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Sun square Uranus

People born with Sun square Uranus want to display their ego through their career and personality, which is often causing them to be in conflict with others. Many are seeing them as rebellious, direct and strange. For this reason, they’re usually facing problems when it comes to their relationships. While usually not having any intention to provoke or challenge, they seem to do it unconsciously. Therefore, they may live constantly under pressure and be accused of being too rebellious. The more they’ll age, their self-awareness will grow, making them able to recognize the way their behaviour is bringing out what’s worst in others. More than this, they’re complex personalities with great intelligence and a need for independence, which always makes them stand out of the crowd. The paths they’re usually deciding to take in life are bringing them the most surprising results, all the time. Having a strange and sometimes offensive sense of humour, they should refrain from exposing it, especially if they want to enjoy stability in their relationships. However, they shouldn’t restrict themselves until their talents are no longer expressed or used. The aspect Sun square Uranus is pushing them to express themselves creatively, but at the same time, it makes them selfish, erratic, agitated, wishing to be independent and free from any social restriction. Wanting to express their individuality too much, they can become isolated and oppose any group that promotes different ideas than theirs. In case they’re not controlling their energy and are expressing themselves too radically, they can cause too much trouble, not to mention playing the Devil’s advocate can have them confused or no longer being themselves, meaning they can lose their own beliefs and individuality. They should continue opposing the majority when feeling like doing so. Those who will take their time to pay some attention to them will understand where they’re standing and the truth behind their views, which will make them believe the popular belief is not always the best one and that the truth can be separated according to individual opinions.

Sun square Uranus

Natives having Sun square Uranus in their birth chart are disorganized and hate routine, also irresponsible and never ready to commit. They never give too much importance to rules because they’re feeling restrained by them. For this reason, they’re always following their own beliefs and don’t care too much about the consequences of this attitude they’re having. These people will never listen to others’ advice and continue to stubbornly assess themselves before dealing with any experience and problem. In case they decide to give a closer look at their life and what they’ve done, they may conclude people have misjudged them and continue to make mad decisions that allow them to express their individuality rather than going with what the majority is telling them to do. They have a strong will, a rebellious nature and a directness that’s making them seem rude. In case they refuse to control their powerful will, their life will likely be full of surprises. Being chaotic and unusual, they need to keep their impulsiveness and changing behaviour in control because otherwise, they may end up destroying what they’ve struggled to build, not to mention how much tension they can cause when acting irrationally, this being something more present in the men born during the Sun square Uranus aspect. Very proud and independent, these natives are always refusing to listen to others’ advice. They may impose their religious beliefs and high ideals in an extreme manner, which won’t bring them any good until they’ll learn how to respect other people’s opinions. Not at all practical, they’re still very original when coming up with an idea. It’s also likely for them to imagine others are working against them, while the most wilful ones can live their life without having any principle. When it comes to their health, they’re prone to accidents and nervous diseases.

The ego is quite large when the Sun square Uranus. This is largely due to the fact that these people’s very identities ride on their sense of personal freedom. It can be quite a challenge to get them to do what they don’t want to do, simply because they see any attempts to push them in a certain direction as threatening their freedom. These are very dynamic individuals who question tradition and authority, yet, paradoxically, are quite set in their own ways. These people have a love-hate relationship with their own uniqueness. Much of the time they are very proud of their original personalities. Other times, they feel a bit left out for being “different”. Although they are humanitarian in many ways, they can be a little brusque when it comes to sentimentality or what they perceive to be excessive attachment to the past or to tradition. When Sun square Uranus, there can be a lot of nervous energy and defensiveness. It can be difficult to hold a 9 to 5 job or to develop steady routines. They work best when they can manage their own schedules. They work in spurts. When they are hit with creative inspiration, they are capable of tremendous effort. However, they can be quite temperamental, and it is very hard for them to pour their hearts and souls into something that they don’t “feel” for at the moment. They don’t like superficiality or pretence, which is an admirable trait. However, their disdain for pretence can be problematic in a world where people are expected to perform whether they are inspired or not. There was the astrological case of the child with Sun square Uranus, and she experiences quite an adjustment period when she entered first grade school, a time when kids begin to truly experience structure. When the children in her gym class were told to dance, she simply stood there, immobile. When asked why she was not dancing, she replied, “But I don’t feel the dance inside of me, so how can I dance?” Sun square Uranus people don’t always feel like they “fit in” with the rules and structures of society. However, those that recognize the need to conform at least some of the time may be able to channel their high levels of intuition, inventiveness, and spiritedness into creative endeavours or important causes. They might find that they encounter much less resistance in day-to-day life this way.

Sun square Uranus want to be seen as a rebel

Sun square Uranus encourages you to do things your way. A very complex person, you are most likely extremely intelligent and independent. You stand out from the crowd in an obvious way. The need to express your distinctive ego through your personality and career can often cause conflict with others. You can come across as abrupt, rebellious or just weird. Relationship difficulties can result from this abrupt nature. Even though you may not consciously intend to do so, others will think you are provoking or challenging them. Thus you will come under a lot of pressure from others, ranging from nagging to accusations of mutiny or being a witch. Increased self-awareness will come with age, enabling you to recognize how your behaviour can bring out the worst in other people. Your sense of humour is unique and can offend. Sublimation of such tendencies can lead to a more settled life and even stability in relationships. But never let such self-regulation ever restrict your amazing talents. I am convinced the tension of this square pushes you to achieve brilliance in creative self-expression… of a different kind. When Sun square Uranus it gives you a rebellious personality who is interested in acting and thinking in a more unique manner from the consensus. You naturally are able to perceive and conceptualize ideas that go beyond the boundaries and limitations of the dominant world-views surrounding you in your family and culture. You are someone who not only receives sudden insights, but is capable of taking decisive action based upon a new revelation, quickly and dramatically changing the direction of your life in the process. As a result, you will surprise other people who are close to you when you begin doing things that upturn their expectations of you.

Sun square Uranus may be drawn to work within reform movements based upon your ideals that are actively engaged in protest or making innovations within society. Freedom is an important value to you. Not only will you insist on having it within your own life, you will also be drawn to helping other people liberate themselves from restrictive circumstances. With sun square Uranus aspect, you possess a friendly personality who is unique in their thinking and behavioural manners that differentiate you from others. You find that you can easily come up with ideas that exceed the typical mode of thinking in the rest of the world, including your friends, family, and society at large. You may find that you are hit by sudden ideas and thoughts, and desire to take action when you feel that an opportunity is close by and possible. This allows you to change various aspects of your life that you felt were previously holding you back. Therefore, the people you consider closest to you will be surprised when you begin doing things that are usually seen as beyond your comfort zone. This may lead you to seek to work towards your goals which usually involve challenging or changing certain parts of society. One of your largest values in life is being independent and allowing others to feel free as well, especially in situations that may feel very restrictive.

Eccentric, values ​​independence above all else, unconventional, rebellious, selfish, difficult to approach and unpleasant to deal with, often unscrupulous and disorganized in behavior


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