Nazaudy, a spark in your curious mind

Uranus in House 1

You were born with Uranus in House 1, and people with this configuration are among the most humanitarian people of the Zodiac. You have an enthusiastic personality, don't care about the rules of society and are constantly looking to express yourself freely by changing and engaging in new adventures. It is important for you to be left alone and do what you want because your independence is something holy that can't be in any way tempered with. Uranus in the first house makes you unusual in every way: you are unconventional, original, have a lot of great ideas, and you prefer to look and be different than others. You feel different too, and that can be seen as odd by others, but you have a strong sense of who you are and you want to let others see it. Freedom is extremely important to you, and whichever rules of society that you experience they have to first make sense to you in order to follow them, and if they don’t, you are not afraid to break them. What is the norm doesn't bother you much, and you will not be happy in an environment that requires you to wear a uniform or that has strict rules about the way you should look like. Self-expression, as well as being authentic, are high priorities for you.

Uranus in House 1

You are smart, an original thinker, highly intuitive and certainly ahead of your time; a are very individualistic person who operates best when left on his own, and find hard to adjust to others if you perceive that they want to impose their will on you or that their behaviour towards you contradicts your inner self. Freedom and social justice are very important to you, and you are attracted to astrology, psychology, the paranormal, new age techniques, telepathy and even technology or things that have just been invented, with futuristic ideas that others are not always ready to accept. You will probably change your home very often and choose different jobs as you get bored easily with the same career. Individuals with this position will never allow themselves to be confined in situations that are conditioning or don't give them any freedom, and you will never come back to situations or people that have limited you in some way. You feel inspired by other people who are also enthusiastic, and for anything that can stimulate your mind.

Uranus in this position also suggest that your birth was somehow unconventional, with a flow of events that was different that in most cases, or with something happening during your birth that usually doesn't. Uranus is the planet of the sudden changes, and with this position in your chart it is important to be aware of his disruptive quality that can bring you irritability, unpredictability, wish or contradiction of norms just for the sake of rebellion, without an actual plan B that can be constructive, and the risk of alienating others due to your erratic behaviour and change of moods that can make you feel lovely and as the odd one out at times. You may also be pretty stubborn and uncompromising, and while you learn to march to the beat of your own orchestra, you must keep in mind that some limitations in life are essential, and that you need to be flexible in your rigid approach to things. One of you key lessons with this position is to learn to use your uniqueness in a way that blends in with society and helps it evolve. Clinging too tightly to your ego and individualism will only hold you back on your path to self-discovery and growth.


Professional projection

Uranus in House 1 gives you innate leadership skills, and you are not here to be a follower in life. Friendship for you is important and you will actively be involved in organisations, clubs or groups that promote good causes for society. Your uniqueness and innovative ways are somehow difficult and hard for most people to grasp, but once you are able to understand yourself better, the right people who understand you will come to your life too. You often feel that you have a special purpose in life, but it’s often hard to find what it is, especially when young. You are indeed well suited to step up into a charismatic role that promotes positive and innovative changes for society and the masses. With Uranus in your first house, you may experience crisis after crisis in life. These upheavals usually revolve around (or inspire) contemplations concerning your self-identity. Fortunately, you’re likely to be able to handle any unique crisis that life throws at you. Your life is one of freedom, liberty, and self-development. And with each situation you confront, you’ll encounter new insights, qualities, and capabilities within yourself. Some unexpected events will certainly feel negative at the time, and some are, but these sudden or extreme changes ultimately fuel you. Sometimes painful experiences offer the best opportunity and push for us to head in a new, healthier direction. This process, of course, may result in your persona undergoing several changes during the course of your lifetime (some of them quite radical). The most lasting changes will be internal and deal with your fundamental concepts around the reality of Self.


Original, independent, individualistic, he hates feeling tied down and does not admit limits to his personal freedom, unpredictable behaviour, tendency to risk and life adventure. In MA eccentricity, excess of changes, instability, rebellion, search and moodiness 


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