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Sun square Ascendant

With Sun square Ascendant there may be some conflict between the way you express yourself and your sense of who you are. The former doesn’t always accurately reflect the latter, and so you end up struggling with your social identity. If you’ve been through major changes in your life, your public persona can lag a few years behind who you feel you’ve recently become. You can feel inhibited and awkward, like you’re learning how to interact with the world from scratch. Likewise you may feel blocked energy inside you, and a sense of frustration that you’re not coming across to others as you really are. Unblock that energy by relaxing about it. Treat the presentation of the social self like the game it is, and then play it. Experiment with how you present yourself to the world. Hold back your usual opinions, and try on some others for a change, see how they fit. Along with the experimentation, however, should come some self-examination. And you really shouldn’t hold back from it or go soft on yourself. Are you truly being misunderstood, or could you, without wanting to, be presenting a harsh edge of a personality to those you want to be close to? It’s hard for Sun Square Ascendant natives to accept that they may be being socially inappropriate or that they need to improve themselves, which makes their self-transformation difficult. But accepting that there may be a problem and having more awareness around your interactions with others will certainly be to the benefit of both your professional and social life. Not to mention your love live. To love another you must first know thy self. Another experiment to try out in a social interaction is to try to intently observe and listen, presenting very little of yourself. It’s easy to get so caught up with your internal narrative that you forget there’s another person in front of you with theirs, and that theirs could be a story of similar social insecurities. Your struggles have a lot to do with your parents. Maybe they couldn’t express themselves well or you couldn’t communicate with them in a positive manner. Awareness of this is important, otherwise defensive mechanism will harden over time, and you will meet with more problems with more people. Becoming more socially graceful does wonders to smooth over relationships of all kinds. If you come to integrate your identity with your self-presentation in such a way that each enhances the other, success in all areas of life will be far easier to come by. 

 With the Sun square Ascendant aspect, you have low self-esteem around others. You may feel like you always present a “bad” or disjointed picture. This placement can cause a good deal of social anxiety. You may feel that your true personality doesn’t line up with how others see you. It’s as though you wear a mask in public. When people get to know you intimately, they might confirm that you appear completely different upon first meeting than you truly are. However, because you have a need for approval from others, you keep that mask up most of the time. Even though it probably doesn’t work well or make you feel good, the mask is all you know. Look to the sign that the Ascendant is in to see the qualities of this mask. You show the qualities of you Ascendant sign in public, but don’t feel that it’s truly who you are. Early in life, you sacrificed what you wanted, such as your goals or ambitions. This was necessary to keep a relationship going or to keep those around you happy, but you built up resentment over time. Teachers or other authority figures didn’t like or notice you with Sun conjunct Ascendant. You developed your Ascendant’s mask to try and make yourself more pleasing in some way, but it never truly worked. You felt easily misunderstood. You were insecure about how you appeared to others, or you may have felt as though you were always an imposter. In fact, Sun square Ascendant is all about imposter syndrome. It’s like you’re pretending to be someone else, someone who doesn’t have the same goals or values that you do. As you work to develop self-confidence, these two pieces will grow closer to each other. You will come to realize with Sun square Ascendant that you must be your true self instead of following how others expect you to live. One of the benefits of this Sun square Ascendant placement is that it forces you to rely only on yourself. Ultimately, you won’t gain self confidence with Sun square Ascendant until you break through and go after your goals. It isn’t an easy path, but following your inner ambition is the only way to get self-respect and feel truly confident in public. You probably won’t meet friends or partners who are truly right for you. There’s a lot of potential for shallow relationships with Sun square Ascendant. Others don’t appreciate you or put you down, but this will continue to happen until you let go of the past and focus on what’s good for you. It is only then that you will attract individuals who will lift you up. With Sun square Ascendant, you are afraid that you will never grow into your full potential. The road ahead can feel really confusing. You can’t find a path to help people see who you really are. The way through the difficulties of the Sun square Ascendant placement is to focus on your goals and beliefs rather than what others think of you. Action is really important here. You simply must do what feels right to you and your self-confidence will grow over time. Keep in mind that you probably won’t ever be as charismatic as someone with Sun trine Ascendant might be. You do tend to get off on the wrong foot with others; they might even question your sincerity because they can feel that you’re not being your authentic self. However, the goal with this placement isn’t to make others like you, but to have so many goals that feel right for you that you simply stop caring. Once you achieve this, you will appear much more authentic in public. Your mask will start to blend with your Sun Sign and others will see you as a mix of the two.

People born with Sun square Ascendant do not always “come across” to others as they intend to. Especially in their youth, these people can easily offend others with what people might call an “attitude”. Sometimes, the impression is one of being overbearing, arrogant, or pushy. If this is the case, it’s due to a defensive mechanism perhaps stemming from childhood. For some reason or other, what these people want to express is often interpreted the wrong way. Awareness of this discrepancy is important, otherwise the defensive mechanism can worsen over time, and natives of this aspect can meet with problems at work (especially with authority) and in personal relationships. Softening the manner and the attitude does wonders to smooth over relationships of all kinds.

Sun square Ascendant causes relationship difficulties when people try to hold you back or stand in your way of success. In one-to-one relationships, the main problems are that your needs are not compatible with theirs. Unfortunately, to reach your goals you may have to sacrifice a friendship or learn to put up with stressful conditions. Early in life, you may sacrifice your needs and ambitions to keep a relationship going. On the other hand, you may change yourself or your goals to fit in and to have companionship. While this may keep other people happy it will lead to building dissatisfaction and resentment. You will come to realize that you need to be true to yourself and not live as others wish you to live. If you keep trying to please others just to maintain harmony you will lose their respect and end up being used and abused. Your path is not an easy one with many trials and errors in learning to relate to others and being self-confident. Setting ambitious goals will force you to strengthen your character and live your own life. With professional success will come great satisfaction and pride. You will earn the respect of your peers and healthy, stable relationships will follow.

Your aspirations will continually cause you to reshape elements of your life in order to accomplish your greater goals. Being born with the sun in a square aspect with your ascendant, you have a charismatic ability to take charge of situations when needed. During key points in your life, you will be willing to make a dramatic change in circumstances in order to follow and achieve your core purpose. Due to your motivation to be successful, you will come into conflict at times between your external responsibilities related to your career and your inner relationship with yourself and your loved ones. You will need to be careful in not becoming so swept up in achieving the external objectives that you lose touch with your inner integrity. You can become at risk of becoming overly prideful or self-centred to the point of causing damage within your relationships. As a result, you will also need to balance your roles in public with the needs of your intimate relationships at home.


Some degree of vanity, pretentiousness, tendency to boast, sometimes unbearable. Quite selfish especially in male theme




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Denzel Washington,

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