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Sun synastry square Uranus

Sun square Uranus Synastry aspect is disappointing and something to be cautious about. The Sun would be amaze by the Uranus’s originality and daring spirit, but will also see the contradictions in the Uranus and feels that he does not really appreciate the Sun's warmth. Numerous changes in direction of the relationship are possible, and they often come unpredictably and without any obvious reason, being a long-distance relation a possibility. Attractiveness, which is present at the beginning of the relationship, often gives rise to the expectation of excessive cheerfulness, excitement and anxiety. The Sun finally realises that the Uranus partner lacks accuracy and thoroughness. It is possible that the Sun tries to control the Uranus and put him within her own frame but Uranus, rebellious and in love of independence, would refuse to fit in.

Sun synastry square Uranus

The Sun represents the individual vitality, fundamental identity, the conscious mind, the ego and the will power, as well as the creative energy and the soul. The synastry aspects that the Sun has will affect these areas, and are the first ones that come across the relationship.

Sun square Uranus Synastry may indicate a conflict of egos

Within the Sun square Uranus Synastry, the uranus person is someone who causes the sun person’s life to alter, as they encourage them to pursue traits such as independence and self love. The sun individual may therefore find the uranus person incredibly attractive and appealing, even though they may end up having to face their really rebellious personality. 


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