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Uranus conjunction Midheaven

Born with Uranus conjunction Midheaven you will likely pave a different and unique path from your parents or immediate family. It's perhaps less because you want to rebel against your forebears or even society at large. You want to leave a unique footprint in the world because that's both who you are and seemingly how it must be. It's also possible that you will have a dramatic career change in your life. Again, you seek to arrive at a more individualized expression of who you are rather than fulfilling the wishes of others or even what you thought you wanted. But be careful not to confuse your unconventional path with a need to break with all forms of convention continually. In other words, don't fall in love with change for change's sake. With Uranus conjunction Midheaven, you might indeed be a reformer of some kind, but constant change, especially with how you establish yourself in the world, can leave you unstable in ways that might leave you more stressed than successful.

Uranus conjunction Midheaven

People should be prepared to encounter in you an extreme individualist. Even while you are very young, Uranus conjunction Midheaven insist on doing everything your way, and you strongly resist any pressures to conform. In fact, the best way to ensure that you will not do something is to try to force you to do it. You are a rebel, and the established ways of living will not attract you particularly. On the other hand, you can be very creative with this aspect, because you have much originality and can see life in ways that others are blind to. You may be very inventive; in fact, the placement of Uranus conjunction Midheaven is characteristic of people who make a career in scientific or technological invention. You may get a great deal of satisfaction from goading others. When you see people who are set in their ways, you cannot resist playing jokes or otherwise outraging them. Obviously if you are going to do this, you can expect to have problems with teachers and other authority figures, even your parents, who would prefer that you conform a bit more and stop rocking the boat. Teachers might find you quite difficult to deal with, not only because you insist on breaking rules, but also because you are very restless and hate to sit still for long. Uranus conjunction Midheaven may indicate a nervous disposition as well. Eventually, you should learn when it is worthwhile to rebel and when it is not. However, adults who want to restrain you should not try to do so by force. If they do, you will develop a lifelong negative attitude toward authority. 

Uranus conjunction Midheaven is a strongly independent person

Uranus conjunction Midheaven, also called Uranus culminating, makes you a strongly independent and interesting person. It is unlikely you are a member of the establishment, and if forced to conform to standards or rules, you will rebel. If not, you could suffer from anxiety, depression, neurotic disorders, or addictive tendencies. Your creativity and brilliance need the freedom to explore all possibilities for you to reach your full potential and find some sort of contentment. Rapid change can make you feel excited and burst with enthusiasm. However, unpleasant changes, shocks, and losses may lead to erratic and risky behaviour, emotional fragility, and unreliability. Pointing out different options to others and supporting unpopular causes will annoy many, especially authority figures such as parents, teachers, bosses, and police. You should avoid the temptation to take this behaviour further by teasing people for being normal, mainstream or boring. Otherwise, Uranus conjunction Midheaven will limit your options and curtail your freedom. Your creativity and genius shine most brightly through your career. If you stay true to yourself and are confident in your uniqueness, you will enjoy acceptance, success, recognition, popularity, or even cult status. A good career for you would involve creativity, invention, science, technology, aviation, computers, the internet, politics, or astrology, but the possibilities are endless. Flying solo is another good option, such as self-employment, consulting or contract work. You may change your career often, change roles within your career, or have to travel or relocate. Finding a balance between career and family is often challenging with Uranus conjunction Midheaven. Frequent moves, long-distance relationships, separation, and broken families are possible. You are adaptable and can quickly recover from change, however, this is not always the case for your loved ones. This dilemma is difficult to resolve, so you must compromise and sacrifice some of your freedoms to have the best of both worlds. Uranus conjunction Midheaven also means psychic ability too, often in the form of precognition.

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