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Sun sextile Neptune

Born with Sun sextile Neptune you have an ease in using your imagination to source and help guide your purpose and vocation. You are someone who can find the resources and support needed to help you manifest aspects of your inner vision. You can achieve this through focusing on your capacity to bring your dreams into reality. If you restrain yourself from pursuing your ideals for fear of being unrealistic, you are more likely to distract yourself with escapist behaviour, as you need an outlet for your active fantasy life. You will be drawn to creative, artistic, spiritual, or any other practices which give you opportunities to explore an imaginal, immaterial realm. You are idealistic and willing to make sacrifices on behalf of your ideals. You may become drawn to joining social movements and groups that are working on behalf of the ideals you believe in.

Sun sextile Neptune creates a vivid imagination and inspired creativity. The creative talents in fields like art, music or dance, can be pursued in the career. As Neptune rules film, we find many stars of the big screen with this aspect. You are highly sensitive to your environment and have the potential to be psychic, or at least very intuitive. Most times this is a welcome gift, but even though this is a positive aspect, being so sensitive can make you vulnerable to negative energies from people and situations. Therefore you will work best in a less competitive, more supportive, and caring environment. Above all, Sun sextile Neptune allows you to connect in a spiritual way to individuals and groups of people. You should be well-liked for your charitable and caring nature, because you are genuine and open in the way you express yourself, maintaining high ethical standards and idealism.

The Sun sextile Neptune natal placement is incredibly interesting. It combines the outgoing nature of the Sun with the mystical qualities of Neptune. This brings out a creative personality that is gifted with the rare ability to manifest their creative drive. Think less struggling artist, and more someone alive with the gift of their creativity, whether or not that’s bringing in enough money to live on.


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