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Sun trine Neptune

Born with Sun trine Neptune there is the potential for a successful reconciliation and resolution of the Neptune-Sun energies, leading to a powerful positive blending of the individual Sun center and the transpersonal outer planet. Potential is present, but there may be question marks against your incentive, motivation and application in exploiting latent talents. This is the hurdle that can face you, especially when confronted with the nature of choice and decision over your life-direction. You may be multi-talented in a variety of artistic and creative ways; music, art, literature, dance, drama, yet find it hard to be focused and sufficiently disciplined to become a master and not a jack of all trades. Associated with a perceptive mind, which is capable of good assimilation and understanding, should be an intuitive quality too, which you can use as a source of insight and knowledge. This intuitive or psychic faculty will mainly operate through the emotional nature as empathic identification, in distinction to the Uranian intuition which is more mental and impersonal in nature. This intuition often gives you insights into the nature and motivation of others around you, and environmental atmospheres can influence your state of mind and well-being.
There can be ambivalence towards social involvement and responsibility. Much depends on the nature of your expression; if it is within creative and artistic spheres, then your focus of attention and energy is absorbed within the creative vision. You are not unresponsive to social concerns, but you feel that being a creative channel is your contribution to society. Or you may respond to the Neptunian vibration by opening your heart wider, feeling a channel for 'universal love' supporting and uplifting others. This path is one of service to the community of human beings, and medicine can be a favourite expression, or similar forms of physical, emotional and mental therapy and healing. In relationships, emotional freedom and trust are highly valued as components of an ideal romantic love. You tend to be emotionally faithful and give priority to the virtues of a close and loving family environment. Your empathic and sympathetic nature adds to those feelings of closeness with family and friends. 

Sun trine Neptune

There is an unmistakably dreamy, inspired, and sensitive side to those born with Sun trine Neptune. A marked appreciation for music and the arts is present indeed. The connection of Neptune with the Sun, which represents the ego and the will, certainly softens some of the hard edges that might be found elsewhere in the chart, adding a sensitive and spiritual dimension to the personality. These people are naturally compassionate, especially those born under the trine. It is so completely natural for them to accept that there is more to the world than what is before their eyes, that they tend to presume everyone must be spiritually-inclined. Of course, they come to realize that this is not the case at some early point in their lives. Their attraction to spirituality and metaphysical subjects is usually marked. These aspects favour writers, artists, and musicians. These people are sensitive to those who are suffering, although they are not as easily taken advantage of as those with Sun-Moon challenging aspects. They are humanitarian and often have a special connection with animals. If other aspects and positions in the chart support it, these people are not ones to dominate others or assert themselves to the point of brashness.

Sun trine Neptune makes you caring and sensitive with good morals and ideals. Your charisma and mysterious allure can make you famous, and your friends hold you in high regard because of your honesty and willingness to lend a hand. Your dreamy and peaceful nature can sometimes make people think you are lazy or laconic. It is more likely that you simply don’t get as uptight or ruffled as they do. Your self-assured and quietly confident nature can hide your ambition and drive. It is worth setting your goals high because you have the real potential to turn your dreams into reality and achieve success in any area. Your sensitivity to the feelings and plight of others may motivate you to support worthy causes. You may even become an advocate for just causes ranging from charity work to building a multinational corporation that improves the lives of many. Although you are sacrificing, you understand the importance of helping yourself first so that your success can enable you to help others. Musical, artistic, and creative talents come with this aspect. You may also have strong psychic abilities and active dream life. You have a strong faith in yourself and the world, which can draw you to religion or other forms of spirituality. You would easily comprehend occult subjects like astrology and Tarot. Above all, you raise the bar by setting a good example through your actions, manifesting your hopes and dreams for the future.

When born with Sun trine Neptune aspect that gives you an inspirational and imaginative personality. You can become a source of teaching and guidance for others. You understand how to bring your immaterial visions into form and integrate your ideas within societal structures. However, due to having an intelligence attuned to the imaginal realm, it’s important for you to gain clarity about your inner dreams so that you can focus on creating a life resonant with your authentic values. It’s important for you to learn to be honest with yourself and uncover your true motivations. Otherwise your ability to successfully manifest your ideas can lead you believe your own lies you have not been willing to question. As you question yourself and the world around you, the disillusionment you experience can help you gain clarity, as well as deepen your spiritual understanding. This is so your mind and heart become aligned in service to others.

Sun trine Neptune are very intuitive individuals

People born during the Sun trine Neptune aspect are dreamy and calm, making others see them as lazy or passive. They’re not at all like this, only not as agitated and enthusiastic as other individuals. Sure of themselves, they’re not showing this to the world and are usually keeping their ambitions hidden. It would be a good idea for them to set high goals for themselves because this way, they’d be able to make their dreams come true and to become successful. Being sensitive to others’ feelings, their motivation comes from supporting the less fortunate and different causes. It’s very likely for them to start working with charities or to build a business that can help others improve their life. While tending to sacrifice themselves, they still know self-help is more important and that only by achieving their success, they can give a hand to others. The Sun trine Neptune aspect in their birth chart is indicating they’re talented with the arts and also good psychics whose dreams can predict the future. They believe in themselves, but also in a higher power, meaning they’re attracted to subjects like religion and spirituality. Before anything else, natives having the Sun trine Neptune in their birth chart have high demands from themselves and want to give an example to others by being all the time active and fulfilling their dreams. Their drive and idealistic ideas seem to be strongly connected and they have mystical powers that are making them more sensitive to the emotions of their loved ones, meaning they’re more aware than most people. Having refined tastes, they’re big consumers of art. Possessing a rich imagination, they can put all of their ideas into practice and talents to use. They’re romantic, affectionate and family-oriented, but if Mercury or Saturn weren’t strong at their birth, they may remain only the dreamers of dreams and not do anything to achieve something. Having healing abilities, they could be great doctors. Usually in the right place and at the perfect moment, they also know what to say to make people feel better. They’re usually responsible and socially involved, but all this depends on how they can express themselves. In case they’re the creative type, they’ll focus all of their energy on artistic pursuits. In this situation, they may not want to socialize that much and think their contribution to society is the art they’re creating. Some of them may respond to Neptune’s vibrations by having an open heart and sharing their love for others to feel more uplifted. This would be the direction of servicing others they’d be choosing, so they shouldn’t hesitate to work as doctors, no matter if in the physical or the mental ward. When it comes to romance, they need to feel emotionally free and to trust that true love will appear in their life at some point. Faithful and committed to make their loved ones happy, they’re the type that enjoys having a family. The fact that they’re empathetic can help them develop very close relationships with others.

Sentimental, kind, refined personality, likes what is good and beautiful, loves pleasure and comfort, preference for pleasant life, emotional, sensitive


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