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Uranus conjunction Ascendant

Uranus conjunction Ascendant aspect will make you very original and unique, people will be attracted to your eccentric personality. Any planets that are conjunct your Ascendant will influence your appearance and personality in a greatly. You have a highly developed intuitive faculties and can tap into super conscious levels of knowledge. You're often a leader in revolutionary activities or social, philosophical and scientific breakthroughs or changes. You're generally broad-minded, progressive and tolerant and your responses are alert, individualistic and quick. You will reject any role that is pushed upon you by family or society, insisting on your right to be and act according to you own inner truth and intuition. You will be unconventional, both in your appearance and in your outlook on life, the values of the past and of society in general do not appeal to you. The pull of the future and the search for new values to meet ever changing conditions are more important. If the first house is involved, you're original, magnetic, independent and unpredictable and you may be prone to accidents or circulatory problems. If the twelfth house is involved, you have struggles and tensions on an unconscious level and may become addicted to secret cults and unusual societies, often causing psychological conflicts. Uranus conjunction Ascendant suggests that you are freedom-loving, independent, unique, self-sufficient. It can be a fun, thrilling placement. You are cool and aloof at the same time. You care little about society’s rules and expectations, you actually love challenging the status quo. Uranus here implies that you rebel and carve a path for yourself rather than following conventional ideas. You are a heretic. The most positive manifestation of this placement is a brilliant visionary, the most negative is being an antisocial outcast

Uranus conjunction Ascendant

Uranus conjunction Ascendant gives you a strong need for independence and a rebellious streak. You are experimental and original and have trouble conforming to tradition or societal standards. The electric energy of Uranus can be felt as anxiety or nervousness but can also give brilliant intuition and creative genius. How you express your independent and adventurous nature depends on associated aspects and fixed star conjunctions. Usually, you find specific trends or similarities when looking at the list of celebrities with a particular aspect. With Uranus conjunct Ascendant, however, it isn’t easy to find any common links at all. This must be due to the eccentric and changeable nature of the planet. You never know what to expect other than a surprise or a change. A life full of change and excitement may lead to an unsettled feeling or inability to relax. Your intimate relationship may suffer from inability and lack of commitment. You must have an open-minded partner who accepts your need for space and freedom. Take care that your vague sense of humour and need for stimulation do not lead to teasing other people. The more boring your routine is, the more trouble you will cause trying to make changes. You would be labelled a rebel or traitor and may suffer rejection and become further alienated. It is essential to be comfortable with being unique and different from the norm. Once you find your niche, you can pour your creative energy into something constructive and productive and do something special.

Born with Uranus conjunction Ascendant, you are not keen on playing out preset roles or by anyone's rules. You strive to be an individual, an original. When growing up, you perhaps were sharply made aware of how you don't fit in any neat boxes. Maybe, after a while, you didn’t even try or care. Usually, that means that some will be repulsed by you, for no other reason than that you're...different. But a few will be magnetically lured into your orbit, because they will see in you that there is yet a different way to do and be. At your best, though, you will direct them to follow their own course rather than try to follow yours. Fortunately, you don't have to try hard to be rebellious and you shouldn't with any forced or impulsive actions, as you're naturally the exception that prompts evaluation of the rule. Yet, the goal is not to shatter all the rules for all. It's to show that all protocols have limits, not a lack of purpose. In some cases, Uranus conjunction Ascendant can be careless, rebellious, restless, sometimes nervous, and always feels different from others or at least wants to be inimitable in some special way.  The explosiveness of Uranus conjunction Ascendant can also turn into impulsiveness, pointless rebellion, disagreeability. Uranus hates compromise. This placement suggests an enormous internal tension that can burst out in destructive ways. It is not a good idea to suppress this powerful influence. Uranus tends to break out when it is the least expected and the least convenient. However, if you learn to work with it, it can be a source of inspiration and gift your visionary ideas. As you grow older, it usually becomes easier to deal with such a strong Uranus.

