of his horoscope is the exact opposite of a predictable, traditional Leo man. This free spirit is known to be quite eccentric and unpredictable. He has a rebellious personality and he wants to break away from all authority. His motto of life is “no pain, no gain” and he lives up to it wholeheartedly. This man is of a very strong will and determination. He likes to do everything with his own hands at home as well as in public and office life. He cannot stand others tell him what to do, so he always demands more freedom than others. He is self-confident, he is very suspicious and often intolerant. Therefore, he becomes prodigal or even impulsive with money which are not his own. He enjoys his freedom, he does not like rules or obligations and would not like someone try to control him. He likes independence and he is able to carry it out to the last detail. Uranus represents a kind of forwardness and innovation, and you can also notice this in this man’s character – his mind is always waving with new thought and opinions. He always strives for an improvement of both personal life and society as a whole. Uranus flits from one idea to another, trying to find the best way of doing things. This is a man of surprises, his behaviour can be very unexpected, so a Uranus in House 11 man should be watched when he is with people that know him well, which would be much easier said than done. This placement indicates that these men are educated individuals and very much into the mental aspects of life, as well as philosophical and spiritual matters. Uranus in House 11 gives you freedom to express yourself without being bound by any rules or limitations. You are a rebellious person, often doing the opposite of what your friends and family want you to do. You are full of surprises and like to keep people guessing, wondering what you will do next. Sometimes you may show a different side of your personality that no one expected. You need to be free of anything that is limiting in order to be your best self. If you have Uranus in House 11, you are always looking to the future. You like to follow trends and fads. You are natural gambler with a positive attitude towards life.

Uranus is not only a planet of dynamic change and revolution, but also one that can cause very great disruption to the status quo if unchecked. In House 11, it can give Uranus conditions of just as much upheaval or disruption, but to ideas and structures within our immediate collective rather than just to our personal lives. This placement brings excitement and change where ever Uranus is placed. You approach your social connections with an unusual flair that is disarming. You are somewhat antisocial, but do not let this stop you from being active if outside activities are involved. Most of your ventures demand a high-energy approach with a flair for the unusual. Outside interests tend to be athletic or theatrical where you often become the center of attention. This placement indicates that you enjoy eccentric individuals. Although it may be challenging to form a close and intimate relationship with you, they will appreciate your original thinking and independence. Uranus in House 11 people have an independent streak. They are original, unique, and unconventional. Uranus energies bring change and unexpected outcomes. Uranus is the desire to shock and surprise people. This placement can also indicate a love of learning, and a knack for taking in new information continuously.

With Uranus in House 11, your independence doesn’t allow you to identify too closely with any group or social circle. Goals and ambitions for you are idealistic. You crave your ideals and may not be willing to compromise them to fit in with others. Thus you go around life feeling slightly superior to, and perhaps disdainful of people who compromise their ideals to just “fit in”. Your personal charm and wit will mesmerize many. When interacting in a group situation, you are likely to come across as a bit aloof and erratic. In the short term, this can cause misunderstandings. People will appreciate your simplicity and honesty in the long run. You pride yourself a loner in many ways. However, you are likely to connect really well with people who share your ideals and these relationships will last a lifetime.


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