Nazaudy, a spark in your curious mind

Sun sextile Saturn

Your Sun sextile Saturn, meaning you are someone in which others feel that they can truly rely on and depend, and you would do your best to follow through with your promises and commitments. You have a talent for not only envisioning ideas you want to manifest, but also devising a plan to make it happen. You’ll find that when facing a situation in which you feel you are lacking supportive resources, that’s when you make the decision to resolutely work toward your goal. This is when you will begin discovering relationships aligned with your purpose that can bring needed help. You are someone who strongly benefits from creating stable routines you consistently maintain. The steady schedule will help you stay organized and be in a solid position to respond to arising challenges and obstacles. You are at your best when diligently working hard toward your goals rather than taking shortcuts or becoming stagnant due to avoiding new risks and ventures.

This configuration helps you express your identity through leadership roles, often taking on great responsibility and receiving much recognition. People may initially think you are reserved, but in fact, you just don’t like making a fuss about yourself. As a child, you may show the shyness and solitude of Saturn, but in adulthood, your surprising flair and dry sense of humour push you to the centre stage. Conservative values are usually strong, and family is important to you. You most likely prefer the company of serious type people like yourself and may even prefer working alone. A strong work ethic with patience and perseverance earns you respect and recognition. People feel they can count on you to get a job done and get it done right. You also have a good sense of timing and good organizing skills.


The Sun sextile Saturn in birth charts indicates people having it are more productive and focused than others, hard-working and successful when it comes to everyday life. The influence of this aspect is calming, profound and the foundation for a properly guided life.