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Sun square Pluto

Born with Sun square Pluto is a challenging aspect that makes you prone to inner tension and negative, self-destructive behaviour. When things are going well, you suffer from fears that something will come along to change that. Your thought patterns can be negative, and if not kept in check, they can seriously undermine your happiness. Constantly worrying that the rug will be pulled from under your feet can easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sun square Pluto give you tremendous power and strength when you learn to accept and use that strength, instead of fear it, you are some of the most effective, insightful, helpful, and healing people around. The indulgent in activities that may feel dangerous to your life such as exploring various sides of your sexual and leisure life might actually lead you to enhance your perspective of life and cause a rapid transformation of yourself.

Sun square Pluto

One of the most prominent characteristics of these aspects is the tendency to be intensely dissatisfied with your personal accomplishments and expressions of self. You put a lot of pressure on yourself regarding your own endeavours. A child, for example, with a challenging Sun-Pluto aspect may work hard at a piece of artwork, decide it’s not right, destroy it, and start all over again. This same child will be especially disturbed if they feel people are watching as they create their artwork. This is a simple example, but it’s quite descriptive of the tendency for these people to be dissatisfied with their creative self-expressions, and to want to hide their expressions from others until they feel the output is “right”. This is largely due to a perceived inability to express or reveal their true personalities to others. They experience a simultaneous urge to express themselves and to hide themselves. They struggle with a deep need to control themselves and life itself. Rarely are Sun-Pluto people completely satisfied with themselves. They are especially sensitive to criticism, and feel the need to “redo” themselves often. There is a marked fear of losing control, and this might stem from some traumatic event in childhood, or the childhood might have been crisis-ridden or emotionally-charged in general. As such, these people are often intensely fearful of, or threatened by, change. This can express itself through attempts to control their lives such that they can manage their fears of being taken off guard. Of course, this generally backfires!

Another characteristic of these aspects is an intense need for privacy. They fear being exposed or invaded. Again, this is an expression of their dissatisfaction with the self they are projecting, and they are generally uncomfortable with their evolving ego. They seem to undergo many identity crises, and they feel the need to control what others know about them and think about them. Their fear of exposing themselves might cause them problems with others, who may begin to mistrust them, presuming that if they are so protective of their privacy, they must have something sinister to hide. The truth is, they struggle with a dissatisfaction with themselves and their fear of being exposed is really about a fear of being vulnerable, as well as a manifestation of their own identity crisis.

Sun square Pluto tend to be dissatisfied with their accomplishments

These people are quick to read between the lines. They need to be careful, however, to avoid reading negative or dark things into situations or people. They need to know that if their tendency is to hunt for dark “truths” rather than unbiased truths, this is a self-destructive behaviour that stems from fear. Many people with these aspects are overly attached to things, habits, people, and their past. At the root of this is an intense fear of change that would threaten to make them vulnerable. Still, Pluto’s goal is to transform through change. Inevitably, Sun-Pluto people will have to face their fear of change and accept that they need change in order to grow.

We all have a dark, irrational side, but people with Sun-Pluto in hard aspect are forced to confront it and integrate it into their personalities. It can be a challenging process, especially because the Sun rules all that is “light” – the rational, conscious mind. The Sun is noble and righteous by nature. Aligned with Pluto, it can have a hard time accepting the darker, intense, and often irrational Pluto energies into one cohesive whole. This is the challenge that Sun-Pluto face. If these people find themselves using manipulative tactics to get their way, or attempting to control others through subversive tactics, it is a clear cue that they are mishandling Pluto energies. It is a powerful indication that their self-image is low. There is little satisfaction derived from getting our way through manipulation. It only serves to make us feel less effective in the long run and on a personal level. If I were to win a favour by using subversive tactics, what will it prove to me? It will reinforce my feeling that I am not effective just by being myself. And, effectiveness is something Sun-Pluto craves.

Especially with the opposition, these people might attract manipulative, possessive, or jealous people into their lives. With the square, there is more of a tendency to attract dangerous or upsetting situations in the life. Either way, these people need to get in touch with the reason why they are attracting these people and situations. In all likelihood, they are not handling their own fears effectively, and they feel they are not in control of their lives, and a looping pattern is thereby created. They eventually come to realize that they are very strong people with enormous resilience. They need to identify with, face, and accept their “dark” side. Self-acceptance is the key to handling this aspect. Channelling Pluto energy into constructive channels is also important.

Being born with Pluto in a square aspect with the sun gives you a powerful drive to establish your core purpose despite whatever obstacles you face. Some of the limitations may be self-inflicted fears, while other restraints will come from societal forces that seem to be working against you. You will be called to test cultural taboos and shine a light on hidden factors of yourself and society. There may be powerful authority and parental figures, who have an overbearing influence on your development, demanding that you meet their expectations without regard for your own unique purpose. Whatever form the obstacles in your life take, you will need to take the risk to follow your deepest desires with resilient persistence, enacting a cathartic regeneration of the inhibitions holding you back. Due to having ambitions to gain personal power, you will need to be careful to not become consumed with claiming power over others. You have the potential to be a source of empowerment for others.

Sun square Pluto has an unsettling effect on personal relationships because of your intense nature. Ego conflicts are likely because you like to be in control of situations. When you feel like you are not in control, your level of agitation rises, resulting in others feeling threatened. Most often, you will have these battles for control with other influential people and authority figures. Achieving more harmony in relationships requires a significant transformation in your behaviour. But the incessant battles you experience are just the thing to force you to evolve to a higher level of consciousness. It is tough, but you can learn to let some things go without having to probe, control, and dominate. Until this transformation to a more relaxed attitude, Sun square Pluto can cause crises or journeys into the underworld, the darker side of life. Fascinations or fear of the dark, death, or losing control are just some areas you may touch on. Living out secret taboos in your sex life, the occult, or addiction may expose you to danger but will add to your life experience and promote transformation. Sacrificing your need to control others and situations can be a rebirth, and resurrection from the depths of pain and suffering is an attribute of challenging Sun-Pluto aspects. But you need not sacrifice success in life. You can channel your intensity into determination and hard work. Being ambitious while remaining less concerned with the competition will lead to a position of power and authority, the very thing that causes problems in the beginning.

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