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Sun trine Saturn

Sun trine Saturn makes you serious and reserved. You are a conscientious person and a hard worker, someone who takes responsibility and gets the job done. You do not make a big fuss about it and do not seek the limelight. However, you will stand out to your superiors and elders and gain their support and respect. Your father or a father figure may have taught you or showed by example that there are no shortcuts in life. You are willing to sacrifice immediate gratification to meet your long-term goals. If life were a race, you would be more of a marathon runner than a sprinter. You do set big goals for yourself but they are realistic and achievable with practical results. You are very patient, persistent, and determined. Your achievements will earn your recognition and reaffirm your self-belief. In relationships, you are dependable and loyal and will generally seek the same in a partner. You may struggle to keep the attention of someone more outgoing and vivacious. You make a good parent too and would be very conscientious, always there to give advice and guidance.

Sun trine Saturn

If you have this aspect in your birth chart, consider yourself lucky! Sun trines are very favourable. With the Sun trine Saturn in your birth chart, you are realistic, grounded, a high achiever. You are somewhat reserved, but you are hard-working, ambitious, patient, persistent and strong-willed. People with this aspect are extremely self-disciplined and their eyes are on the prize, what helps them overcome the obstacles on their journey. Self-discipline comes naturally to them. Referred to as the greater malefic, Saturn is one of the most feared planets in astrology. It has a bad name because of its restrictive nature. However, the Sun trine Saturn natal aspect and the same aspect in transit activate a completely different side of Saturn. There are many good things to this planet too, and this trine allows you to tap into them. Saturn can also be peaceful, calm, and reassuring, teaching us to work for what our heart desires. If this aspect was to be summed up in one word, it would be capable. It suggests great inner strength. Sun trine Saturn suggests that the chart owner is strong on discipline, patience, persistence. Stability is important to them. To understand this aspect, you have to know that Saturn operates in a slow but steady way. Your personal will is aligned with the path towards maturity and fulfilling your karmic duties. 

Sun trine Saturn It is easy and natural for those born under a harmonious aspect between the Sun and Saturn to accept responsibilities, to lead a rather ordered life, and to apply caution in their financial and business dealings. They rarely jump to conclusions or take uneducated risks. They have a certain amount of patience and enough self-discipline to slowly but surely achieve what they set out to do. Although somewhat undemonstrative, they are generally loyal and responsible people to those they care about. These are not the quickest-moving people around-they take their time and generally use a step-by-step approach to most projects–but they steadily reach their goals. Sun sextile and trine Saturn people are naturally trustworthy, and they don’t have much patience for those who don’t show respect for others, who take foolish risks, and who lead disorganized lives. With the trine, all of these traits come naturally. With the sextile, these traits are available when they are needed.

Sun trine Saturn makes you reserve

When Sun trine Saturn, this aspect gives you a commanding presence that is able to effectively manage your own personal work, as well as the work of others. When you maintain disciplined, consistent effort, you are able to wield tremendous power in being able to reshape the world around you. You are an ambitious person who enjoys patiently and thoroughly following through on each step of any growth process. You are able to make decisive calculations in whatever needs to be tempered or let go of, making hard decisions at times that ultimately serve a higher purpose. Once you notice whatever needs more tending, instead of overworking yourself in reaction, you are able to effectively delegate responsibility to others who are qualified to improve the situation. You are at your best when you continue to focus on shedding the old and cultivating the new, rather than becoming stagnant within a stable and comfortable circumstance.

Control of their actions, control of themselves, prudent, farsighted, weighting, seriousness, morality, sobriety, stability, calculation and measurement


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