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Sun trine Sun Synastry

Sun trine Sun Synastry is when your Sun trines somebody else’s Sun. This suggests an easy, supportive, harmonious relationship. You tend to ‘get’ each other, feel comfortable holding hands along life’s journey together and feel nicely energized by each other’s company. However, if you want dynamism, growth and a little exciting tension in your relationship, you might need to find that in other aspects between your charts. Planets trine other planets in the same element for example. With Sun trine Sun Synastry, the spirit of co-operation and harmony allows both partners to experience the feeling of being content and optimistic. They can accumulate material and spiritual wealth, luck, and happiness because the lifestyle of each person provides additional opportunities for the other. Both light sources illuminate the road for each other. There are a couple of sign combinations that colour the meaning of this aspect.


Aries and Leo: This is the best combination for Sun trine Sun in synastry. The Sun shines brightly at full strength in both of these signs, as it rules Leo and is exalted in Aries. It is an especially good aspect if one or both of them were born during the day. Not only will they find harmony with each other, but they will also revel in each other’s powerful Solar nature. Both of these signs are characterized by pride and a healthy ego, which can make it hard for them in relationships. When they are together, however, they will instinctively understand each other and will be able to support and encourage each other.

Libra and Aquarius: One of the pitfalls to learning astrology through Sun Signs is that the Sun is not a blank slate. It has a meaning and a character all its own. This means that with Sun Signs, we are looking at how the Sun behaves when it is in each of the signs, which is different from how other planets might behave in the same sign. This is especially important when considering Libra and Aquarius, which are the signs that have problems with the Sun. With Libra, in particular, Sun Sign articles tend to emphasize some of its more negative traits. Many of these negative traits are specific to the Sun in Libra and do not apply to other planets in this sign. In synastry, both Libra and Aquarius are uncomfortable with the Solar nature of others as well as that within themselves. This makes this aspect a little less harmonious than it would be between other signs, especially if one or both of them were born at night.

Sun trine Sun Synastry is an excellent aspect to have  in synastry, regardless of the type of relationship involved. This aspect is strong testimony that the two are highly compatible.It will help people to feel comfortable with each other and like they have a lot in common. It will also smooth over rough edges that might be caused by other, more difficult aspects.The house position of the Sun in each other’s charts will give more information about the specifics as to how this aspect will operate. This will indicates areas of life in which they are able to achieve the greatest harmony. Under a Sun trine Sun Synastry, you energize each other! Although your goals don’t always jive, you nevertheless feel supported by your partner. In a general sense, you endorse one another. This is a very positive and strengthening aspect in your relationship. Each of you affirms and confirms the other’s purpose. Together, you feel you are going somewhere. Your basic aims and approach to life are in harmony, and the mutual respect you feel forms the basis of an excellent friendship or partnership. You feel understood, appreciated, recognized, and affirmed by one another. You stimulate, vitalize, motivate, and believe in each other in an overall sense. Of course, there are challenges in your relationship, but this particular aspect strengthens your overall belief in one another.


Man’s Sun Trine Woman’s Sun Relationship: Sun trine Sun is a great aspect to have in a romantic relationship. It will bring people together and keep them together. This aspect will make people feel like they belong together. They will understand each other on a very deep level. They will like similar things, and they will instinctively know how the other ticks. In and of itself, this aspect is powerful. It can also enhance other positive aspects and smooth over the difficulties caused by negative ones. It will still be important to look at the other aspects between the two charts, especially between the main relationship forming planets, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Even if there are tense aspects between those planets, however, Sun trine Sun will help. The reason for this is that conflicts will not be made worse by matters of ego and pride. This means that they will have an easier time working through the substance of any problems that they may have. Sun trine

Sun Synastry in Friendship: Sun trine Sun is also a wonderful aspect to have between friends. They will have a natural affinity for one another. This is an easy, comfortable friendship. They will be able to be themselves with one another and will instinctively understand how the other feels. They will tend to bring out the best in each other. If the two are of the right gender and sexual orientation, this is a friendship that could turn into something more. This will only happen in circumstances in which a romance would be appropriate, however. The connection created by Sun trine Sun is a gentle one. It does not have the urgency that would make friends cross boundaries that they should not cross.

The Sun trine Sun Synastry creates an energizing relationship. Their goals and personal ambitions don’t always complement one another but there is still a great deal of support for their individual pursuits that is derived from this partnership. Each person is able to gain affirmation of their unique purpose in life. This is a rapport that provides strength and positive reinforcement through the plethora of life’s obstacles. They have a unique understanding of each other’s basic objectives. The interactions tend to be harmonious and the collaboration behind joint efforts inspires the couple to feel they’re truly transforming their lives through the relationship. They manifest motivation in this pairing that is also ideal for rapports of any nature including friendships and business partners. The Sun Trine Sun aspect is emphasized upon with mutual respect and support. There is an irrefutable feeling of being stimulated, vitalized, appreciated and recognized by a partner that believes in the other. Like any relationship there will still be challenges but the aspect harmonizes the union and assists in dissolving or overcoming negative aspects found elsewhere in their chart.

With Sun trine Sun Synastry, you both easily nurture each other’s dreams and aspirations and it fills you with joy and enthusiasm to see your partner succeed. The same is true for your partner, who feels revitalized by your optimistic energy. You have a natural connection to each other and see eye to eye on many subjects. You are likely to share interests in common and have similar tendencies and preferences. In some ways you are so much alike that you may get lost in the same patterns, not able to see each others’ blind spots without a high level of self awareness. You stimulate each others’ creative expression and may collaborate well on a project, in work or in romance. You have an inspiring and confidence building effect on each other, and together you are able to accomplish more than either could separately.

A Sun trine Sun Synastry make these two people experience an ease of being when together. They allow each other to shine just by being themselves. Two planets that are making a sextile or trine aspect are often in compatible signs. For example, Aries sextiles Aquarius and Gemini; fire and air are compatible elements. Therefore this aspect insinuates two people that share complimentary life goals, outlooks, and behaviours. They are likely to succeed when they cooperate in business, as lovers, or as friends. The trine is pretty much the same, except more flowing and easygoing, similar to fitting a puzzle piece in its right place.

Sun trine Sun Synastry is a powerful indicator of compatibility between two people. Most people learn about astrology through Sun Signs, and their first exposure to synastry is through Sun Sign compatibility. The Sun is far from the only factor in determining compatibility, but it does play an important role. The Sun represents who we are on a deep level. It is our ego and our identity. The Sun is who we are when we are just ourselves and not trying to perform any particular function. The Sun also represents our pride, which can interfere with our ability to truly connect to others. The trine is the most harmonious aspect in synastry. It eases connections between people, and it forges strong bonds.
For a Sun Trine Sun Synastry to occur, the suns must be in compatibility signs, signs that are trine to each other are almost always listed as among the most compatible. The reason for this is that Sun trine Sun is a really good aspect to have between two people. The most obvious reason that this aspect is so good is that two people will have a lot in common. Another, perhaps even more important, reason is that their egos will rarely clash. This will limit the number of pointless arguments based on pride. In interpreting aspects between the Sun in the charts of two people, it is also important to consider the aspects that involve Mercury and Venus. Mercury and Venus are never far from the Sun, and the interplay between these planets will give a lot of information as to how the two will interact with each other. Mercury governs communication, and Venus governs relationships overall. If the aspects involving these planets are harmonious and pleasant, it will greatly increase their compatibility. If there are hard aspects or no aspects involving Mercury and/or Venus, this will lower their compatibility. This will impair their ability to communicate (Mercury) or make them less attractive to each other (Venus).


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