Uranus conjunction Ascendant placement can indicate above-average intelligence. You are quick and agile. You are receptive to everything new, and you might have a great interest in technology, the internet, engineering, science, but also psychology, and astrology. On a physical level, Uranus on the ascendant can manifest as a preference for unusual clothing, hairstyles, makeup. But it doesn’t always mean that you look unconventional, but there is something about you that differentiates you from the crowd. Perhaps everyone around you likes sportswear while you prefer to dress elegantly. There might be something androgynous about your appearance. Uranus conjunction Ascendant people often don’t know how to express their emotions properly, or they come across as unavailable and uninterested (and you indeed tend to be detached emotionally, but people fascinate you an intellectual level). Despite this, there is something about you that captivates the interest of new acquaintances. People with a strong Uranus rarely listen to advice. You want to go your own way. Often, you have to see for yourself if something is a good idea or not. You are stubborn and opinionated. Being lonely or ostracized is a common experience in childhood. The Uranus conjunction Ascendant aspect suggests that you are prone to anxiety and nervousness. Regardless, you tend to be a leader in some way, with sometimes having the desire to surprise and shock others at any cost. You may be a revolutionary, a scientist, a philosopher, or a social leader. This can be small or large. It’s important to you that you make an impact. You will ultimately reject any characteristics that are pushed upon you by other people. Over time, you create your own set of values that you show in your outward personality. With Uranus conjunct Ascendant in the 1st house, you can be very provocative. You must learn how to balance your need for independent and uniqueness with taking time to consider the opinions of others, too. With this aspect in the 12th house, you must learn how to be your authentic, eccentric self without feel shame.

Uranus conjunction Ascendant have an independent streak and a sense of rebelliousness that sets them apart from the crowd

With Uranus conjunct Ascendant, you are unusual or even a bit odd. You might seem non-conformist and different, or maybe you have some quirky characteristics. Unfortunately, Uranus conjunct Ascendant is one of the most difficult aspects to describe! Uranus is all about non-conformity, so the way that each person expresses this aspect will be varied. You will be able to see how this Uranus conjunct Ascendant aspect will be expressed based on the astrological sign that the conjunction is in. If you’re like most people, you have a strong need for independence with Uranus conjunct Ascendant. You want to appear original in some way. With Uranus conjunct Ascendant in the 1st house, you’re very clearly eccentric. Your whole outer personality is shaped around being “different.” Others see you as a rebel, whether this is in a physical sense (perhaps you dress differently, dye your hair, etc.) or a mental sense. You probably enjoy expressing your uniqueness and don’t try to hide these parts of yourself.  If this aspect is in the 12th house, then these qualities may be more hidden. This will create a bit of anxiety. You feel like you’re different but you just don’t know how to show it. With Uranus conjunct Ascendant in the 12th house, you may even try to hide your individuality because you’re ashamed of it. While this aspect in the 1st house will be evident in childhood, you won’t develop the skills to show your uniqueness with the aspect in the 12th house until you actively work on the shadow self. With Uranus conjunction Ascendant, you have an independent streak and a sense of rebelliousness that sets you apart from the crowd. You are highly intelligent and thrive on cutting edge ideas and innovation. You are ahead of the curve and may feel prophetic at times because you sense what is coming before anyone else does. Although you don’t like to get bogged down in emotion and sentimentality, you are conscientious of social issues and gravitate toward group activities. You enjoy being a catalyst for changing society in positive ways. You can appear restless and agitated because you are so filled with energy. You constantly need creative channels to avoid boredom or tension. You think fast and may be prone to speaking spontaneously and saying things that shock others.

Natives of Uranus conjunction ascendant are agents of change. You move fast both physically and intellectually. People with this placement are usually very sharp. You adapt to changes quickly and easily, what often gives you an edge in life if you use Uranian energy well. One things is for sure with a prominent Uranus, some people (mostly the conservative) find you shocking. You might enjoy provoking them. Others are in awe when they meet you, but rarely does someone have a neutral opinion about you. A natal Uranus conjunct ascendant aspect can make you come across as an Aquarius rising, regardless of your actual ascendant sign. If you were born during the Uranus in Aquarius transit, it doubles the eccentricity. The sign and aspects to the ascendant unveil more information about this conjunction, and planets in the first house also colour the picture. If you integrate it properly, Uranus here indicates out-of-box thinking and authenticity above all. You can come up with really bright ideas. Staying true to yourself is very important to you. If you had to choose, you would rather betray others than betray yourself. People with this placement rarely have conventional life paths, it is the calling of their inner compass that directs their life. Uranus here suggests that you love to question the norms. If you don’t understand why something should be done, you are reluctant to do it. Uranus affecting your chart indicates that a classical life model would bore you to death. You need some form of excitement (intellectually the most often) like you to need to breathe. It is hard to relax and calm your mind. You are probably physically very active too. A natal Uranus conjunct ascendant suggests that you have a lot of energy. Uranus buzzes with energy. However, this overflow is not always easy to deal with. Uranian energy can be reckless and impulsive. You are prone to impulsive action, suddenly starting new projects, but also suddenly ending things. It is a good idea to give your plans a second thought.


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