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Sun transit House 6

When Sun transit House 6, you are given an opportunity to stand out from the crowd in an otherwise mundane situation. Your routines at work may become more exciting at this time, or you may have the chance to stand out as a hero or leader to your colleagues. Your health is likely to be good at this time and you may have added energy at this time. If you have any ongoing health issues, at this time you are likely to see improvements or symptoms going into remission. You are more assertive and confident in your dealings with others, especially at work. This is also a great time for creative expression. You may have opportunities to be recognized for the work you do or influence others to follow your optimistic example and institute changes in the workplace. You have no problem showing others your warmth and generosity and may seek opportunities to volunteer or be of service to others. Work relating to healthcare is also favoured at this time.

Sun transit House 6

Sun transit House 6 gives good results to the native. You will excel in competitive examinations. Enemies will be unable to cause any damage to them. Success in all attempts is assured during this period. There will be an increase in the financial status. The native remains happy and enjoys respect in the society. Litigation matters will be decided in your favour. Long distance travels will be fruitful. Working conditions will be comfortable and the native will enjoy good relations with seniors. It’s the best time to adopt healthy regimens for physical fitness. Speculation and investments will yield profits. The native remains free from mental stress and anxiety. Overall, a lucky period for the native. When Sun transit House 6 a person begins to apply himself with dedication to his chosen occupation having acknowledged the need for hard work and discipline in his life. It is notable, however, that when Sun transit House 6 a person takes on the idea of hard work and service. Once the Sun has entered H6 the need to work hard begins to shape a persons life and as is always the case where the Sun transit House 6 are concerned, this challenge should not be accepted, if for any reason the health may be adversely affected.

With Sun transit House 6, it is a good time to examine how you are managing your life and the responsibilities that come with it. Your focus should be on efficiency and effectiveness. Write out everything you do on an average day. Then ask yourself: At what points am I wasting time? How much time do I spend on my phone? Are there better ways to organize my tasks? Strive to make your every activity important, and every transition between activities efficient. Refine the techniques of all your actions. Are their computer shortcuts you avoid learning? Cooking skills you can’t be bothered with? Clutter in your house you never get around to decluttering? It’s also a great time to start good habits, which could relate to your work or your health. Pull out that gym bag from the back of the closet, dust off that wok, start turning off the TV a little earlier. A short-term investment of time and effort will bring rewards both immediately and in perpetuity. Now, with the analytic energy of the sixth house coursing through you, is the time for that investment. Having organized your own life better, you may feel the need to serve others. Follow it and see where it leads you. Happiness only means something when it is shared.

 Sun transit House 6, it is a good time to examine how you are managing your life and the responsibilities that come with it

With Sun transit House 6, your focus is on work. It’s not the time for play and silliness. You can get through work projects easily because you’re more focused and pay attention to the details. This is an excellent time for getting done smaller projects, but not the larger ones since you’ll have a harder time dealing with the big picture. You can deal with your day-to-day affairs, the mundane tasks of life that most of us shun, and make improvements to your routine, as well as your health. You’re better at working by yourself but for others rather than starting things up on your own. You can come across as more analytical, distant, and a bit of a perfectionist. You could also deal with or get a pet. Sun transit House 6 is considered good. It helps get relief in health matters. Enemies also become weaker during this time. This proves a happy and fortunate period overall. Your endeavours bring success and reach to fruition. Relief is also seen in litigation matters. Your status and earning also improves with this transit. You also improve your network and social contacts. This is a good time to fulfil your travel goals, as your trips would give good results especially those concerning business

During Sun transit House 6, the main areas of focus are work, health, and helping others. At work you will be mainly doing typical tasks that, thanks to better concentration and sense for detail, will be easy to do and for which you will receive a well-deserved recognition. You can also use relatively routine way of life of this time period to start a new diet or to start doing more sport activities. Health is an important aspect of this transit; you can either start taking more care of your health, or you may experience unexpected health problems. You may also feel a greater urge to help others, a new colleague, family member, or even strangers. It is also possible that pets will require more attention or that you get a new pet. During Sun transit House 6, you may seem to others slightly distant and meticulous due to your concentration on work. Beware of gossip, workaholism and enemies trying to harm you. 

Sun transit House 6 for the next month or so. During this cycle, you take more pride in the work you do and in your health routines than any other time of the year. You are sorting through the experiences of the last several months, separating the worthwhile from the worthless. This is a good time to build your skills, to get organized, and to attend to your health and wellbeing. It’s a great time to make improvements to your regular routines. Your self-esteem and your ego are tied up in the work you do and in the services you give. Details are more important to you now. It’s time to bring order to your life by focusing on the little things that make up the whole. Sun transit House 6 cycle presents an opportunity to get rid of what doesn’t work in your life, while also discovering what does. You could seek distinction and strive towards perfection in your work. Efficiency should be your goal now. Your physical health, as well as the relationship between your body and your mind, are in focus.


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