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Sun sextile Uranus

Those who are born during the Sun sextile Uranus are peculiar people who enjoy change, but this doesn’t mean their life is usually dramatic or chaotic. Others will accept their different ways of thinking because they’re stimulating and exciting, also aware of their uniqueness and the way others are seeing them. It’s very likely they’re passionate about science, but many of them will decide to build their career on the internet, whereas others can become astrologers or occultists. These natives are free and confident enough to express themselves in a classy way. They’re also intelligent, original, imaginative and inventive. Their ego is usually big and they’re very proud of the fact that no one is like them. They’ll be the underdogs fighting against injustice and any form of authority. Having moments of correct insight and the ability to work with the most creative ideas, they’re often the inventors of many great things and those individuals having revelations most of the time. Sun sextile Uranus natives are free, intuitive and unique, not to mention they possess a special magnetism and even healing powers. With an open mind, a lot of popularity and a humanitarian drive, they’re appreciated by others for all these things, but not for their lack of tact.

Sun sextile Uranus

Sun sextile Uranus allows you to express excitement, change, and eccentricity through your ego. You like to show your differences through an “out there” personality as well as through your interests and work. You may have been rebellious when you were growing up. You actively seek change and excitement in your life. Your peculiarities and tendency toward change do not generally cause drama or chaos in your life. Even other people will come to accept your differences because you have a stimulating and exciting effect on those around you. This acceptance also stems from your own self-awareness of your uniqueness and awareness also, of how others see you. You may be attracted to scientific or internet-based careers, and you would be suited to occult subjects like astrology. Under this aspect, you enjoy the freedom and self-confidence to express yourself with flair. You are also very clever, ingenious, inventive, and above all creative. You probably have a big, healthy ego and are proud of being different. You will stand up for the underdog and will fight against injustice and authoritarian rule. Flashes of insight and an uncanny ability to find new and creative ways of doing things can lead to new discoveries and revelations.

Sun sextile Uranus love innovations

When Sun forms a sextile with your Uranus, this aspect gives you a proclivity toward innovation with a willingness to be experimental in your approach to problem solving. You are someone who possesses a visionary capacity for coming up with future-oriented plans and then finding the resources you need to connect with. You have an affinity for making changes that liberate you from old restrictions in an integrative way that is not overly disruptive. You are drawn toward groups and movements focused upon making reforms within society. Within group dynamics you have an ease in collaborating with others and finding an impactful role to play in an area needing attention. You are at your best when you are willing to take risks and initiate change rather than restraining yourself for fear of upsetting present dynamics. When you make choices aligned with your inner authenticity, instead of focusing on conforming to external expectations, you have a knack for finding the support you need to be successful.


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